Friday, October 17, 2008

Model John Lopez Voted Off of "Survivor Philippines"

After losing both Reward Challenge and Immunity Challenge, the Jarakay tribe decided to vote off one of their members out of compassion. Auto mechanic and part-time model John Anthony Lopez became the sixth person to be voted off and the seventh person to leave Survivor Philippines.

Although the Jarakay members initially thought of voting out call canter agent Nikki Dacullo�who was deemed the "weakest link" and who has the least contribution�the tribe opted to send home John because of his failing health. It can be recalled that John previously collapsed a few episodes ago, but was able to return before the given period of time.

Although he tried his best to help his tribemates during the challenges, it became obvious that John's health was worsening. For this reason, his tribemates, even his alliance, decided to let go of him rather than sacrifice his health.

Before casting their votes in the Tribal Council, host Paolo Bediones talked to the Jarakay members one by one and asked them who they would vote out. Although most of them named Nikki as the likeliest to be voted off, John got all the votes from his tribemates.

During the Reward Challenge, the Naak tribe won two whole lechon de leche and they ate while the Jarakay tribe was on their side.

With only five members remaining in the Jarakay tribe and the expected merge on the horizon, the power now shifts to Naak tribe that still has six members left.

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