Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Valerie "Bangs" Garcia Covers Maxim Philippines November 2008 Issue

21-year-old Valerie �Bangs� Garcia graces the cover of Maxim Philippines Magazine�s November 2008 issue.

As cover girl, Valerie says she is more than ready for this new kind of challenge. However, it doesn�t mean she�s dropping her wholesome image. She says that she wants to be sexy but sweet.

After being introduced in the action series �Palos� she will now play the role of Judy Ann Santos� sister in the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye �Humingi Ako Sa Langit.�

FHM Philippines' Special 100th Issue Blowout

Five fast-rising and in-demand sexy models in the country are FHM's Special 100th Issue Blowout cover girls this November.

These girls are:

Precious Adona - BeBench model search finalist who was introduced in the sexy film �Torotot� opposite Baron Geisler.

Jacq Yu - Aubrey Miles� partner in the Amazing Race Asia season 1.

Joyce So - Winner of Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2006.

Gail Nicholas - Winner of Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2007 and one of Pinoy Fear Factor �participantes.�

Cherry Ann Kubota - Gail�s runner-up in the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit.

FHM Philippines November 2008 issue is now available in magazine outlets nationwide.

Pinoy Fear Factor Update: Meet Three More Pinoy Fear Factor Contestants

Pinoy Fear Factor discloses the three other chosen contestants who dared to do the stunts and challenges to be hailed as the first Pinoy Fear Factor "El Ultimo Participante".

Elmer Felix, 25, is a Kapampangan hunk who took the board exam thrice to earn his license as a certified veterinarian. Elmer's greatest fears include drowning, deep water, exotic and unusual edibles.

Next is a 25-year-old ramp and commercial model named Gail Nicolas. The sexy body of this lady from Quezon City made her the grand winner of the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit. For those who didn't notice, Gail also played the role of Elsa in Gloc-9's and Francis M's music video "Lando."

Also joining this batch is Jommy Teotico from Manila. This 24-year-old guy grew up to be a playboy and easy-going fellow. An incident changed all this, however, and made him decide to be simply the "alaskador" Jommy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor Update: TV Patrol Introduces Pinoy Fear Factor Contestants

12 hot and young individuals were named contestants in the upcoming ABS-CBN's franchised reality show, Pinoy Fear Factor.

They are:

1. Phoemela Baranda - The glam goddess. Host at model na takot sa ipis at daga.
2. LJ Moreno - The daredevil chick na tinalikuran ang showbiz. May fear of the unknown.

3. Ram Sagad - Ang basketball hunk na may fear of heights.
4. Marion dela Cruz - ang funny Austrian na takot sa ipis.
5. Janna Dominguez - ang hot chick na dating nasa Wowowee.

Other contestants who will be introduced via ABS-CBN shows in the next few days are:

6. Elmer � The promdi veterinarian na dalawang beses bumagsak sa board exam. Madaling magulat.
7. Jose � Ang papalicious model/chef na may fear of heights din.
8. Manuel � ang businessman na takot sa failure.
9. Jommy � a hot model
10. RJ � a stevedore with two kids from Tarlac na may fear of heights.
11. Savanah � ang matapang na ledge dancer.
12. Gail Nicolas � the new Ms. Body Beautiful na takot sa snakes.

�Pinoy Fear Factor: South America� will run for 15 weeks with three stunts shown every week. The winner will take home 2 million pesos and a house and lot from Avida of Ayala Land. The show premieres November 10 on ABS-CBN 2.

Richard Gutierrez' Official Statement on the Reported Near-Fight with Aljur Abrenica

Right after the news came out about the alledgedly near-fight between Kapuso stars Richard Gutierrez and Aljur Abrenica at the Fiamma bar last October 17, Richard's camp sent PEP a statement disproving the report.

Richard does not deny that there was some hostility between him and Aljur. In fact, he admits telling Aljur to "leave the table," although Richard says he did this "politely."

Richard denies, however, that he hit Aljur, even if he says he found Aljur distinctly lacking in "social graces." Richard alleges that Aljur "barged in" on him and his friends, sat down, and drank with them when he was clearly "uninvited."

The following is the complete official statement of Richard Gutierrez sent to PEP through a text message:

Time management is what stars whose schedules are busy need to master, for it is during these moments of privacy that a star can unwind, relax, and de-stress.

"Unfortunately, however, a star like Mr. Aljur Abrenica, an acquaintance, does not seem to understand that stars need space too, and barging in on our table unexpectedly, sitting down uninvited, and partaking of the drinks freely, does not speak well of a person's social graces.

"I politely asked him, after a decent time, to leave. That was what the incident was all about.

"Ms. Jewel Mische, if I may correct the PEP report, was not at the Fiamma bar at all. And alas, neither was Ms. Mische the cause of the INVENTED rift

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Breaks Box-office Records

Walt Disney�s High School Musical 3: Senior Year registered the biggest October weekend in US Box-office history with $42M and the all-time biggest opening for a live-action musical in the Philippines with P31.6M.

Here�s the Top 10 Movies in the US last weekend:

1. High School Musical 3: Senior Year - $42.0M
2. Saw V - $30.5M
3. Max Payne - $7.6M
4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $6.9M
5. Pride and Glory - $6.3M
6. Secret Life of Bees - $5.9M
7. W. - $5.3M
8. Eagle Eye - $5.1M
9. Body of Lies - $4.1M
10. Quarantine - $2.6M

In the Philippines, High School Musical 3: Senior Year easily claimed the no. 1 spot with opening weekend gross (October 24-26) of P31.6 million in 129 screens nationwide.

According to the managing director of Walt Disney Philippines Victor Cabrera, HSM3 posted the all-time biggest opening for a live-action musical in the country beating �Enchanted� which had a 5-day weekend opening last year.

"Thrillecine" on ABS-CBN's Sunday's Best

In time for the Halloween season, the Kapamilya Network will air a TV special that aims to send chills through out audience viewers. Thrillecine, which marks ABS-CBN's first foray into the thriller-suspense genre, will be aired this Sunday, November 2, on Sunday's Best.

This TV event will feature two thriller-suspense movies-made-for-TV: "Sikreto ni Secret Admirer," which stars Roxanne Guinoo, and Zanjoe Marudo, and "Karera sa Promotion," which has Gerald Anderson, Maui Taylor and Bembol Roco in the lead roles.

"Ang Sikreto ni Secret Admirer" tells the story of Tikboy (Zanjoe), an ugly, shy, but kind-hearted mailman who is in love with the beautiful Helen (Roxanne), who is nursing a broken heart. Because of his undesirable appearance, he decided just to stalk Helen. He then finds Helen falling in love with a secret admirer-letter sender. Tikboy then decided to assume this person's identity, who will not let his lady love fall for Tikboy because of his love letters. How will Tikboy stand up for his lies? How far will he go to protect the lies he has given?

"Karera sa Promotion," meanwhile, follows the journey of Perez (Gerald), an honest cop who believes that getting a promotion will help him influence fellow cops to lead moral, honest lives. He then gave his all in finding the mysteries behind a series of murder incidents, but will the haunting truth leave him unscarred? Will he survive this scary ordeal?

Thrillecine, directed by young, talented director Ato Bautista and written by Shugo Praico, fuses sensuality and dark humor with the suspense-thriller genre.

Be sure to catch the pilot of Thrillecine this Sunday, November 2, on Sunday's Best.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Richard Gutierrez in Near-Fight Incident with Aljur Abrenica Because of Jewel Mische

One of today's featured stories in Pilipino Star Ngayon's Showbiz column, is about the two young actors who allegedly involved in a near-fight incident in one of Makati bars, which says:

[Dalawang linggo na mula nang magkaengkuwentro ang dalawang actors sa isang bar, pero wala pa ring nagsusulat sa nangyari. Either inaalam pa ang tunay na nangyari o dine-dedma ng press ang isyung puwedeng lumaki.

Anyway, tinanong na si Actor A sa nangyari, pero �no comment� ang sagot nito. Lalong ayaw magsalita ni Actor B sa payo na rin ng mga taong malapit sa kanya. Pasasaan ba�t may makakaalam din sa isyung ito, may magsusulat at makikilala rin kung sino ang dalawang actors na nagkaroon ng conflict sa isang bar

This article was also featured in today's PEP's hot stories. But this time, writer Erwin Santiago courageously put names behind the two young actors and the girl who said to be the cause of this near-fight incident. Reason PEP's full stories below:

[A customer of Fiamma Bar on Jupiter Street in Makati City told PEP that a confrontation occurred between Kapuso stars Richard Gutierrez and Aljur Abrenica last October 17, at the high-end watering hole.

This was supposed to have happened on the same night that the new GMA Network Studios on Jamboree St., Quezon City, was inaugurated. Many of the stars, still dressed to the nines, had gone out to celebrate after the event.

Richard is known as GMA-7's Primetime King, while Aljur is StarStruck Batch 4 Ultimate Hunk winner. In other words, Richard is a certified big star and Aljur is a promising male lead.

The non-showbiz customer, who refuses to be named, reported that he saw Richard Gutierrez having a nice time with friends.

Sometime later, the customer saw Aljur Abrenica enter the bar escorting young actress Jewel Mische, the StarStruck Batch 4 Ultimate Sweetheart and also a GMA-7 talent.

The next thing he saw, according to the stunned customer, was Richard having an altercation with Aljur. He said he distinctly saw Richard giving Aljur's head a short, quick slap. In the words of the customer, "Tinapik ni Richard si Aljur sa ulo!"

Aljur reportedly turned around, faced Richard, and demanded to know, "Ano ang problema mo?" Richard reportedly shot back, "Ikaw, ano ang problema mo?"

The PEP source said that, fortunately, nothing more untoward happened. Cooler heads reportedly intervened at just the right time.

Another source, who was also at Fiamma bar, claimed that Jewel was not with Aljur. The source, however, corroborated the story about the tiff between Richard and Aljur.

PEP asked all three parties, on separate occasions, to comment on the incident. Clearly, everyone wanted the incident buried and forgotten.

When Aljur was asked, he refused to answer. Jewel refused to take calls on her cellphone (its number is known to her reporter-friends). Richard, at his mother Annabelle Rama's birthday party last Saturday evening, said, "No comment," then walked away.

Meantime, a handler at the GMA Artist Center, which manages Aljur and Jewel, gave the side of Aljur but refused to be quoted. Two showbiz reporters who heard about the incident also backed off the story. As a result, PEP became more curious: where did the Richard-Aljur tiff come from?

Our research showed that Jewel Mische is at the center of this tiff. Since the days of Kamandag�a fantaserye which had Richard and Jewel as a love team�rumors had already circulated that the two became more than an onscreen team. According to reports, they had become a quiet, but real, item.

Both Richard and Jewel have totally denied the story. Even at the recent inauguration of GMA Network Studios, Jewel flatly said, "For the record, hindi naging kami ni Chard." Richard, for his part, has remained non-committal and vague, but admitted going out with Jewel. The young actor also said that Jewel was the "closest" girl to him while they were still doing Kamandag.

But making the story plausible were reports that kept linking Richard only to Jewel, when the handsome 24-year-old star also had the beautiful Maxene Magalona as a romantic interest in the same fantaserye. And way after Kamandag was taken off the air, talk persisted that Richard and Jewel were seeing each other romantically.

Richard has never been an easy man to pin down on his romantic intentions. There were two other stars who started being linked to him: Heart Evangelista and KC Concepcion. These two are such big names�Heart starred with him in the big-budget GMA-7 action-adventures series Codename: Asero, and KC was his leading lady in the blockbuster Star Cinema movie For the First Time�that the press eventually paid no more attention to the Richard-Jewel romance rumors.

Showbiz insiders now say that, in fact, the Richard-Jewel romance has been an on-and-off story in Richard's life. They add that, indeed, the two were first attracted to each other when they were doing Kamandag, which brought them together at least three times a week, and that since then, Jewel would be seen in places where Richard was, such as his condo, his tapings, his movie sets.

Unfortunately, the insiders say, nobody seems to want Jewel for Richard. Their network is said to be pushing other leading ladies for their prize talent; his family has not been heard to say they want her for Richard, whereas his mother and manager Annabelle Rama has been quoted as saying she liked KC; and even members of Richard's camp say that the tandem won't go far with the fans.

The rumors persist anyway that Jewel is more infatuated with Richard than he is with her. But showbiz veterans argue that if Richard really wanted Jewel out of his life, then he could have done so a long time ago. After all, he has his family, his manager, bodyguard, driver, and camp followers to create the environment he is comfortable with. Therefore, these showbiz veterans speculate, Richard must also be attracted to Jewel to make this "on-and-off relationship" last up to this time.

As for the Fiamma bar incident between Richard and Aljur, there is strong buzz that it was triggered when Jewel asked Aljur to escort her that night, and had done so with the idea of making Richard jealous. The buzz also says that Aljur, in this scenario, was completely clueless

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pagsubok - Pinoy Fear Factor Official Theme Song

Pinoy Fear Factor has released its official theme song on ASAP '08 Sunday afternoon. The song's title is Pagsubok and performed by Chivas of Pinoy Dream Academy.

See video and lyrics below:

Ang buhay ay parang laro
May natatalo at may nananalo
Maging anuman ang kaparalan
Hindi bibitiw sa laban ko
Itutuloy ko lang dahil...

Di ako susuko sa gitna ng pagsubok
Buong tapang na haharap sa hamon ng buhay

'Di umuurong sa hamon, 'di sumusuko
'Di aatras, 'di kakalas ipapakita ang lakas
Ang tapang ko'y ilalabas kakayanin ang lahat
Nasa aking mga kamay ang pag-abot sa tagumpay

Sa ating tagumpay...

Kahit 'san man mapunta galing ipapakita
Ang bayaning nasa akin ipagsisigawan ko.

The Buzz Public Apology Letter

Boy Abunda made a public apology on behalf of the whole "The Buzz" show last Sunday afternoon, October 26, regarding the uncontrollable behavior of Fermin during an interview on Oct. 5 regarding her feud with Montenegro.

Watch the video below:

The said apology letter will also be published in major dailies.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Richard Poon: "Gusto Kong Ma-Link Kay Sam Milby."

Crooner Richard Poon was asked regarding him being romantically linked with Wowowie co-host Valerie Concepcion, but Poon said he prefers Sam Milby instead.

Pwede mo akong i-link kay Sam Milby. Gusto kong malink kay Sam Milby because people know even sina tito Jobert at tita Cristy they know that we are very good friends. We started hindi pa siya PBB and we�re good friends na kami so, yun pwede nyo kong i-link kay Sam Milby, besides ano, we have the same manager.�

Angel Locsin Answers Abortion Issue

Angel Locsin answers the abortion issue she is facing right now in an exclusive interview with Mariel Rodriguez on Entertainment Live! yesterday, October 25.

According to a tabloid, one of Becky Aguila's (Angel's manager) former handler Mel Pulmano, who according to news stole money from Becky's talent Jennylyn Mercado, will reveal secrets of manager's talents including Angel Locsin who committed abortion.

"Sige, samahan ko pa siya. Siguraduhin lang niyang tama yung sasabihin niya kung ayaw niang makasuhan.

"Yung nagpa-abort na yan, ano ba yan? Siguro ang dami kong time na lumipad ako tapos may fight scenes, sumisid, tapos nangabayo. Naaano lang kasi ako na bumabalik na naman yung issue, eh. Pero sana wag nalang bastusan. Kasi pagkababae ko na po yung pinag-uusapan. Ibang usapan na po yun. Handa po akong lumaban." strongly said by Angel.

Kris Aquino Reacts to Ai-Ai dela Alas' Reconciliation Offer to James Yap

Kris Aquino finally shares her reaction to Ai-Ai dela Alas' offer to reconcile with James Yap last Sunday, October 19, on The Buzz.

In an Entertainment Live! taped interview with Kris, she said, "Ang hirap hirap talagang mag-comment sa ganyan kasi baka kame naman ng asawa ko ang may-away. It's really, as much as I appreciate how much Ai-Ai did for me when I needed a friend, sana maunawaan din ako talaga na yung feelings ng asawa ko is, I really have to take into consideration. So, I pray for that. But at the end of the day, it's really up to James."

See Entertainment Live! taped interview below:

Video Intriga of the Week: Angel Locsin Snubs Claudine Barretto and Folded & Hung Fashion Show

Nikki Dacullo Was Voted Off of Survivor Philippines

The Tribal Council members Jace, Vern, Marlon, and Charisse unanimously voted off "Call Center Cutie" Nikki Dacullo of Bacolod from Survivor Philippines.

I�m happy na nagawa ko lahat nang gusto kong gawin together with them and mami-miss ko sila sobra. It�s just been a great experience na isa ako sa mga 18 na castaways.� said Nikki in her exit interview.

Jennifer Hudson�s Mother and Brother Found Dead

The mother and brother of American Idol alum and Oscar winning best supporting actress Jennifer Hudson were found dead in the mother�s home in Chicago Friday night.

Showbiz website reported that Darnell Donnerson, Hudson�s mom and her brother Jason Hudson were found shot to death and their bodies were discovered by one of her cousins.

The Chicago Police Department who were investigating the crime scene said the killings may be linked to a domestic disturbance.

Victor Basa is Gay in �Maling Akala�

A Cinema One Original indie movie �Maling Akala� features ASAP coverboy Victor Basa, once again, in a gay role.

Maling Akala was an entry in Cinema One Originals last year and the producers decided to screen the film once again at Robinson�s IndieSine from November 5 to 11, 2008.

When asked how he feels doing a gay role, Victor said:

Very comfortable in a sense na siyempre, it�s a character and I love to act. Gusto ko talagang umarte. Hindi naman, any role, I take. Nagkataon lang na nabasa ko ang script at gusto ko siya. At maganda talaga ang kuwento.

Also starring in Maling Akala is Jodie Sta. Maria with Jess Evardone, Roselyn Perez and Mel Martinez. It�s a film by Veronica Velasco & Pablo Biglang-awa and produced by Ronald Arguelles.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Naughty Side of the Stars

Halloween is a good excuse for mischief and pranks. In the spirit of the haunting season, stars share the naughtiest things they ever did. Happy Treat or Tricking! May we all get bewitched. Don�t brew what I wouldn�t brew.

GABBY CONCEPCION: �When I was 10, my brother and I hid under the bed. Since it was dark, we lighted a candle. The bed was so low so it caught fire. We almost burned our ancestral home!

SAM MILBY: �During summer break in high school, my best friend and I would always sneak out of the house. Curfew was 12 midnight for those under 18. I was 16 then. We would climb the top of the school building, jump trains, ride my dirt bike and go-carts till 3 a.m. We got caught!

OGIE ALCASID: �As a kid, I used to climb our water tank tower and look inside our neighbor�s house. As an adult, I went to a beach in Barcelona, Spain, and had a great view of topless women.�

MARIEL RODRIGUEZ: �I put Dulcolax on the drink of a guy classmate in high school. I could have died laughing as I saw it take effect on him.�

DIETHER OCAMPO: �In grade school, I switched the male/female signs of the comfort room. All I remember was an enduring scream that made me run as fast as I can escaping the scene.�

RICKY DAVAO: �I went home from a shoot�bloody, bruised and with prosthetic makeup on. I stayed in my car until my kids came to greet me. They laughed nervously while the maids watched in horror.�

LOTLOT DE LEON: �When I was 6, I filled up a gigantic pail with shampoo till bumula. Then I added powder. I told my mom I was cooking. Nagmukhang flour �yung powder and the shampoo, parang kumukulo! Naloka ang mommy ko!

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA: �I placed so much Tabasco sauce in a sandwich which I gave to my brother. I told him it was catsup.�

MIRIAM QUIAMBAO: �When I was 16 and just received my student driver�s permit, I was excited to drive my dad�s car. So when he was in the shower, I took the car for a spin without his knowledge. I came back with a fender bender!

YASMIEN KURDI: �I threw huge stones on the Ferrari and Jaguar of my classmates because they were rude to my mom. Nakipagsuntukan ako sa Egyptian schoolmates ko in Kuwait because they were discriminating Pinoys.�

NYOY VOLANTE: �Mahilig ako manggulat ng tao. One time I didn�t know the one I tried to scare had a heart ailment. Good thing nothing serious happened to him. Ang ending, ako ang natakot!

TINTIN BERSOLA: �When I had tantrums as a kid, I would lock myself up in the bathroom and turn the shower on till it flooded. My mom got shocked because hanggang sa sala namin baha!

JEREMY FAVIA (�Katoque� chef): �When I was 4, I pushed my kuya off the double-deck bed. He hit the floor head first. He was rushed to the hospital and had 11 stitches on his head.�

BARON GEISLER: �In Grade 5, I threw a magic bomb inside the ladies room to catch the attention of my crush who was inside. I didn�t know my teacher was also there. She had me suspended.�

CRISTINE REYES: �When I was 6, my brother asked me to light his cigarette on the gas stove. Grabe! Nasunog buong kitchen namin. Walang natirang gamit!

By Dolly Anne Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer

"The Buzz" To Make A Public Apology

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) conducted an adjudication hearing on Wednesday on the complaint filed by former actress Nadia Montenegro against Cristy Fermin, host of �The Buzz,� who was recently suspended by ABS-CBN.

The network and the board agreed that �Buzz� main host Boy Abunda will make a public apology on the Sunday afternoon talk show for the �uncontrollable behavior� of Fermin during an interview on Oct. 5 regarding her feud with Montenegro.

ABS-CBN was represented in Wednesday�s closed-door hearing by business unit head Louie Andrada and executive producer Nancy Yabut, the network�s legal director Mona Lisa Manalo and assistant liaison for the MTRCB Daisy Parungao. The board was represented by vice-chair Marc Castrodes and members Noel del Prado and Cristine Concordia.

After the hearing, the network representatives, committed to pre-tape segments that tackle sensitive issues, for self-regulation.

The network also promised to publish a public apology in a major daily, �on a best-efforts basis,� said board chair Marissa Laguardia.

Paolo Ballesteros, A Father-To-Be

Paolo Ballesteros has long been rumored to be a closet gay since he started cross-dressing in the gay pageants of "Eat Bulaga." Unlike other actors who get offended when they were reported to be gay, Paolo took it in good stride and even played a transvestite role in "Zaido." He was last seen as Bukanding in the recently concluded "Dyesebel." At the launching of GMA-7�s spanking new studios, Paolo confessed that he�s the actor who�s reported in blind items as a father to be. His US-based girlfriend named Kaye will deliver their love child, a baby girl, on the last week of November and he�s hoping the baby will share his birthday, November 29. He and Kaye used to be classmates in college and they went steady until she moved to Chicago, Illinois. Early this year, after "Zaido" ended, Paolo went to the US to visit his sick dad in New York.

He met with Kaye there and something happened between them while he was staying there. So now, he�ll soon be a father. He�ll be flying there in November to make sure he�s with Kaye when she delivers their baby. But no, they haven�t talked about getting married.

"Mahirap ang arrangement kasi nandito ang trabaho ko at hindi rin naman ganun kadali for me to be petitioned para mabigyan ako ng permit to live there," he says. "Basta I promised Kaye that I will support our baby sa abot ng aking makakaya."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Luis Manzano in Komiks Presents: Flash Bomba

Luis Manzano is the next to play superhero in ABS-CBN's Mars Ravelo's Komiks Presents.

The young actor will play as Flash Bomba, the program's next feature superhero.

Flash Bomba has superhuman strength, the ability to walk up walls, to generate �thunderclaps� using his large hands or block almost anything with same. He can also mystically summon �devil horses� to create a stampede.

Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis in Viva Film's Baler

The Viva Films entry to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival is a period drama starring Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis.

Baler is a love story set in the 1898 wartime era between the Spanish military and the Filipino forces, more popularly known as the �Seige of Baler.� Jericho Rosales is Celso Resurrecion, a Katipunero and his leading lady which is Anne curtis is Feliza Reyes, a Spanish-Filipina who fell in love with him. According to reports, Baler has a production budget of 70 to 100 million pesos.

Also starring in Baler are Joel Torre, Bernard Palanca, Michael de Mesa, Jao Mapa, Carlo Aquino, Mark Bautista, Ryan Eigenmann, Alvin Anson, Cinemalaya Best Actor Baron Geisler and Philip Salvador.

Produced by Vic del Rosario for Viva Films, Baler will open in theaters nationwide by December 25, 2008.

Cristy Fermin Out, Kris Aquino In on The Buzz

The ABS-CBN management finally convinced Kris Aquino to reclaim her hosting job in the showbiz talk show �The Buzz� after Cristy Fermin vacated her slot due to suspension.

When Kris was first asked to return to the Buzz, she hesitated because Sunday is dedicated to her husband James Yap, son and mother. Kris and her family are spending their lunch time together with mom, former President Corazon Aquino.

The ABS-CBN management asked James if Kris can take the job and the basketball heartthrob did not hesitate.

Kris vacated her seat at the kapamilya showbiz talk show when she had a rift with co-host Cristy Fermin. Now that Cristy Fermin was suspended, she can now return not as guest host but a regular host like she used to be. She also finished her issue with Jobert Sucaldito, one of the anchors of the said talk show.

Kris will begin her hosting stint this Sunday which coincides with the birthday celebration of her co-host and best friend, Boy Abunda.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eugene Domingo In Rift With Mother Lily Monterverde of Regal Films

Sa pictorial ng 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry na Shake, Rattle & Roll X ng Regal Entertainment kanina, October 21, ay nakumpirma ang balita na wala na sa cast ng pelikula ang comedienne na si Eugene Domingo. Wala si Eugene sa pictorial, kung saan siya sana ang bida sa "Nieves" episode na ididirehe ni Mike Tuviera.

Sa paunang balita, hindi raw nagkasundo sina Mother Lily Monteverde at Ricky Gallardo, manager ni Eugene, dahil mahirap daw ka-deal si Ricky kaya inalis ang comedienne sa cast. Pero iba naman ang pahayag ni Ricky, itinuwid nitong hindi inalis si Eugene sa cast; sila raw ang nag-backout.

Sabi ni Ricky, "Iba ang tinanggal sa hindi tinanggap. Hindi namin tinanggap ang movie dahil hindi sila [Regal] tumupad sa pinagkasunduan. Ang linaw-linaw ng usapan, maayos na ang lahat, �tapos binago pa. Ayaw naming ma-stress kaya hindi na lang namin tinanggap.

"Ang pinag-usapan, pinapahalagahan, tinutupad. Walang magiging problema kung tinupad lang nila ang pinagkasunduan. Ganun lang kasimple."

Sa side naman ng Regal, sa terms of payment hindi nagkasundo sina Mother Lily at Ricky. Pumayag na raw ang lady producer sa budget na hiningi nina Ricky at Eugene, pero wala pa ring nangyari sa usapan ng dalawang kampo. Ang ending, pinalitan na lang ang komedyana sa role ng isang encanto slayer sa Shake, Rattle & Roll X (SRRX).

Si Marian Rivera na ang ipinalit kay Eugene sa "Nieves" at si Mother Lily pa mismo ang nagbalita nito sa entertainment press.

Bukod sa SRRX ay tinanggal na rin si Eugene sa cast ng isa pang MMFF entry na Desperadas 2. Tiyak na ikadi-disappoint ni Direk Joel Lamangan ang pagkakaalis ni Eugene sa pelikula niya. Personal choice niya sana si Eugene sa role ng long-lost sister nina Ruffa Gutierrez, Rufa Mae Quinto, Iza Calzado, at Marian.

Role ng isang prinsesa sa isang bansang malapit sa Africa ang gagampanan sana ni Eugene. Ikinukuwento pa ni Direk Joel na excited at natatawa na siya sa magiging partisipasyon sana sa pelikula ni Eugene.

Akala namin ay magagawan pa ng paraan na maibalik sa Desperadas 2 si Eugene, pero hindi na pumayag ang mga producer. Excited din sana si Eugene nang malaman ang kanyang role at may love interest pa siya sa pelikula. Isa pang ikinatuwa nito'y puro magaganda ang kanyang mga kasamang artista at "feeling beautiful" na rin daw siya.

Pero dahil sa nangyari, hindi na raw kukunin ng Regal si Eugene sa anumang pelikulang kanilang gagawin. In other words, banned siya sa film company at hindi na rin siya tuloy sa pelikulang Ang Nanay Kong Aswang. At kung co-producer ng GMA Films ang Regal sa second movie nina Richard Gutierrez at KC Concepcion ay hindi na rin siya makakasama. Willing pa naman daw sana siyang mapasama sa pelikula.

Four movies ang nawala kay Eugene.

Ano naman ang naging reaction ni Eugene sa nawalang dalawang pelikula sa kanya.

"Okey sa kanya, naintindihan niya. Dapat daw �pag may kasunduan, pahalagahan, at tuparin," sagot ng talent manager.

Ang press ang nanghinayang sa dalawang pelikulang nawala kay Eugene dahil hindi pa naman siya tumanggap ng TV show at balak mag-concentrate sa pelikula. Sa pagkakaalam namin ay kasama rin siya dapat sa Luna Mystica, pero nag-beg off nga siya dahil sa gagawin niyang pelikula.

For this year, sa Ang Tanging Ina Ninyong Lahat ng Star Cinema, na entry rin sa MMFF, mapapanood si Eugene. Next year ay nakatakda naman niyang gawin ang launching movie niya sa Viva Films na Demetria M.D.

Robi Domingo, Monica Yncierto, Chino Lui Pio, and Bianca Roque Win Myx Veejay Search 2008

From being a second big placer in the last season of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, Robi Domingo now becomes one of the winners in the recently concluded talent-search show MYX VJ Search. The other three are Chino Liu Pio (younger brother of Hale vocalist, Champ), Bianca Roque, and Monica Yncierto.

Robi, Chino, Bianca, and Monica jumped for joy when MYX Channel head Andr� Allan Alvarez announced their names as the four new video jocks of the said music channel last night, October 21, at the Activity Center of TriNoma Mall in Quezon City.

Philippine Box-Office: �I.T.A.L.Y.� Earns P20.2 M, �For the First Time� Earns P134.7 M

For the First Time is now the 3rd highest-grossing local movie of 2008 with a 6-week gross of P134.7 million.

On the weekend of October 1 to 5, 2008, the no. 1 movie in the Philippines was Eagle Eye starring Shia LaBeaouf with opening gross of P27,206,554.32. This is also the week when the Richard Gutierrez-KC Concepcion starrer �For the First Time� garnered a total of P 134,695.005.40 at the box-office marking its 3rd position after �A Very Special Love� and �Caregiver.�

I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust and Love You) registered its 3rd-week gross total of P 20,284,310.26, clearly not a box-office hit.

Over-all, here are the Top 5 movies in Philippine Box-office for 2008 so far:

1. A Very Special Love (Star Cinema/Viva Films) - P180.00 million
2. Iron Man (Paramount) - P174.18 million
3. The Dark Knight (Warner Brothers) - P159.14 million
4. Caregiver (Star Cinema) - P139.54 million
5. For The First Time (Star Cinema) - P134.70 million

Here are the Top 5 Local movies for 2008 so far:

1. A Very Special Love (Star Cinema/Viva Films) - P180.00 million
2. Caregiver (Star Cinema) - P139.54 million
3. For The First Time (Star Cinema) - P134.70 million
4. My Bestfriend�s Girlfriend (GMA Films/Regal Films) - P101.26 million
5. When Love Begins (Star Cinema/Viva Films) - P89.38 million

Source: starmometer�s Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008.

Who among the world's most influential men made it to this year's top 49? You�ll find the answer in�s Top 49 list for 2008.

Here is the complete list of AskMen�s Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2008:

1. Barack Obama, Democratic nominee
2. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO
3. Michael Phelps, Olympic swimmer
4. Robert Downey Jr., actor
5. Stephen Colbert, TV show host
6. Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef and star of Kitchen Nightmares
7. Christian Bale, a.k.a Batman
8. Rob Kay, Rock Band lead designer
9. Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer phenomenon
10. John McCain, Republican nominee
11. Lorne Michaels, political satirist
12. Tom Ford, fashion designer
13. Mark Zuckerberg, the young man behind Facebook
14. Dana White, president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
15. Jon Stewart, talk-show host
16. Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead
17. Kanye West, Hip-hop mogul
18. Kobe Bryant, basketball player
19. Ben Bernanke, chairman of US Federal Reserve
20. LeBron James, basketball player
21. Usain Bolt, athlete
22. George Clooney, actor/director
23. Jonathan Ive, iPhone 3G designer
24. Lakshmi Mittal , Indian tycoon
25. David Beckham, soccer player
26. Jimmy Kimmel, comedian
27. Liu Peng, Beijing Olympics organizer
28. Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor-turned-politician
29. Junot Diaz, author
30. Rafael Nadal, no. 1 tennis player
31. Judd Apatow, film director
32. Harvey Levin, managing editor of
33. Brad Pitt, actor
34. Tiesto, DJ
35. Sam Houser, video game programmer
36. Andrew Farah, inventor of electric automobiles called �Volt�
37. J.J. Abrams, writer of �Lost�
38. Jacques Herzog, architect
39. Heath Ledger, actor
40. Brett Favre, football player
41. Lewis Hamilton, race car champ
42. David Simon/Ed Burns, creators of HBO�s �The Wire�
43. Thom Browne - fashion designer
44. Ryan Seacrest, American Idol host and deejay
45. Sidney Crosby, hockey player
46. Alex Rodriguez, baseball player
47. Criss Angel, magician
48. Lil Wayne, hip-hop artist
49. Kevin Rose, founder of Digg

Philippine's boxing champ Manny Pacquiao was nominated but did not make it to the Top 49.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dekada Cinemanila List of Winners

Here are the winners of the 10th edition of Cinemanila:

Young Cinema: Shorts & Docs

Best Documentary: Marlon (Philippines) By Ralson Jover & James Amparo
Best Short Film: Tumbang Preso (Philippines) By Antoinette Jadaone
Ishmael Bernal Award: Christopher Gozum For Surreal Random Mms Texts Para Ed Ina, Agui, Tan Kaamong Ya Makaiiliw Ed Sika : Gurgurlis Ed Banua (Surreal Random Mms Texts For A Mother, A Sister, And A Wife Who Longs For You : Landscape With Figures)

International Competition

Lino Brocka Award Grand Prize : The Band�s Visit (Israel) By Eran Kolirin
Grand Jury Prize : The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela (Iceland/Philippines/France) By Olaf De Fleur Johannesson
Vic Silayan Award For Best Actor : Kenneth Moraleda For Lucky Miles (Australia)
Vic Silayan Award For Best Actress : Angeli Bayani For Melancholia (Philippines)

Southeast Asia (SEA) Film Competition

Best SEA Short : Frou Frou�Shh Wag Mong Sabihin Kay Itay By Michael Juat
Best SEA Film : Confessional By Jerrold Tarog & Ruel Dahis Antipuesto
Best Actor : Mario Maurer For Love Of Siam (Thailand)
Best Actress : Anita Linda For Adela (Philippines)

Digital Lokal

Lino Grand Prize : Imburnal By Sherad Anthony Sanchez
Lino Grand Jury Prize : Next Attraction By Raya Martin
Best Actor : Carlo Aquino For Carnivore
Best Actress : Jodi Sta. Maria For Sisa
Best Director : Ato Bautista For Carnivore

United Nations Millennium Development Goals Prize: Lay-An, Candles Burning On Still Water By Milo Tolentino

Judy Ann Santos: "Napakalaki ng utang na loob ko kay Tito Alfie."

Actress Judy Ann Santos and her manager of 20 years, Alfie Lorenzo, have apparently ironed things out between them after their reported brief spat.

Their misunderstanding stemmed from Santos�s decision to delay her contract signing with ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. while her lawyer studied the document.

Lorenzo, who apparently got hurt by his talent�s decision, said Santos went to his house to apologize on Saturday.

"Nandito siya sa bahay ko ng 5:30p.m., kumatok sa kwarto ko... sabi niya, 'wag ka na magalit sa akin.' Alam niya galit ako... sabi ko, 'biro mo nagmamalasakit lang ako sa inyo pagkatapos ako pa ang lalabas ng masama, pagdududahan ako.' Tapos sabi niya, 'sabi ni attorney OK na naman po.' Kung sabihin ng attorney na di OK, hindi ka pipirma? May butas pa din doon," he said.

"'Bati na tayo, sabi nya. Sabi ko, 'sige bati na tayo,' nag-kiss na siya."

Lorenzo clarified that the tiff between him and Santos was not about money but it's about him securing the future of his talent.

"Next time, sa akin ka kukunsulta. Noong inalagaan kita, hindi ko inisip na si Juday ay one day magiging milyonarya so kaya nga sabi ko wag na akong gagalitin para hindi na makalkal ang iba pang intriga," he warned.

Santos, on the other hand defended herself. She stressed: �Hindi naman ibig sabihin na hindi ako pipirma or something pero siyempre parang karapatan kong malaman kung ano ang magiging scope of work ko in the next two years.

Kasi hindi ko naman naiintindihan ang legal terms, hindi naman ako abogado but that doesn�t mean na binabalewala ko si Tito Alfie. Napakalaki ng utang na loob ko kay Tito Alfie.

Santos said she was just being careful this time especially in light of her case at the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

May sarili akong utak� 30 years old na ako, pwede na akong mag-desisyon para sa sarili ko. If people are saying na may tampo sa akin si Tito Alfie, siguro I would just work my way on how to talk to him,� she said.

Source: abs-cbn's The Buzz

Jonas Brothers - Love Bug Music Video and Lyrics

Here is the �Lovebug� music video from The Jonas Brothers and guest stars Camilla Belle and Josh Boswell.

The JoBros have said, �We are so excited for you to see it. This video is from us to you! We are so proud of the way it turned out and can�t wait to hear from you about your thoughts.�

See lyrics >here<

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ai-Ai delas Alas to James Yap: "Bati na tayo."

Comedienne Ai-Ai delas Alas expresses her longing to be friends with Kris Aquino's hubby, star cager James Yap, after the two had a falling out last year.

"James, let's be friends. Bati na tayo sayang din ako maganda akong friend," delas Alas said over ABS-CBN's weekly entertainment show "The Buzz."

Delas Alas said that humbling herself is really something good especially that Christmas is fast approaching. She said she is opening her heart to the possibility that she and James could become friends.

"Kris and I are friends. The problem is I chose sides," she said.

Delas Alas and Yap had a public tiff after tabloids outed the Yap--Hope Centeno controversy. As a friend, delas Alas tried to protect Kris and said that James should go home to his mother.

Yap fired back and said the comedienne should watch her words. "Ayusin mo pananalita mo, hindi ka nakakatuwa." Delas Alas later apologized to the basketball player.

Kris admitted that the issue with the Comedy Concert Queen caused many quarrels between her and James.

Despite the controversy, Delas Alas said she will always be friends with Kris. "Kay friendship, well friendship... Let's go!"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Filipino Connection

Here's an excerpt from Conversations with Ricky Lo's exclusive interview with the two main characters of Walt Disney Picture's High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens:

RFL: Could you tell us about your Filipino heritage?
Vanessa: I�m half-Filipino. My mother is Filipina. She comes from Cebu and Manila. Her maiden surname is Cojuangco.

RFL: Oh, did you know that the Cojuangcos are a prominent, rich and influential family in the Philippines? One of them, Tonyboy Cojuangco, owns a TV station and used to own a telephone company (PLDT).
Vanessa: Really? Is that so?

RFL: Have you been to the Philippines?
Vanessa: No; not yet. But I hope to go there someday with my family.

RFL: Were you brought up the Filipino way or the American way?
Vanessa: A little bit of both. I have rice with every meal.

RFL: How much of the Filipino custom and tradition do you know?
Vanessa: Not much. I�ve learned a few things here and there. The most that I got from Filipino culture is through food.

RFL: Zac, I understand that like Vanessa, you have your own Philippine connection, right?
Zac: My dad has been to the Philippines several times � for fun. He�s an engineer. We have several Filipino friends. My dad told me that Filipinos are a very musical people. One day, I will go to the Philippines � for fun.

ASAP Pop Viewers� Choice Awards 2008 Nominees

Check out the list of nominees for the 2008 ASAP Pop Viewers� Choice Awards!


POP Band

POP Female Artist

POP Male Artist

POP Song
A - VERY SPECIAL LOVE (by Sarah Geronimo)
B - SABIHIN MO NA (by Yeng Constantino)
D - BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES (by Jericho Rosales)

POP Album
A - TAKING FLIGHT (by Sarah Geronimo)
B - OPEN ARMS (by Aiza Seguerra)
C - LOVE IS (by Toni Gonzaga)
D - GARY V TRIBUTE ALBUM (by Various Artists)


POP Music Video
A - BETAMAX (by Sandwich)
B - IISA PA LAMANG (by lani Misalucha)
C - HIMIG NG PAG IBIG (by Yeng Constantino)
D - HEAR MY HEART (by Nikki Gil)

POP Celebrity Cameo
A - ZANJOE MARUDO & JON AVILA (Please Don�t Ask Me)
B - NIKKI GIL (Superstar)
C - MEGAN YOUNG (Nagmamahal Ng Tunay)
D - RIZA SANTOS (Eternally)

POP Male Performance
B - CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA (The One Who Won My Heart)

POP Female Performance
A - VERY SPECIAL LOVE (Sarah Geronimo)
B - FOR THE FIRST TIME (KC Concepcion)
C - ONE HELLO (Toni Gonzaga)
D - �DI NA GANON (Yeng Constantino)

POP Band Performance
A - AKALA (Parokya Ni Edgar)
B - ANG SARAP DITO (Project 1)
C - BETAMAX (Sandwich)
D - PASUBALI (Spongecola)


POP Kapamilya TV Show

POP Kapamilya TV Character
B - SCARLET (Iisa Pa Lamang)
C - RUTH (Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara)

POP Kapamilya TV Theme Song
C - IISA PA LAMNG (Iisa Pa Lamang)
D - PANGARAP NA BITUIN (Pangarap Na Bituin)


POP Movie

POP Movie Theme Song
A - VERY SPECIAL LOVE (A Very Special Love)
B - I�LL NEVER GO (One More Chance)
C - FOR THE FIRST TIME (For the First Time)

POP Screen Kiss
A - ANNE CURTIS & AGA MUHLACH (When Love Begins)

POP Love Team


POP Female Fashionista

POP Male Fashionista

POP Cover Girl

POP Pin-Up Boy

For voting instructions, text POP to:
2331 for Globe, TM and Sun Cellular subscribers
231 for Smart and Talk N Text

Alfie Lorenzo: "Hindi naman ako pulubi nang madampot ni Juday. Siya ang pulubi nang madampot ko."

Nagpa-interview na ang talent manager at entertainment columnist na si Alfie Lorenzo sa Startalk na ipinalabas kahapon, October 18. Ito ay kaugnay sa isyu ng hindi nila pag-uusap at pagkakasundo ng alaga niya for 20 years na si Judy Ann Santos.

May kaugnayan ito sa hindi pa pagre-renew at pagpirma ni Judy Ann ng kontrata sa ABS-CBN. Kailangan pa raw kasi ng aktres na ikonsulta sa kanyang lawyer ang naturang kontrata. Isang bagay, na ayon kay Alfie, ay hindi naman naganap sa mahabang taon ng pagiging talent-manager nila.

"Naiinis lang kasi after 20 years, ngayon lang siya nagkonsulta sa abogado," himutok ni Alfie. "E, naaalala ko nga, that time na mag-asawa siya at mabuntis siya, wala na siyang offer, wala na siyang trabaho. Inaalagaan ko lang ang future nila. The same way na bata pa lang �yan, inaalagaan ko na, hanggang sa pag-aasawa. Siyempre, wala naman akong tutol sa kanila ni Ryan and, in fact, I appreciate Ryan's gesture na hindi naman siya nakikialam sa career ni Juday."

Ayon kay Alfie, nakakuha naman daw siya ng better deal sa mother studio ni Juday by drawing a contract deal until 2011. Kasama rin daw na mabibiyayaan sa bagong kontrata ni Judy Ann si Ryan.

"May guarantee siya na kung mag-aaaral nga siya [Judy Ann] sa States ng Culinary Arts, may allowance siya. Kung halimbawa magtanan siya, magpakasal, mabuntis siya, may allowance siya. So I signed it at sabi ko, papirmahan n'yo na kay Juday.

"The whole day of Wednesday [October 8], wala siyang gagawin noon, victory party ng Kulam. After that, siguro mga two o' clock or three �o clock, puwede na siyang tumawid sa ABS, di ba? E, tumawag sa akin ang executive ng Dos na humihingi nga raw ng kopya [si Juday]. So, ni-meet nila si Juday. Sabi, �Bigyan n'yo ako ng kopya at ipakikita ko sa abogado ko,'" lahad ni Alfie.

Sa pagkakataong ito ay hindi na napigilan ni Alfie na ipaalala kay Juday ang kanyang pinagmulan. Maging ang mga hirap daw niya sa struggling years ni Juday ay nabanggit din ni Alfie.

"Wala pa naman si Judy Ann, nagsusugal na ako. Hindi naman ako pulubi nang madampot ni Juday. Siya ang pulubi nang madampot ko. Ngayon, she's a billionaire! Alalahanin na lang ni Juday yung 20 years na nakapila pa sila sa Cubao, na nagdyi-jeep lang. Hanggang sa naihanap ko sila ng apartment na ako pa rin minsan ang nag-aabono. Yung first van niya, ako pa rin ang nag-down no'n," pahayag ng talent manager.

Dagdag niya, hindi naman daw kabawasan sa kanya bilang talent manager kung mamuhay na nang tahimik si Juday sa piling ni Ryan. Nasabi na nga lang nito, "Well, I hope they become the first couple that will not separate in showbiz. Good luck!"

Dugtong pa niya, "Okay lang naman sa akin. Hindi naman ako na-devastate noong lahat sila... Nag-asawa si Sheryl Cruz, nag-asawa si Jackie Forster, nag-asawa si Ruffa Gutierrez, nag-asawa si Sunshine Cruz, okey lang yun, di ba? Marami pa namang matutuklasang talents. Stars come and go.

"Talagang ang mga artistang babae kapag..." biglang na-bleep ang word ni Alfie. "Wala na...nawawala sila sa katinuan nila. Bahala na siya kung gusto pa niya ako or ang attorney niya."

Sa bandang huli, umaasa pa rin naman si Alfie na magkakaayos din sila ni Juday.

"Maaayos din naman yun... Dyusko!" sambit niya.

Nakausap din ng Startalk si Judy Ann at nagalit daw ito nang malaman ang isyu. Hindi naman daw sila nag-aaway ng kanyang manager. Nais muna ni Juday na magkausap sila para malinaw ang isyu. Ang hiling lang niya, sana raw ang ang pag-uusap nila ay maging pribado at huwag nang lumabas pa.

Source: Rose Garcia, PEP

Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame Reconciliation on Supreme Awards

Yes, you read it right! Joey de Leon and Willie Revillame made the most sincere (?) and heartfelt (?) reconciliation during the Supreme to the Extreme awards night last October 17 at the Embassy Super Club.

Willie was there to receive the Televisionary award while Joey was awarded the Supremo awards, the highest award that night.

Willie shared the trophy with Joey de Leon during his thank-you speech, �I would like to share this award to a supreme talent, supreme icon, my idol, Mr. Joey de Leon. I share this award with you.� he said.

Tito Joey! Alam n�yo, lambingan lang naman namin yung sa TV, lambingan lang namin yun. Alam n�yo, tinulungan ako ng taong �yan nagsisimula pa lang ako. Ako ang sidekick niya sa pelikulang Barbie. Kinuha rin nila ako ni Vic Sotto sa pelikulang Sam and Miguel. Akala n�yo, ganoon lang, nag-aaway kami, hindi ho, yun ay patutsadahan lang, lambingan. Si Mr. Joey de Leon, I admire this guy so much. Maliit pa lang ho ako, nasa telebisyon na siya. Siya ang ginagaya ko. Tito Joey!� added Willie.

After a couple of funny exchanges between the two, Joey de Leon joined Willie on stage. �Pasalamat tayo kay Tim at sa Supreme. Tama ang sabi ni Willie, mga tuksuhan lang �yan. Kaya lang, yung dalawang co-hosts mo Willie, paliwanag muna nila kung bakit nakikiiyak sa �yo?� cracked Joey to which Willie responded, �Alam n�yo naman kami, artista! Ikaw nga ang nagturo sa akin niyan. Pero alam mo, hindi ba na-suspend ako, pero noong na-suspend ka, nakidalamhati rin ako!

Meanwhile, Embassy bar owner Tim Yap was proud of what transpired. �Sabi nila, sa Embassy puro away, that�s not true! Embassy puro peace! Unity, friendship and love!� remarked Tim.

See video below of this two rival noontime show host on the same stage together, shaking hands and kissing:

Supreme to the Extreme Awards - List of Nominees and Winners

The first �Supreme to the Extreme� Awards by the young writers of the broadsheet Philippine Star was successfully held at the Embassy Super Club, The Fort, Taguig City. Check out the nominees and winners!

Comeback of the Year
* Gabby Concepcion (Winner)
* Annabelle Rama
* TV5
* Matt Ranillo III

Collaboration of the Year
* Richard Guttierez and KC Concepcion for �For the First Time� (Winner)
* KC Concepcion and Mark Nicdao
* Roderick Paulate and Rick Astley
* Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia

Party Movement of the Year
* Mag:net�s Rockeoke (Winner)
* Fiamma Fresh Fridays
* Embassy Superklasse

Party Paparazzo of the Year
* Daniel Tan (Winner)
* Willy Saw
* Alex Van Hagen
* Rev Naval
* Jujin Samonte
* Eddie Boy Escudero

Best in Chemistry
* Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes (Winner)

* Kimerald (Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson)
* Chard and KC
* Chard and Heart
* Chard and Lucy Torres-Gomez

Blogger of the Year
* [Nominees withheld]

The Fashion Force Award
* Robby Carmona (Winner)
* Rocky Salumbides
* Jasmine Meierhofer
* Michael Salientes
* Project Runway

The Supreme Showbiz Dynasty Award
* The Gutierrezes (Winner)
* The Quizons
* The Eigenmanns
* The Sottos
* The Fabregases
* The Cruzes

Road Distraction of the Year
* Angel Locsin for Folded & Hung (Winner)
* Have you MET?
* Dingdong Dantes for Bench
* KC Concepcion for Bayo
* Levis 501 Jeans
* Bayani Fernando

Reality TV Star of the Year
* Mark Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez (Winner)
* Teresa Hererra
* Hayden Kho, Jr.
* The winner of �Pinoy Dream Academy�
* The winner �Pinoy Idol�
* The winner of �Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition�

The Hot Shot Award
* Mark Nicdao (Winner)
* Juan Cagicula
* Niccolo Cosme

The Televisionary Award
* Willie Revillame (Winner)
* Joyce Bernal
* Francis Lumen
* Laurenti Dyogi

Villain of the Year
* Angelica Panganiban - Iisa Pa Lamang (Winner)
* [Nominees withheld]

Activisionary Award
* [Nominees withheld]

She Supreme
* KC Concepcion (Winner)
* Vicki Belo
* Divine Lee
* Charisse Pempengco
* Judy Ann Santos

He Supreme
* Francis Lumen (Winner)
* Manny Pacquiao
* Chris Tiu
* Richard Gutierrez
* Dingdong Dantes
* Raimund Marasigan

The Supremo Award
* Joey de Leon (Winner)


Friday, October 17, 2008

Model John Lopez Voted Off of "Survivor Philippines"

After losing both Reward Challenge and Immunity Challenge, the Jarakay tribe decided to vote off one of their members out of compassion. Auto mechanic and part-time model John Anthony Lopez became the sixth person to be voted off and the seventh person to leave Survivor Philippines.

Although the Jarakay members initially thought of voting out call canter agent Nikki Dacullo�who was deemed the "weakest link" and who has the least contribution�the tribe opted to send home John because of his failing health. It can be recalled that John previously collapsed a few episodes ago, but was able to return before the given period of time.

Although he tried his best to help his tribemates during the challenges, it became obvious that John's health was worsening. For this reason, his tribemates, even his alliance, decided to let go of him rather than sacrifice his health.

Before casting their votes in the Tribal Council, host Paolo Bediones talked to the Jarakay members one by one and asked them who they would vote out. Although most of them named Nikki as the likeliest to be voted off, John got all the votes from his tribemates.

During the Reward Challenge, the Naak tribe won two whole lechon de leche and they ate while the Jarakay tribe was on their side.

With only five members remaining in the Jarakay tribe and the expected merge on the horizon, the power now shifts to Naak tribe that still has six members left.

Henry Sy is Forbes' Richest Man in the Philippines

According to Forbes Magazine, supermall magnate Henry Sy is the wealthiest man in the Philippines.

The 83-year old owner of SM Supermalls has an estimated net worth of US$3.1 billion, up by $1.4 billion from last year.

The top 10 richest people in the Philippines are:

1. Henry Sy & family - US$3.1 billion
2. Lucio Tan & family - $1.5 billion
3. Jaime Zobel de Ayala & family - $1.2 billion
4. Andrew Tan - $700 million
5. Tony Tan Caktiong & family - $690 million
6. John Gokongwei Jr. & family - $680 million
7. Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. - $610 million
8. Enrique Razon Jr. - $525 million
9. George Ty & family - $435 million
10. Inigo & Mercedes Zobel - $430 million

Forbes Asia based the ranking from shareholder and financial information including estimates on privately held assets.

Oscars 2009 Best Foreign Language Film List of Entries

67 countries, including the Philippines, are competing in the 2009 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscars) Best Foreign Language Film category.

Here is the complete list of entries:

Afghanistan, �Opium War,� Siddiq Barmak

Albania, �The Sorrow of Mrs. Schneider,� Piro Milkani and Eno Milkani

Algeria, �Masquerades,� Lyes Salem

Argentina, �Lion�s Den,� Pablo Trapero

Austria, �Revanche,� Gotz Spielmann

Azerbaijan, �Fortress,� Shamil Nacafzada

Bangladesh, �Aha!,� Enamul Karim Nirjhar

Belgium, �Eldorado,� Bouli Lanners

Bosnia and Herzegovina, �Snow,� Aida Begic

Brazil, �Last Stop 174,� Bruno Barreto

Bulgaria, �Zift,� Javor Gardev

Canada, �The Necessities of Life,� Benoit Pilon

Chile, �Tony Manero,� Pablo Larrain

China, �Dream Weavers,� Jun Gu

Colombia, �Dog Eat Dog,� Carlos Moreno

Croatia, �No One�s Son,� Arsen Anton Ostojic

Czech Republic, �The Karamazovs,� Petr Zelenka

Denmark, �Worlds Apart,� Niels Arden Oplev

Egypt, �The Island,� Sherif Arafa

Estonia, �I Was Here,� Rene Vilbre

Finland, �The Home of Dark Butterflies,� Dome Karukoski

France, �The Class,� Laurent Cantet

Georgia, �Mediator,� Dito Tsintsadze

Germany, �The Baader Meinhof Complex,� Uli Edel

Greece, �Correction,� Thanos Anastopoulos

Hong Kong, �Painted Skin,� Gordon Chan

Hungary, �Iska�s Journey,� Csaba Bollok

Iceland, �White Night Wedding,� Baltasar Kormakur

India, �Taare Zameen Par,� Aamir Khan

Iran, �The Song of Sparrows,� Majid Majidi

Israel, �Waltz With Bashir,� Ari Folman

Italy, �Gomorra,� Matteo Garrone

Japan, �Departures,� Yojiro Takita

Jordan, �Captain Abu Raed,� Amin Matalqa

Kazakhstan, �Tulpan,� Sergey Dvortsevoy

Kyrgyzstan, �Blue Heavens,� Marie Jaoul de Poncheville

Latvia, �Defenders of Riga,� Aigars Grauba

Lebanon, �Under the Bombs,� Philippe Aractingi

Lithuania, �Loss,� Maris Martinsons

Luxembourg, �Nuits d�Arabie,� Paul Kieffer

Macedonia, �I�m From Titov Veles,� Teona Strugar Mitevska

Mexico, �Tear This Heart Out,� Roberto Sneider

Morocco, �Goodbye Mothers,� Mohamed Ismail

The Netherlands, �Dunya & Desie,� Dana Nechushtan

Norway, �O�Horten,� Bent Hamer

Palestine, �Salt of This Sea� Annemarie Jacir

Philippines, �Ploning,� Dante Nico Garcia

Poland, �Tricks,� Andrzej Jakimowski

Portugal, �Our Beloved Month of August,� Miguel Gomes

Romania, �The Rest Is Silence,� Nae Caranfil

Russia, �Mermaid,� Anna Melikyan

Serbia, �The Tour,� Goran Markovic

Singapore, �My Magic,� Eric Khoo

Slovakia, �Blind Loves,� Juraj Lehotsky

Slovenia, �Rooster�s Breakfast,� Marko Nabersnik

South Africa, �Jerusalema,� Ralph Ziman, director

South Korea, �Crossing,� Tae-kyun Kim

Spain, �The Blind Sunflowers,� Jose Luis Cuerda

Sweden, �Everlasting Moments,� Jan Troell

Switzerland, �The Friend,� Micha Lewinsky

Taiwan, �Cape No. 7,� Te-Sheng Wei

Thailand, �Love of Siam,� Chookiat Sakveerakul

Turkey, �3 Monkeys,� Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Ukraine, �Illusion of Fear,� Aleksandr Kiriyenko

U.K., �Hope Eternal,� Karl Francis

Uruguay, �Kill Them All,� Esteban Schroeder

Venezuela, �The Color of Fame,� Alejandro Bellame Palacios

Nominations for the 81st Annual Academy Awards will be announced on Jan. 22, 2009 and the awards will be presented one month after.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cosmopolitan's World Sexiest Men 2008

British Cosmopolitan Magazine's World's Sexiest Men survey yielded some surprising results: almost half of the top 25 guys were over 40. And four out of the top five!

Johnny Depp took the #1 spot, beating out fellow fortysomethings George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig as the hottest celeb. Only three men in their 20s made the list at all--Jake Gyllenhaal, James McAvoy and Justin Timberlake.

Here's the complete list from #1 to #25:

Johnny Depp, 45
George Clooney, 47
Jake Gyllenhaal, 27
Daniel Craig, 40
Brad Pitt, 44
James McAvoy, 29
Justin Timberlake, 27
Will Smith, 40
David Beckham, 33
Wentworth Miller, 36
Christian Bale, 34
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 31
Take That: Gary Barlow, 37, Mark Owen, 36, Howard Donald, 40 and Jason Orange, 38
Ashton Kutcher, 30
Dermot O'Leary, 35
David Tennant, 37
Patrick Dempsey, 42
Clive Owen, 44
Pierce Brosnan, 55
Mark Ronson, 33
Gordon Ramsay, 41
Russell Brand, 33
Pharrell Williams, 35
Ryan Reynolds, 31
Olivier Martinez, 42

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

David Cook Album Cover

Take a look at the new album cover of American Idol champion David Cook�s debut album.

The tracklisting is below (the bonus track is �The Time Of My Life�):
1 Declaration
2 Heroes
3 Light On
4 Come Back to Me
5 Life on the Moon
6 Bar-ba-sol
7 Mr. Sensitive
8 Lie
9 I Did It for You
10 Avalanche
11 Permanent
12 A Daily Anthem

Cook�s label, 19 Recordings/RCA Records, will be releasing the album on Tuesday, November 18th.

September NUTAM Ratings: "The Singing Bee" Season 1 Ends on High Note, "Wowowee" Reigns Supreme on Daytime Race

Cesar Montano's The Singing Bee ends its season 1 with a bang. According to the September NUTAM Ratings from AGB Nielsen Media Research Philippines, the karaoke game show garnered a total of 35.2% putting Dyesebel on second place with 33.5% over-all rating for the month of September.

For the weekday daytime programs, Wowowee once again asserted its dominance. Bolstered by a 23%, Willie Revillame's noontime variety show claimed the No. 1 spot over El Cuerpo Del Deseo's 21 percent while GMA-7's afternoon soaps Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan and Una Kang Naging Akin still lurked inside the Magic 5 circle. The two shows garnered 19.5 and 18.8 percent to claim the third and fourth spots, respectively.

The square-off between Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez and Joel Casamayor held last September 14 (Manila time) notched the No. 1 slot for the Top Weekend Programs, daytime category. Dubbed as The Challenge, the boxing special accumulated a rating of 23.4 percent to top Wowowee's 22.7 showing.

Pinoy Dream Academy's Grand Finale achieved a whopping 40.4 percent to own the primetime division for the entire weekend.

Here are the Top 10 weekday and weekend programs for the month of September 2008 based on a survey conducted by AGB Nielsen among NUTAM households:

Top Weekday Programs (Daytime)
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 23.%
El Cuerpo Del Deseo (ABS-CBN) - 21%
Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan (GMA-7) - 19.5%
Una Kang Naging Akin (GMA-7) - 18.8%
Pilipinas Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 18.5%
Ligaw Na Bulaklak (ABS-CBN) - 18.3%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 17.8%
Daisy Siete (GMA-7) - 16.7%
Marimar (GMA-7) - 16.4%
Las Tontas (ABS-CBN) - 12.7%

Top Weekday Programs (Primetime)
The Singing Bee (ABS-CBN) - 35.2%
Dyesebel (GMA-7) - 33.5%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 33%
Dyosa (ABS-CBN) - 32.9%
I Love Betty La Fea (ABS-CBN) - 31.9%
Codename: Asero (GMA-7) - 31.4%
My Girl (ABS-CBN) - 30.6%
Iisa Pa Lamang (ABS-CBN) - 29.6%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 25.8%
Ako Si Kim Samsoon (GMA-7) - 25.3%

Top Weekend Programs (Daytime)
The Challenge: Casamayor Vs. Marquez** (ABS-CBN) - 23.4%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 22.7%
ASAP '08 (ABS-CBN) - 19.5%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 17.6%
Dragon Ball Z (GMA-7) - 17.4%
Diaz Vs. Katsidis: No Retreat No Surrender** (ABS-CBN) - 17.3%
Cinema FPJ: Da King On ABS-CBN (ABS-CBN) - 16.4%
Wish Ko Lang! (GMA-7) - 15.2%
SOP (GMA-7) - 14.7%
Pilipinas Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 13.9%

Top Weekend Programs (Primetime)
Pinoy Dream Academy Season II Grand Dream Nights** (ABS-CBN) - 40.4%
Pinoy Dream Academy Season II Dream Bigayan Concert** (ABS-CBN) - 31.6%
Pinoy Dream Academy Little Dreamers (ABS-CBN) - 30.5%
Goin' Bulilit (ABS-CBN) - 29.6%
A Bettyful Life: The Making Of I Love Betty La Fea** (ABS-CBN) - 29.1%
Komiks Presents Varga (ABS-CBN) - 28.5%
Rated K (ABS-CBN) - 26.0%
Bitoy's Funniest Videos Yari Ka! (GMA-7) - 25.5 %
Maalaala Mo Kaya (ABS-CBN) - 24.6%
Kap's Amazing Stories (GMA-7) - 24.1%

Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research, Philippines thru PEP

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Karylle Denies Split Up with Dingdong Dantes

Karylle vehemently denied the unending rumor about her break-up with actor Dingdong Dantes. The young actress said that they are very much together and displeased with those who are circulating the issue.

"Siyempre, nakakainis na may mga gano'n. Pero I saw him naman before he left, nagkasama naman kami, so... Alam mo �yon, parang hinahayaan na lang namin minsan. Mahirap kasing magsalita nang magsalita, kasi parang lumalaki lang yung issue," said Karylle in an interview after the last run of her musical play West Side Story.

Watch Lhar Santiago's interview with Karylle below:

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

�Ako Si Kim Samsoon� Finale and Debut of �La Lola� Both No. 1 in TV Ratings

Both Kapuso shows top the ratings last Friday and Monday night. The final episode of Ako Si Kim Samsoon showing the wedding of Samsoon (Regine Velasquez) and Cyrus (Mark Anthony Fernandez) generated a 38.2 percent rating to lead all primetime shows last Friday, while the one-hour pilot episode of La Lola on Monday got an impressive 35.8 percent to grab the top spot.

La Lola replaced Ako Si Kim Samsoon on its timeslot.

Both Ako Si Kim Samsoon and La Lola toppled consistent top-rater Dyesebel, which will bid farewell on Friday, October 17. The fantaserye starring Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, however, was a close second in both occasions.

Arnell Ignacio's game show Gobingo ended its run last Friday at No. 13 with 16 percent. Gobingo was replaced by Family Feud, hosted by Richard Gomez, which had a decent 21.2 percent debut last Monday, October 13. But it still fell short compared to the 21.6 percent rating of rival show Kapamilya, Deal Or No Deal, hosted by Kris Aquino.

In the daytime race, Eat Bulaga topped the list Friday and Monday.

The dramatization of the life of Pinoy Dream Academy runner-up Bugoy Drilon on Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) was the most-watched primetime program last Saturday, October 11. Starring singer-actor Mark Bautista as Bugoy, MMK amassed an amazing 31.4 percent, the highest rating so far for ABS-CBN's longest-running drama anthology since its transfer to the Saturday timeslot.

ABS-CBN's back-to-back Komiks Presents series, Tiny Tony and Varga, ranked sixth and seventh, respectively. John Prats's Tiny Tony debuted with 21.6 percent while Mariel Rodriguez's Varga ended its run with 18.8 percent.

Eat Bulaga was the No. 1 Saturday daytime program by virtue of its 25.7 percent rating while the new season of The Singing Bee, hosted by Cesar Montano, was in second place with 19.7 percent.

Sunday primetime viewing was dominated by Mel & Joey with 26.5 percent; followed by Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok (25.1 percent), Kap's Amazing Stories (22.7 percent), Rated K (20.6 percent), and All Star K (20.5 percent).

ASAP '08 regained the No. 1 spot in the daytime race with 15.9 percent. Your Song Presents My Only Hope, starring Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, came in second with 14.6 percent.

SOP and Showbiz Central tied at No. 3 with 14.5 percent.

Here are the Top 10 daytime and primetime programs from October 10 to 13 based on the overnight ratings conducted by AGB Nielsen Philippines among Mega Manila households:

October 10 (Friday)
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 25.6%
Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan (GMA-7) - 25.1%
Una Kang Naging Akin (GMA-7) - 22.6%
Marimar (GMA-7) - 21.8%
Daisy Siete (GMA-7) - 19.7%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 17.7%
Ligaw Na Bulaklak (ABS-CBN) - 16.2%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 15.4%
El Cuerpo del Deseo (ABS-CBN) / Be Strong Geum Soon! (GMA-7) - 14.8%
SiS (GMA-7) - 12.7%

Ako Si Kim Samsoon (GMA-7) - 38.2%
Dyesebel (GMA-7) - 37.9%
Codename: Asero (GMA-7) - 35.1%
Survivor Philippines (GMA-7) - 33.8%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 32.1%
I Love Betty La Fea (ABS-CBN) - 24.6%
Iisa Pa Lamang (ABS-CBN) - 23.9%
Dyosa (ABS-CBN) - 23.8%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 23.4%
Bubble Gang (GMA-7) - 21.6%

October 11 (Saturday)
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 25.7%
The Singing Bee (ABS-CBN) - 19.7%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 18.6%
Pinoy Records (GMA-7) - 17.8%
Takeshi's Castle (GMA-7) - 16.2%
Wish Ko Lang (GMA-7) - 15.3%
Startalk (GMA-7) - 13.3%
Cinema FPJ: Da King on ABS-CBN (ABS-CBN) - 11.9%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 11.6%
Entertainment Live (ABS-CBN) - 10.2%

Maalaala Mo Kaya (ABS-CBN) - 31.4%
Imbestigador (GMA-7) - 30.3%
Bitoy's Funniest Videos (GMA-7) / Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (GMA-7) - 27.4%
Celebrity Duets (GMA-7) - 24.1%
Banana Split (ABS-CBN) - 21.8%
Tiny Tony (ABS-CBN) - 21.6%
Varga (ABS-CBN) - 18.8%
Nuts Entertainment (GMA-7) - 16.6%
XXX (ABS-CBN) - 15.7%
Sine Totoo (GMA-7) - 13.6%

October 12 (Sunday)

ASAP �08 (ABS-CBN) 15.9%
Your Song (ABS-CBN) - 14.6%
SOP (GMA-7) / Showbiz Central (GMA-7) - 14.5%
Takeshi's Castle (GMA-7) - 13.8%
Dear Friend (GMA-7) - 12.5%
The Buzz (ABS-CBN) - 11%
Matanglawin (ABS-CBN) - 9.3%

Mel & Joey (GMA-7) - 26.5%
Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok (GMA-7) - 25.1%
Kap's Amazing Stories (GMA-7) - 22.7%
Rated K (ABS-CBN) - 20.6%
All Star K (GMA-7) - 20.5%
Goin' Bulilit (ABS-CBN) - 19.1%
Sharon (ABS-CBN) - 18.3%
The Singing Bee (ABS-CBN) - 18%
Ful Haus (GMA-7) - 17.9%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 15%

October 13 (Monday)
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) / Una Kang Naging Akin (GMA-7) - 22.9%
Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan (GMA-7) - 20.1%
Marimar (GMA-7) - 19%
Daisy Siete (GMA-7) - 18.7%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 16.5%
El Cuerpo del Deseo (ABS-CBN) - 15.4%
Ligaw Na Bulaklak (ABS-CBN) - 15%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 13.9%
SiS (GMA-7) - 10.3%
Las Tontas (ABS-CBN) - 8.9%

La Lola (GMA-7) - 35.8%
Dyesebel (GMA-7) - 35.1%
Codename: Asero (GMA-7) - 33.2%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 31.2%
Iisa Pa Lamang (ABS-CBN) - 28%
Survivor Philippines (GMA-7) - 27.4%
I Love Betty La Fea (ABS-CBN) - 26.6%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 26.5%
Dyosa (ABS-CBN) - 25.6%
Kapamilya, Deal Or No Deal (ABS-CBN) - 21.6%

Source: AGB Nielsen Philippines via PEP

ABS-CBN Disagrees with DTI on "Wilyonaryo" Findings

ABS-CBN appeals the decision made by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) about the alleged anomaly on the defunct "Wilyonaryo" segment of Wowowee.

According to ABS-CBN Corporate Communications Head Bong Osorio, "We disagree with the findings and have appealed the decision."

The DTI released on October 13 the result of its investigation on the alleged anomaly in the "Wilyonaryo" segment of Wowowee. (Click here to read related article.)

Sky Cable and Home Cable Ordered by Court to Restore GMA-7 on Previous Channel

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has issued an order to Central CATV, which co-owns Sky and Home Cable of the Lopez Group, to broadcast GMA Network on channel 12 of its system after moving it to 14.

The NTC order was issued after GMA Network Inc. through its counsel, Atty. Roberto Rafael V. Lucila, requested an investigation in February 2003 after the top cable operator in the country moved GMA to channel 14 from it�s original channel 12 position. GMA was compelled to file an official complaint after the network received feedbacks from televiewers that the signal of Kapuso channel became weaker when it was moved to channel 14.

Central CATV, on the other hand, filed an appeal contesting a government order instructing it to transmit channel 7 on cable TV channel 12, after moving it to 14. The order was issued by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), GMA Network Inc., which broadcasts on free airwaves through channel 7, said that the appeal of Central CATV �was dismissed for lack of merit� by the Court of Appeals.

In April 2003, the NTC �ruled that Central CATV violated the provisions of Memorandum Circular No. 4-08-88 when it unilaterally rechanneled the positions of free-to-air TV channels without securing the approval of NTC,� GMA Network said.

The circular is also known as the Revised Rules and Regulations Governing Cable Television Systems in the Philippines.

GMA Network said it �questioned the arbitrary re-channeling of Channel 7 by Sky Cable because Sky Cable does not have the right to change the channel assignments of free-to-air TV stations without the approval of the TV stations and the NTC.�

The unilateral and arbitrary re-channeling of free-to-air TV stations on cable will cause confusion among viewers,� GMA Network Inc., the Philippines� leading network said.

Sky Cable was also ordered �to carry the free-to-air television signal on its CATV system on the channel number at which the station is transmitting, except when technically unfeasible, in which case it shall be assigned the next nearest channel which does not cause interference,� the disclosure said.

The cable operator was also told to �faithfully and strictly comply with the provisions of the said circular and to cease from arbitrarily changing channel assignments without advance written notice to the TV stations, the public, and the approval of the NTC.

Sky Cable is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN, a rival of GMA Network.

Monday, October 13, 2008

DTI Sees Violation in Wowowee "Wilyonaryo" Segment

After more than a year, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) finally released the result of its investigation on the administrative charges filed against the defunct "Wilyonaryo" segment of Wowowee.

According to the 11-page decision of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) which was released yesterday October 13, the ABS-CBN noontime show �Wowowee� particularly it�s Wilyonaryo segment violated the Republic Act 7394 or the Consumers Act of the Philippines.

Part of the decision issued by DTI on Monday afternoon read:

A reasonable assessment of the existing game mechanics and procedures implemented at the time of the subject 20 August 2007 Wilyonaryo episode reveals that the game show segment allowed for a reasonable likelihood of error and provided the host and organizers significant latitude in controlling the outcome of the contest.�

According to DTI, the Wilyonaryo segment of Wowowee is under the category of �sales and promotion� campaign and it needs to be under the regulatory commission of DTI or the Consumer�s Act.

In connection to this, ABS-CBN is required to pay an administrative fine of P290,000.00 and come up with an execution of written undertaking.

As of this moment, ABS-CBN's Corporate Communication Department has yet to release their official statement regarding this matter.

Dennis Trillo is "Gagambino"

From the fertile mind of Carlo J. Caparas comes another fantaserye that will show the unusual friendship between man and animals. Gagambino, in particular, depicts a young man named Bino who becomes close to an eight-feet tall spider.

Featuring Dennis Trillo in the title role, Gagambino will replace Dyesebel on GMA-7's primetime block. His two leading ladies are Nadine Samonte (who plays Celine) and Katrina Halili (whose character is Lucy). Dennis will be pitted against his archenemy Harold (played by Polo Ravales).

Reports say that Dennis learned three martial arts in preparation for his role as a superhero: wing chun, judo and kendo, a Japanese martial art of sword-fighting. He also underwent rigorous training to learn parkour, which translates to the art of movement.

"Para siyang wall climbing pero ina-apply mo sa totoong environment," says Dennis about parkour. "
Na-iincorporate dun yung galaw ng spider. Siyempre, dito sa Gagambino, mala-spider yung galaw kaya dapat maka-akyat ka dun sa mga pader, sa mga dingding. Medyo agile siya at kailangan ang dexterity ng katawan.

"Kailangan malakas ang buong katawan mo basically, yung upper body mo, yung legs mo. Marami akong tama diyan [shows a bruise on his right arm] and pati sa shins marami akong tama diyan."

Writer-director Carlo Caparas says that the choice of Dennis as the lead character of Gagambino is "unprecedented and unexpected."

"Hindi iisip na si Dennis ang gaganap. E, yun ang element ng isang bagong proyekto na parang eksperimento, experimental kung tingnan nila, pero dyan nangggagaling ang mga malalaking blockbuster TV shows, na hindi nila inaasahan kung sino ang gaganap dun sa role," tells Direk Carlo.

According to the prolific komiks creator, the challenge for Dennis is how he will be able to tame the giant spider to become his ally.

Toppel Lee and Don Michael Perez are co-directors of the TV series Gagambino.