Monday, December 21, 2009

PBB Double UP Update: Carol Batay is the Sixth Evictee; Patrick, Kath, and Cathy are Nominated & Watch out for "Super G" from BB Europe

22-year-old "Conservative Pharmacist ng Tondo" Carol Batay got the boot in the 6th eviction night of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up held last Saturday night, December 19, 2009.

Carol received the lowest tallied vote for being saved and evicted (-18.42%). Hermes came in at second with a -9.96% while Patrick and Sam received positive percentage of votes after the votes to evict and votes to save were computed.

The percentage of votes are as follows:

Meanwhile, Patrick, Kath and Cathy are nominated for eviction this week. Patrick Villanueva got 10 points, Kath Lope�a - 9 points, and Cathy Remperas received 6 points from the remaining housemates.

There is a new voting system where viewers can now also vote to evict. You may vote to evict by texting BBE (Name of Housemate) and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless landline, 231 for Smart and Talk �n� Text subscribers. You may vote to save by texting BBS (Name of Housemate).

And to make the lives of the remaining housemates more delightful in the Pinoy Big Brother house, a big package from a European Big Brother is coming to Pinoy Big Brother house. The mysterious package is called "Super G" and she�s bringing the "heat in the cold season" to the Pinoy housemates.

Watch the teaser below:

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