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Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson in My Only Hope

Due to the highly successful turn-out of their primetime teleserye "My Girl" in the ratings, ABS-CBN is bringing back the KIMERALD loveteam on their next TV team-up entitled "My Only Hope".

This will be a reunion project for Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Ni�a Jose (in a love triangle with Kim and Gerald), Regine Angeles of Be Bench, Star Magic 15 member Enchong Dee, and Alex Gonzaga.

Although there is no formal announcement yet from the ABS-CBN's bigwigs, rumor has it that this new ABS-CBN teen show will soon replace the network's Sunday drama anthology "Your Song".

My Only Hope is directed by Rahyan Carlos (Former head of GMA Artist Center Acting Workshop) and Jojo Saguin of ABS-CBN defunct show "Astigs".

Saturday, August 30, 2008

26th Luna Awards List of Nominees

The nominees in 12 categories of the 26th Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines were announced last Friday, August 29, at the SM Megamall Cinema lobby.

FAP Director-General Leo Martinez together with actress Candy Pangilinan and young star Jason Abalos made the official announcement of the nominees for the awards which will be held on September 28, a Sunday. The event was hosted by Leila Chikadora of DZMM.

The full list of nominees are as follow:

Best Picture
Banal (Comguild Productions, Inc.)
Faces of Love (Eddie Romero Foundation)
A Love Story (Star Cinema)
One More Chance (Star Cinema)
Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo (Star Cinema)

Best Director
Cesar Apolinario (Banal)
Joel Lamangan (Silip)
Jose Javier Reyes (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)
Maryo J. de los Reyes (A Love Story)
Eddie Romero (Faces of Love)

Best Actor
Paolo Contis (Banal)
John Lloyd Cruz (One More Chance)
Aga Muhlach (A Love Story)
Piolo Pascual (Paano Kita Iibigin)
Joel Torre (Ataul for Rent)

Best Actress
Bea Alonzo (One More Chance)
Judy Ann Santos (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)
Maricel Soriano (A Love Story and Bahay Kubo)
Regine Velasquez (Paano Kita Iibigin)

Best Supporting Actor
Alchris Galura (Batad: Sa Paang Palay)
Ronnie Lazaro (Ataul for Rent)
Pen Medina (Banal)
Wendell Ramos (Happy Hearts)
Dante Rivero (A Love Story)

Best Supporting Actress
Irma Adlawan (Ataul for Rent)
Eugene Domingo (Bahay Kubo and Paano Kita Iibigin)
Angelica Panganiban (A Love Story)
Gina Pareno (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)

Best Screenplay
Vic Acedillo Jr. (Batad: Sa Paang Palay)
Carmi G. Raymundo & Vanessa Valdez (One More Chance)
Murphy Redd & Bong Ramos (Haw-Ang� After the Harvest)
Eddie Romero & Rica Arevalo (Faces of Love)
Vanessa R. Valdez (A Love Story)

Best Cinematography
Rodolfo Aves Jr. (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)
Marissa Floirendo (The Promise)
Ramoncito Redoble (Batanes)
Manuel Teehankee (One More Chance)
Renato de Vera (Ataul for Rent)

Best Production Design
Rodell Cruz (Resiklo)
Blanca Dadivas & Felisberto Besina (Haw-Ang�After the Harvest)
Cyrus Khan (Batanes)
Mitoy Sta. Ana (Enteng Kabisote 4)
Ma. Asuncion Torres & Anna Carmela Manda (Ang Lalaki sa Parola)

Best Editing
Vito Cajili (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)
Marya Ignacio (Ouija and You Got Me)
Jess Navarro (Silip)
Tara Illenberger (A Love Story)

Best Musical Score
John Ballesteros (Faces of Love)
Carmina Robles Cuya (Ouija)
Allan Feliciano & Arnold Buena (Resiklo)
Von de Guzman (Bahay Kubo)
Jesse Lucas (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)

Best Sound
Ditoy Aguila (Ouija)
Ditoy Aguila & Junel Valencia (Resiklo and The Promise)
Albert Michael Idioma (A Love Story and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo)
Addiss Tabong (Katas ng Saudi)

The film with the most number of nominees turned out to be A Love Story, with eight nominations, followed by: Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo, 7 nominations; One More Chance, 4 nominations; Ataul for Rent, 4 nominations; Banal, 3 nominations; and Faces of Love, 3 nominations. To be nominated for best picture, a film must garner the most number of nominations, provided that it is nominated for best director and/or screenplay.

The films which also got 3 nominations were Bahay Kubo, Ouija, Paano Kita Iibigin and Resiklo.

PDA Scholars Sing Cayabyab

The Pinoy Dream Academy Scholars held the official launching of their very first album�Scholars Sing Cayabyab on the show's 11th Gala Night.

See and hear few of the songs included in the album as performed by Miguel, Bugoy, Liezel, Laarni, Cris, Van, and Hansen.

Proceeds from the said album and upcoming mall shows will be donated to the Scholars� chosen charitable institutions:

Bugoy - Gatbo Irrigators Association in Camarines Sur
Cris - Gawad Kalinga through Bayanijuan Foundation
Laarni - The Ambassador of Light Chorale (the group of singing blind youth)
Miguel - Mindanao Emergency Response Network through Mindanao Tulong Bakwet
Liezel - Emmaus House of Apostolate Home for the Aged
Van - Cebu City Task Force on Street Children

Pinoy Dream Academy Final Six

The final six of Pinoy Dream Academy has been officially announced by the Headmaster, Ryan Cayabyab during the show's 11th Gala Night.

They are:

Bugoy, the Farmer's Son from Camarines Sur
Cris, the Singing Interior Designer of Paranaque
Laarni, Sultan Kudarat's Independent Woman
Liezel, the Pride of Puerto Galera
Miguel, the Romantic Crooner from Muntinlupa
Van, Cebu's Heartthrob

But who among them deserve to get a hold of the Grand Star Dreamer title? The decision lies in your hands. To vote, just type PDA (name of Scholar) and send it to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk �n Text subscribers.

Hansen Nichols is Expelled from PDA

The public has spoken. Van Pojas, the Heartthrob of Cebu completes the Final Six of Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) Season 2.

Van collected 54.58 percent of the total text votes, while the expelled scholar Hansen "Sen" Nichols only got 45.42 percentage of votes.

Hollywood's Top 10 Summer Box Office Hits

It's been a good summer to stay indoors. From reality-bending assassins to non-verbal robots, cosmopolitan singles to gothic heroes, this has been a movie season to remember. The box office totals for this year are nearly equal to this time last year -- $6.7 billion to date -- but both critics and audiences have been much more positive about this season's titles than in 2007.

Here is the countdown of the top 10 films of the summer, from the first of May to through August 24th (figures provided by BoxOfficeMojo).

1. THE DARK KNIGHT - $489.4 million

Batman Begins was the well-received reinvention of a tarnished film franchise that grossed a respectable $205M in the summer of '05. The follow-up, "The Dark Knight," out-grossed that number in only six days. Why did the second film do so astonishingly well? Several reasons: the first found a much bigger audience on DVD, fan excitement had been stoked for months with eye-popping trailers, and, of course, the buzz that surrounded the late Heath Ledger's electrifying performance as the Joker. All this has made "The Dark Knight" not only the top film of the summer, but the second-highest grossing movie of all time.
Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures

2. IRON MAN - $317.5 million

A well-respected actor who had never had a huge hit. A director known more for comedy than action. And a second-tier comic book character unfamiliar to most movie fans. It seemed like "Iron Man" had a lot stacked against it. But exciting trailers, positive reviews, and excellent word-of-mouth made the Marvel Comics adaptation a smash, with a $102M opening. The first big movie of the summer, "Iron Man" looked like it would be the champion of the season, until another masked hero swooped in.
Photo by Marvel/Paramount


Nineteen years is a long time to wait for a sequel. Most of the teenage moviegoing population hadn't even been born when Dr. Jones last hit the big screen. Still, "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" ended up as the highest grossing Indiana Jones movie. However, if you adjust for inflation, 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark nearly doubles the take of this installment.
Photo by Paramount Pictures

4. HANCOCK - $226.3 million

There's a reason Will Smith refers to the 4th of July holiday as "Big Willie Weekend." At turns broadly comedic and surprisingly dramatic, "Hancock" was his fifth movie to open at #1 over the long Independence Day weekend. It went on to become Smith's fourth-highest earning movie, behind Independence Day, Men in Black, and last year's I Am Legend.
Photo by Columbia Pictures

5. WALL-E - $216.2 million

If any movie was going to break Pixar's 13-year streak of hits, it would've been "WALL-E." It had no big celebrity voices, a story that couldn't be summarized in a sentence, and a hero who could barely even speak. But even with those challenges, "WALL-E" opened at #1 with a $63M weekend, and went on to earn $10M more than Pixar's release from last summer, the Oscar-winning Ratatouille.
Photo by Disney/Pixar

6. KUNG FU PANDA - $212.6 million

It's a formula so brilliant in its simplicity you wonder why no one thought of it before: take cute, cuddly, fuzzy animals and have them beat each other up. With a star-studded voice cast and kinetic action, "Kung Fu Panda" attracted audience of all ages, making it DreamWorks Animation's biggest non-Shrek movie ever.
Photo by DreamWorks Animation

7. SEX AND THE CITY - $152.3 million

Four years after the show ended its run on HBO, the buzz around the first big screen outing for Carrie and company was intense. Moviegoers across the nation made an event out of going to the movie, some even dressing up as their favorite character. But the excitement was warranted, with "Sex and the City" becoming the top grossing R-rated film of the year so far.
Photo by New Line Cinema


Most films would be pleased as punch with a $55M opening and a $140+ total, but that's not the case here. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, opened in December '05 with $10M more, but went on to gross more than double what "Prince Caspian" did. Coming out in the summer meant this one faced tougher competition, but it does raise questions if "Voyage of the Dawn Treader," the third movie scheduled for 2010, will float or sink.
Photo by Walt Disney Pictures

9. THE INCREDIBLE HULK - $134.4 million

Naturally, this new version of Marvel Comics' green gargantuan would beg comparisons to the disappointing 2003 movie. And while this one brought in a lower opening number -- $55M to the previous film's $62M -- its positive reviews and fan reaction gave it more legs, bringing its total to $2M more than the first one.
Photo by Marvel/Universal

10. WANTED - $133.7 million

Freely adapted from a little-known comic book, "Wanted" got people talking with trailers showing off some wildly inventive gunplay and Angelina Jolie sporting even more tattoos than usual. It exceeded expectations with its $51M opening, but still came in second that weekend behind "WALL-E."
Photo by Universal Pictures

Source: Yahoo! Movies

Hollywood's All-Time Biggest Movie Flops

It's a sad fact of the movie biz that a lot of movies flop at the box office. But a few flicks fail so completely, so utterly at the box office that they derail careers and drive studios to bankruptcy.

See below list of the most disastrous box-office flops in history.

Budget: $73 million, US Box Office: $21 million

John Travolta's two-decade long quest to put L. Ron Hubbard's tome on the silver screen ended with intergalactic failure. A perfect storm of hammy acting, bad direction, and ridiculous storytelling converged to make "Battlefield Earth" the worst reviewed film of 2000. It also won seven Razzies, a feat only matched by another famous box-office bomb, Showgirls.
Photo by Morgan Greek/Kobal, WireImage

Budget: $100 million, US Box Office: $4.4 million

In terms of sheer numbers, this flick is one of the biggest box-office flops in cinema history. Eddie Murphy was apparently so embarrassed by the end result that he refused to do any publicity for the movie.
Photo by Warner Brothers, Everett Collection

Budget: $40 million, US Box Office: $3.5 million

In the annals of filmmaking, few movies reach the height of epic fiasco like "Heaven's Gate." This film -- about European cattle-rustlers, rich WASP ranch owners, and roller-skating (really) -- lost millions upon millions of dollars, destroyed the career of director Michael Cimino, and drove the hallowed United Artist studio out of business. It failed, and it failed big.
Photo by United Artist, Everett Collection

Budget: $90 million, US Box Office: $6.7 million

What started as a light, frothy romantic comedy about married life -- starring Diane Keaton and Warren Beatty -- spiraled into one of the biggest money losers in the history of Hollywood. Production problems, scheduling issues, and constant script rewrites conspired to stretch the film's production time to almost three years, ballooning the budget to a size usually found in summer blockbusters.
Photo by New Line Cinema, Everett Collection

Budget: $44 million, US Box Office: $26 million

Though the box-office draw of "Cleopatra" was quite respectable, it paled next to its monstrous cost. Originally set to cost a mere $2 million, the film's budget soon spiraled out of control because of production delays, ailing actresses, and mythically lavish sets. Adjusted for inflation, the movie remains one of the most expensive flicks that ever graced the silver screen. The price tag proved to be so great that the production threatened to put 20th Century Fox out of business.
Photo by 20 Century Fox, Everett Collection

Budget: $65 million, US Box Office: $17 million

This overstuffed caper comedy dumped ice water on Bruce Willis' formerly red-hot career. Perhaps one of the reasons the film proved to be so expensive was that Willis -- who was increasingly sensitive over his thinning hair -- demanded that a special effects firm go through the film and airbrush out his bald spot.
Photo by TriStar, Everett Collection

Budget: $98 million, US Box Office: $10 million

Director Renny Harlin convinced Carolco Pictures that his then-wife Geena Davis could be turned into an action-adventure star for this swashbuckling pirate yarn. The problem was that Michael Douglas pulled out of the film in spite of a $15 million paycheck. The part was then offered to Keanu Reeves who turned it down. As did Tom Cruise, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jeff Bridges, Michael Keaton, Charlie Sheen, Liam Neeson, and Tim Robbins. In the end, Harlin settled for Matthew Modine, who did little to open the movie. "Cutthroat Island" proved to be one of the biggest box-office losses in history, derailing Geena Davis' career, and sinking Carolco Pictures.
Photo by MGM, Everett Collection

ISHTAR (1987)
Budget: $55 million, US Box Office: $14 million

An example of how bad buzz can kill a movie. When the production for Elaine May's comedy -- about two lousy lounge singers who get caught up in Cold War politics -- ran over budget, negative anecdotes started getting leaked to the press. In spite of positive reviews from the "New York Times" among others, the media brouhaha over the film spiraled out of control. The film died at the box office and soon "Ishtar" became short-hand for box-office bomb.
Photo by Columbia, Everett Collection

Budget: $47 million, US Box Office: $8 million

For a director whose career has been famously plagued with production fiasco, Terry Gilliam's "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" stands out as being his most expensive flop. Dogged by lawsuits, duplicitous producers and furious financiers, the production dragged on at a snail's pace as the budget ballooned to gargantuan proportions. Though the film earned peanuts on its initial release, the film soon developed some serious legs on video and DVD.
Photo by Columbia Pictures, Everett Collection

Budget: $38 million, US Box Office: $16 million

Who would have thought that a movie about a cigar-chomping duck stuck in Cleveland would have been such a bomb? George Lucas produced this film which featured a budget as big as Lea Thompson's hair -- including a $2 million duck suit -- and more special effects than you can shake a stick at. Yet when the film came out, it was quickly and almost universally hailed as one of the worst films ever made.
Photo by Universal/Kobal, WireImage

Budget: $80 million, US Box Office $17.6 million

In spite of the terrible press, Kevin Costner's Waterworld actually made money. "The Postman" -- dubbed "Dirtworld" by the crew -- most certainly didn't. It was slammed by critics as being a mawkish vanity project and it flopped at the box office. For better or worse, "The Postman" also derailed Costner's career as a director.
Photo by Warner Bros, Everett Collection

Budget: $2 million, US Box Office: $30 (Yes, you read that right.)

There are a lot of indie films that don't make money. But few can boast a box-office draw less than the cost of a tank of gas. To satisfy a Screen Actors Guild's requirement, director John Penney -- who was holding out for a DVD deal -- screened the flick in a Texas theater for a week where it earned a mere thirty bucks. The meager box-office draw landed the film in the "Guinness Book of Records" as the lowest grossing film of all time. To make matters worse, Penney had to return 1/3 of the gross, as two of the six paying ticket-goers were also crew members.

MEET DAVE (2008)
Budget: $60 million, US Box Office: $11.6 million

Budget: $120 million, US Box Office: $44 million

These two flicks are the biggest losers for the summer. While "Meet Dave" -- which was given almost no publicity by its studio -- lost more money in relation to its budget, "Speed Racer" -- which was hugely hyped but failed to find an audience -- lost more money overall. In either case, you probably won't be seeing any more movies about alien Eddie Murphy clones or lollipop-hued race car drivers in the near future.
Photo by 20th Century Fox/Warner Bros.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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For The First Time - International Screenings

Star Cinema's latest movie "For The First Time" starring Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion will have its international screenings on the following dates and cities/countries:

Los Angeles (Sept 6)
San Francisco (Sept 7)
Vienna (Sept 28)
Guam (Aug 29-Sept 5)
Seattle and Las Vegas (Sept 19-25)
San Diego (Sept 19-25)
Pasadena (Sept 26-Oct 2)
Hawaii (Oct 3-9)
Chicago (Oct 3)
Dubai and Sharjah (Sept 11-13)
Abu Dhabi (Sept 18-20)
Qatar and Bahrain (Sept 25-27)

Cosmopolitan Philippines 69 Bachelors of 2008

Before it hits your favorite magazine stands nationwide. Let me give you a peek on this year's Cosmopolitan Magazines 69 Bachelor Hunks, as featured in their September 2008 issue:

Kurt Agbay, 21, student
Mark Alejandro, 20, actor/model
Victor 'Vic' Aliwalas, 24, actor/model
Raph Almeda, 20, student/model
Bryan Anastacio, 18, student
Edj Baker, 22, entrepreneurship student
Beau Ballinger, 24, director/writer/producer
Max Berces, 20
Dayal Chowdhary, 23, model/surfer
Jacob Cortes, 32, businessman
Jamie Craven, 18, model/student
Vin David, 18, student
Robert de Claro, 24, model
Matthew Encelan, 20, student
Miguel Escueta, 24, recording artist/musician
Rex Espineli, 21, student
Tim Espinosa of Star Magic Batch 15, 21, actor/dancer/model
Nikko Fabi, 27, hs/college professor
Ryan Garalde, 21, model
Ted George, 18, student/model
Kit Guerra, 20, student/professional rugby player
Gaz Holgate, 20, student/professional rugby player
Derick Hubalde, 25, athlete
Errol Iglesias, 23, nurse
JD Irizari, 18, student/model
Sean Jalaeiyan, 21, mechanical engineering student/model
Dart Kamboozia, 21, model
Aref Kiasati, 19, dentist/model
Pao Larosa, 23, model/fitness instructor
Jake Letts, 20, student/professional rugby player
Michael Letts, 25, financial advisor/professional rugby player
Xian Lim, 18, student/model
Champ Lui Pio of Hale, 26, musician
Ramy Martin, 30, graphic artist
Michael Mercado, 20, nurse
Luis Montalban, 19, student
Harry Morris, 23, intelligence officer/professional rugby player
Marc Nash, 19, student/model
Steven Near, 23, student
Sean Oh, 18, actor/model
Harold Oide, 20, student
Oliver Orlet, 20, hrm student/model
Jose Javier Ortoll, 29, masseur
Vivo Ouano of Starstruck, 18, actor
Pau Padayhag, 26, entrepreneur/model
Alexander Pelayo, 23, multimedia artist
Drey Penol, 19, model/student
Vinicius Pereira, 22, model
Ian Porlayagan, 23, model
Enzo Quitiquit, 20, student
Tyrone Romero, 24, model/businessman
Raefel Roxas, 21, model
Emel Rowe, 21, student/athlete
Jason Saguinsin, 21, model/businessman
Ben Saunders, 18, student/professional rugby player
Oliver Saunders, 22, professional rugby player
Hugo Saurat, 20, student/model
Eric Soriano, 20, student
Karl Sutterlin, 18, student
Wilford Sy, 19, web developer/model
Eric Tai, 25, model/actor/host
KC Thadani, 23, model
Vincent Teotico, 21, business consultant
Quito Trenas, 23, model/student
Cesar Vargas, 22, model
Ervic Vijandre, 22, model/basketball player
Marve Villanueva, 27, businessman
Kenny Waymack of CloseUp2Fame, 25, performer
Trevor Williams, 18, financial management student/model

Source: binowgaylater

I Love Betty La Fea - The BettyFul Trailer

Watch below I Love Betty La Fea's official "Betty-Full Trailer".

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Selena Gomez: Tell Me Something I Don't Know - Music Video and Lyrics

Check out the new Selena Gomez music video, �Tell Me Something I Don�t Know�, from her direct-to-dvd romantic comedy movie, Another Cinderella Story which has a target release date of September 16, 2008.

Everybody tells me that it's so hard to make it
It's so hard to break yeah
There's no way to fake it
Everybody tells me that it's wrong what I'm feeling
I shouldn't believe in
The dreams that I'm dreaming

I hear it everyday
I hear it all the time
I'm never gonna melt it much but they're never gonna change my mind

Tell me, tell me, tell me something I don't know, something I don't know,something I don't know (Repeat)

How many inches in a mile
What it takes to make you smile
Betcha not to treat me like,a child baby
Tell me, tell me, tell me something I don't know, something I don't know, something I don't know
Tell me,tell me some-thing I don't know (repeat)

Everybody tells me I don't know what I'm doing
This life I'm presuing
The odds I'd be losing
Everybody tells me that it's one in a million
Like one in billion
One in a zillion

I hear it every day
I hear it all the time
I'm never gonna melt it much but they're never going to change my mind

Tell me, tell me, tell me something I don't know, something I don't know, something I don't know (Repeat)
How many inches in a mile
What it takes to make you smile
Betcha not to treat me like,a child baby
Tell me, tell me, tell me something I don't know, something I don't know, something I don't know

So here's the track
Like Catrina makes a
Wish Medina
Make em say 'I'm ready'
Are you ready for it
Ya I'm ready for it
Really ready for it
Ya I'm ready for it
Let's get ready for it

I'm on my way
I know I'm gonna get there someday
It doesn't help when you say
It won't be easy

Tell me, tell me, tell me something I don't know, something I don't know, something I don't know (Repeat)

How many inches in a mile
What it takes to make you smile
Betcha not to treat me like,a child baby
Tell me, tell me, tell me something I don't know, something I don't know, something I don't know x3

How many inches in a mile
What it takes to make you smile
Betcha not to treat me like, a child baby

Tell me, tell me, tell me something I don't know, something I don't know, something I don't know.

Gossip Girl Season 2 - First 4 Minutes

Check out the first four minutes of Gossip Girl Season 2 premiere! There�s also a short recap before the sneak peek actually begins.

The second season of Gossip Girl starts on Monday, September 1.

Kara DioGuardi is the New American Idol Judge

Kara DioGuardi is introduced as the new American Idol judge at Chelsea Piers in New York City on Tuesday.

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson welcomed the new judge with open arms, as they all walked the red carpet and posed for pictures.

It�s like, you know, having dinner with three people for seven years, and getting quite bored of each other,� Cowell said. �So it�s having a fourth person, new opinion, I think it�s gonna be interesting.�

Kara has a good reputation of A, having hits; and B, having an opinion. And that�s a good combination,� Cowell said. �And she�s cute.�

According to Randy Jackson, �I think it�s gonna make it sexier.�

Meanwhile, Paula is the one more excited about the latest happening in American Idol, �I know Kara, and she speaks her mind -- so she will be speaking her mind.�

That�s a nice way of saying she�s bitchy.� commented Simon.

Then what are you if I�m bitchy?� Kara asked in defense.

"Sincere." Simon replied.

Asked how the new sitting arrangement would be like? Simon said, �I�m gonna sit between the two girls.�

How about Randy? �I�m gonna sit between the two girls as well.�

Kara's songs were recorded by Kelly Clarkson, Christina Agui­lera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood and Pink, among others. Included in her Top 40 hits are Rich Girl of Gwen Stefani, Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson and Taking Chances of Celine Dion.

�For the First Time� Earns 15 Million on its Opening Day

Star Cinema�s estimated first day gross of the KC Concepcion-Richard Gutierrez movie is between P14 million and P15 million.

The figure is definitely huge as other local movies usually earn that amount in 5 to 7 days. The amount is also comparable to the first day gross of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz� movie �A Very Special Love.� Both movies had their grand opening on a rainy day and Star Cinema claims its a shower of blessing or a sign of good luck.

�A Very Special Love� is a certified box-office hit not only because it surpassed P140 million but also it became the talk-of-the-town. The critics loved the movie because it�s well-made, it�s highly entertaining and the actors delivered. The movie, by the way, received the highest grade of �A� from Cinema Evaluation Board.

The same can be said in the Star Cinema movie �For the First Time.� The people who were able to watch it�s grand opening have only good words to say about the movie. They love the chemistry between its lead actors KC and Richard. And you can say that the camera loves both of them because they look great together on screen. And as a bonus, the beautiful sceneries of Greece will leave you breathless.

Although some critics find the execution of the dialogues between KC and Richard a little off, the two each has moments of promise in the acting arena. Richard�s portrayal of a happy-go-lucky playboy is very natural and his acting is quite refined. He is in control. KC, on the other hand, has her �kikay� moments you won�t believe it�s her first time acting in a movie. And who can forget Candy Pangilinan�s funny antics. Although her scenes are limited, she provided a high amount of entertainment value in the movie.

Although following the romantic movie �A Very Special Love� is tough specially for another romantic movie, �For the First Time� has a special appeal on its own. For one, it�s the first time that two treasured possessions from rival networks teamed up. That alone is reason enough to watch the movie.

And if the first batch of people who watched the movie liked it and talk about it, then its bound to be a monster hit that could establish more �firsts� in the movie industry.

Source: starmometer

Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin in Star Cinema's "Land Down Under"

After the success of their fantasy-adventure series "Lobo" in ABS-CBN, Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin are set to start shooting their first movie together, Star Cinema�s Land Down Under (tentative title), which be filmed first at a ranch in Pasugong and Malaybalay, Bukidnon, and then in Darwin, Australia.

We will fly to Bukidnon this Friday and shoot for 28 days,� said Rory B. Quintos who�s directing the movie. �Then we�ll come back, rest for three days before flying to Darwin to shoot the rest of the movie for the same number of days.�

Piolo and Angel play a cowboy/cowgirl in love. So the two had a training in horseback-riding under the guidance of couturier Vic Barba and Mikee Cojuangco.

Land Down Under is set to be shown on Nov. 12 as Star Cinema�s concluding movie offer on their 15th-anniversary celebration.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cosmopolitan Philippines' 10 Centerfold Hunks of 2008

T'is the season to be jolly....oh la! la! la! la! la! Christmas is fast approaching but Cosmopolitan Philippines wanted to bring back the heat of the summer as they deliver the "hotness" of this year's 69 Cosmo Hunks and 10 Centerfold Hunks.

So who are the 10 hottest guys in the land? Check it out!

1. Derek Ramsay

2. Geoff Eigenmann

3. Bruce Quebral

4. Ron Morales
5. Rocky Salumbides

6. Jon Avila

7. Akihiro Sato

8. Macky Escalona

9. Paolo Contis

10. Billy Crawford

August 23 - 24 TV Ratings: ABS-CBN Ruled Weekend's Rating

ABS-CBN programs dominated the ratings game last Sunday, August 24, when it topped both the daytime and primetime races.

ASAP '08 maintained its No. 1 position in the daytime race by virtue of its 19.9 percent rating; beating rival SOP, which placed second with 16.1 percent.

One of the highlights of ASAP '08 last Sunday was its grand promo for For The First Time, the first team-up of KC Concepcion and Kapuso top leading man Richard Gutierrez. Over at SOP, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera�considered as the hottest love team today�also promoted their birthday concert at the Araneta Coliseum. Incidentally, the birthday blowout of Dingdong and Marian will happen on the night of the first day of showing of Richard and KC's movie, August 27.

In the battle of showbiz talk shows, The Buzz once again prevailed over rival Showbiz Central with a slim margin�12.7 percent versus 12.2 percent.

In the primetime race, the junior edition of Pinoy Dream Academy led all shows with 27.8 percent; followed by the return of GMA-7's game show Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok which generated 26.3 percent rating.

Mel & Joey came in third with 26.3 percent while Sharon was in fourth place with 24.8 percent. Sharon Cuneta's guests last Sunday were daughter KC, Richard and his mom Annabelle Rama.

Completing the Top 10 were Kap's Amazing Stories, Goin' Bulilit, Rated K, All Star K, TV Patrol World, and Ful Haus.

Eat Bulaga! and Bitoy's Funniest Videos, meanwhile were the top winners last Saturday, August 23.

Consistent Saturday-daytime toprater Eat Bulaga! got 23.3 percent; followed by Pinoy Records (18.6 percent), Wish Ko Lang (18 percent), Startalk (17.3 percent), and Wowowee (17.2 percent) to complete the Top 5.

Bitoy's Funniest Videos reclaimed its No. 1 position by garnering a 30.1 percent rating with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho a close second with 29.6 percent.

Pinoy Dream Academy was in third place with 26.7 percent while Imbestigador came in fourth with 25.6 percent. The second season of Celebrity Duets debuted at No. 5 with 24.8 percent.

Here are the Top 10 daytime and primetime programs from August 23 to 24 based on the overnight ratings conducted by AGB Nielsen Philippines among Mega Manila households:

August 23 (Saturday)
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 23.3%
Pinoy Records (GMA-7) - 18.6%
Wish Ko Lang (GMA-7) - 18%
Startalk (GMA-7) - 17.3%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 17.2%
Takeshi's Castle (GMA-7) - 15.2%
That's My Doc (ABS-CBN) - 15.1%
Cinema FPJ: Da King on ABS-CBN (ABS-CBN) - 13.4%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 11.1%
Entertainment Live (ABS-CBN) - 10.4%

Bitoy's Funniest Videos (GMA-7) - 30.1%
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (GMA-7) - 29.6%
Pinoy Dream Academy (ABS-CBN) - 26.7%
Imbestigador (GMA-7) - 25.6%
Celebrity Duets (GMA-7) - 24.8%
Varga (ABS-CBN) - 21.7%
Maalaala Mo Kaya (ABS-CBN) - 20.3%
XXX (ABS-CBN) - 15.2%
Nuts Entertainment (GMA-7) - 11.6%
Sine Totoo (GMA-7) - 7%

August 24 (Sunday)
ASAP �08 (ABS-CBN) 19.9%
SOP (GMA-7) - 16.1%
Your Song (ABS-CBN) - 13.1%
Dear Friend (GMA-7) - 12.9%
Takeshi's Castle (GMA-7) / The Buzz (ABS-CBN) - 12.7%
Matanglawin (ABS-CBN) - 12.5%
Showbiz Central (GMA-7) - 12.2%

Pinoy Dream Academy: Little Dreamers (ABS-CBN) - 27.8%
Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasko (GMA-7) - 27.3%
Mel & Joey (GMA-7) - 26.3%
Sharon (ABS-CBN) - 24.8%
Kap's Amazing Stories (GMA-7) - 23.5%
Goin' Bulilit (ABS-CBN) - 23.2%
Rated K (ABS-CBN) - 21.4%
All Star K (GMA-7) - 19.1%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 15%
Ful Haus (GMA-7) - 14.1%

Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research, Philippines via PEP

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Star Cinema's For The First Time Receives "B" Rating from CEB

The Richard Gutierrez-KC Concepcion romantic movie "For The First Time" has been graded �B� by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) and is subject to a 65% amusement tax rebate.

Other Pinoy Movies which received a "B" Grade from CEB this year:

My Bestfriend�s Girlfriend (GMA/Regal)
My Big Love (Star Cinema)
When Love Begins (Viva/Star Cinema)
Ikaw Pa Rin Bongga Ka Boy (Viva)
Manay Po 2 (Regal)
Serbis (Indie)
Torotot (Viva)
Dobol Trobol (Octo Arts)
Paupahan (Indie)

And the only four Pinoy movies which received the highest grade of �A� from CEB this year:

Caregiver (Star Cinema)
Ploning (Panoramanila)
Urduja (APT)
A Very Special Love (Star Cinema)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kahit Isang Saglit (A Time For Us) Featuring Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo - Full TV Trailer

Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon sa kasaysayang ng Asian Television.

Dalawang bansa ang magsasama.

ABS-CBN Philippines at Double Vision Malaysia.

Isang malaking produksyon...
Isang di-malilimutang Asianovela!

Jericho Rosales at Carmen Soo

Kasama ang pinakamahuhusay na artista ngayon: Christopher de Leon, Albert Martinez, Cristine Reyes, Disk Israel, Malou de Guzman, Isabel Rivas, Wilma Doesnt, Empoy Marquez, Luisa Chong... isang kwento ng pagmamahalang handang hamakin ang lahat.

Dalawang taong magkaiba ang kinagisnan. Magkaiba ang pinagmulan,
Posible bang mabuo ang isang wagas na pag-ibig?

Kahit Isang Saglit (A Time For Us).

Abangan ngayong Setyembre sa ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN's Banana Split - Teaser Trailer

Banana Split is an upcoming all-female gag show on ABS-CBN 2.

It�s a spin-off of the popular early �90s sitcom, Goin� Bananas, which starred Edgar Mortiz, Johnny Delgado, Al Tantay, Christopher de Leon, and the late Jay Ilagan. The cast includes Kristine Hermosa, Anne Curtis, Valerie Concepcion, Bangs Garcia, Dianne Medina, Princess Ryan, KoolChx, RR Enriquez, Janna, AJ Perez, Lauren Young, and Riza Santos.

Michael V. on the Cover of Reader's Digest September 2008 Issue

Filipino comedian Beethoven del Valle Bunagan, popularly known as Michael V, still can't believe that he was on the front cover of Reader's Digest 5th Annual Humor Special, becoming the second Filipino to grace the cover of the well published international magazine (the first was Former Philippine President Cory Aquino).

The comedian said he was so surprised because he thought the magazine would only write a feature story about his life.

Ang alam ko lang may feature. �Di ko alam na mag co-cover pala."

Michael V said that the recognition made him feel good.

Asked what might have prompted Reader's Digest to choose him for its next month's cover, he quipped: �Ang pinagbasehan nila siguro yung Asian TV awards. Kasi nanalo na ako ng 3 beses sa Asian TV awards as comedy actor."

The report said the magazine�s feature on him was no-laughing matter as it delved into Michael V�s life seriously.

He said the magazine wanted to know how he got his distinguished sense of humor.

Tinanong nila �yung history ko as a person hindi lang talaga as komedyante, hindi as a professional. Inalam nila kung bakit nagkaroon ng gano'ng klaseng humor ang isang Michael V."

Michael V., in the accompanying article in Reader�s Digest, on why his real name is Beethoven del Valle Bunagan:

My father named me after the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, not because we shared the same birth date � mine�s December 17, 1969; his December 16, 199 years earlier � but because my father saw a copy of Beethoven�s record in his boss�s office and didn�t know that Beethoven was a surname. My stage name is derived from two performers I admire: Michael Jackson and Filipino singer Gary V.�

On his easy transformation from one character to another, Michael V said:

Some people wonder how I can get into the different characters� heads so easily. The make-up and costumes help a lot. Once I see myself in front of the mirror, I can easily transform into the person I need to be. Having said that, there�s always a bold line that separates the real me from the characters that I play so when people ask me if I�m scared that I won�t be able to get back to the real me, I just laugh. I mean, I don�t go around in ladies� dresses when I�m with my kids at a mall.�

Pond's Pinkish White Dream Date with Piolo Pascual and Dingdong Dantes

Get ready for the most romantic night of your lives.

Join Pond's Pinkish White Dream Date and be one of the pinkish white beauty to have a once in a lifetime chance of winning a date with the Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual and World's Sexiest Dingdong Dantes.

To join, see video below:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Richard, KC and Annabelle Guested on Sharon to Promote "For The First Time"; Annabelle Rama and Sharon Cuneta Both Disappointed with GMA-7

The supposed-to-be promo guesting of Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion on Sharon ended-up with two concern mothers vocally expressing their disappointment on GMa-7's said to be "intentional" decision in staging a free post-birthday concert of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes on the same date of Richard-KC's movie showing.

See video with excerpts below:

Sharon: Ano feeling mo naku-compare ka sa daddy [Eddie Gutierrez] mo who was also a matinee idol?

Richard: Well, for me, talagang it's an honor to be even compared to him. Kasi yung dad ko, napakasipag nun at marami siyang pinagdaanan para ma-achieve niya yung mga nagawa niya. And he paved the way for me. Talagang to be even compared to him, talagang it's such an honor for me.

Sharon: Malaki ba ang naidulot ng pagtira mo sa States? How old were you? From what age to what age did you live in America?

Richard: From I think 11 years old to 15.

Sharon: When you look back, ano ang natutunan mo from America or nakabuti sa pagkatao mo?

Richard: It was such a great experience for me and Raymond [Gutierrez, his twin brother] to live in the States. Kasi nung time na �yon, talagang gusto rin naming mamuhay nang normal, na walang masyadong nakakakilala sa amin. Yun yung hinanap namin�to live a normal life and dun kami natutong maging independent and to watch out for each other. Kasi andami naming schools na nilipatan. �Pag lilipat kami ng bahay, lilipat din kami ng school. So marami kaming nakikilalang ibang mga bata, ganyan. Natuto kami ni Raymond to really stick with each other. Parang siya talaga yung naging best friend ko dun sa States.

Sharon: (To KC) Anak, totoo bang bago mo makilala si Richard nagkakamali ka between him and Raymond? Natatawag mo si Raymond na Richard o binobola ka nila?

KC: Yung totoo diyan, hindi ko alam na kambal sila. Parang nakalimutan ko. Kasi I met Chard, nakilala ko siya ulit... Siguro nag-meet na kami nung bata kami, di ba, kasi family friend, ganun. Pero more than anything, nag-meet kami [ni Richard] nung high school ako, and na-meet ko si Raymond separately. So, hindi ko naalala na kambal pala sila.

Sharon: Ano ngayon ang nakaka-differentiate sa kanilang dalawa �pag nakikita mo na hindi ka na nalilito, before you started doing the movie? Kasi I'm sure now, hindi ka nagkakamali, kilala mo na si Mond, kilala mo na si Richard.

KC: Yung personalities nila siguro iba. Si Mond, parang more ma-chika; si Chard is more private, more on parang tahimik lang, ganun. Si Mond yung talagang kuwento nang kuwento. Pero si Chard, once na makilala mo, ang dami ring ikukuwento. Ang dami ring gustong sabihin, biglang magpapatawa, ganun.

Sharon: At anu-ano naman ang sinasabi niya sa �yo?

Sharon: "E, bakit, marami raw? Bakit hindi tayo magtanong? Nagtatanong lang naman alang-alang sa fans n'yo? Sige, anu-ano?

KC & Richard: Chill!

Sharon: Chill, ibig sabihin relax ka lang, huwag kang masyadong nai-stress.

Sharon: Sinong pumili na maging leading man mo si Richard or pinili mo ba si Kace? How did this happen?

Sharon: Parang napag-usapan lang natin...

KC: Oo, bigla na lang namin napag-usapan...

Richard: Over dinner...

Sharon: (Joking) Sa'n kayo nag-usap na dinner? Hindi, nagtataka ako, di ba?

Richard: So, yun, napag-usapan namin. Tinanong ko siya kung gusto ba niyang...why don't she join the movies, kung bakit ayaw niyang gumawa ng pelikula. Sabi niya, pinag-iisipan daw niya na gagawa siya ng pelikula...

KC: Nasa college pa kasi ako noon.

Richard: So �yon, parang napag-usapan lang namin, �Why don't we do one movie,' parang ganun. Pero ang sabi niya, �pag gagawa daw siya, kailangan sa ABS, sa Star Cinema. Sabi ko, �Paano �yan nasa GMA Films ako?' Pero we had a vision, nagkaroon kami ng dream na, �Paano kung makagawa tayo ng isang pelikula na mag-a-agree yung parehong networks at magkakaisa sila?'

Sharon: Kayo talaga ang nag-usap nun?

Richard: Opo.

Richard: Ang tatalino ng mga ito! �Tsaka napaka-makapamilya ng mga puso.

Sharon: Ang pinakaabangan... Siyempre po, mahal ko ang anak ko. Gustung-gusto ko po naman �tong batang �to, napakadisente ni Richard. Pero kung bihira ko pong makasama si Richard, ito po kung puwede lang i-request ko, every week kasama ko siya. Ang minamahal ko, Tita Annabelle Rama!

Sharon: How does it feel to have here Richard and KC together?

Annabelle: Oo nga, e. Sana tuluy-tiloy na Shawie, ano? (Tumawa sila pareho ni Sharon.)

Sharon: Tita, basta ang concern ko, tayong dalawa, basta okay!

Annabelle: Napakasuwerte mo, maganda na anak mo, mabait pa, masipag magtrabaho, at bright. �Yan ang babaeng hinahanap ko para sa anak ko, e. (Tawanan ulit sila.)

Sharon: Tita, mahal na mahal ko man kayo ni Daddy [Eddie Gutierrez], sinisipat ko, sinisipat ko. Kasi maraming ano, e... Siyempre �pag ganyan kaguwapo, ilang show na ang napagbidahan. Ang laking pera na ang inakyat mo sa inyo, sa istasyon n'yo, dyusko!

Annabelle: Hindi yata napapansin sa kanila na marami nang inakyat na pera si Richard sa kaban ng GMA...

Sharon: Bakit, Tita? Okay lang, nasa ABS tayo. (Tumawa lang si Annabelle). Hindi, ako naman, parang ano lang... Kasi may mga Kapamilya ako doon, dun ako [nagsimula] rin, nung bata ako. Kaya parang nagulat ako, medyo hurt ako... Alam n'yo na yung sinasabi ko.

Annabelle: Ako rin, Shawie. Siyempre naman...

Sharon: Para kasing mahal...

Annabelle: Ako'y nagpapasalamat dito sa ABS kasi nakita ko yung support na ibinigay kay Richard. Bilib talaga ako. Hindi pala totoo yung ano... (palakpakan ang audience) Hindi pala totoo yung tsismis na sinasabi sa akin na, �Huwag mong papuntahin si Richard sa kabila, huwag mong pagpu-promote doon, kasi babastusin lang.' Hindi siya binastos. At natutuwa ako sa ginawa nila sa anak ko.

Sharon: �Tsaka kapag Star Cinema, Tita, makikita n'yo quality talaga yung pelikula, grabe. Mapag-alaga talaga sa arista sino man �yon.

Annabelle: Nagpapasalamat ako talaga.

KC: Nagpapasalamat din po kami ni Chard sa Star and sa GMA Films...

Sharon: Of course...

KC: Kung wala rin yung GMA Films, kung wala rin yung approval nila, hindi makakapunta si Richard dito [sa ABS-CBN].

Sharon: Pero tandaan mo, you're also going to do a movie with GMA bilang ganti.

Annabelle: Merong kapalit.

KC: For ABS-CBN also, papasalamat ako na pinahiram ako sa GMA Films. So...

Sharon: You started a good thing, actually, the two of you. But you can only really do as much as you can, di ba? Ako din nag-ano, Tita, hindi ko alam kung sino ang nag-arrange nun [birthday concert of Dingdong and Marian] dahil marami pa namang kaibigan natin doon [GMA-7]. Pero hindi ko alam kung sino mismo. Parang sinabayan yata ng libreng show?

Annabelle: Parang kalokohan yata �yon, Shawie, e. Ayoko nang magsalita kasi...

Sharon: Hindi, ako, let's put it this way. Hindi naman siguro kaila sa fans ninyo... Kasi si Dingdong Dantes, mahal na mahal ko yung batang �yan. We've done a movie [Magkapatid], I call him my baby brother. Lahat naman tayo sumusunod lang sa inuutos sa atin, di ba?

Annabelle: Siyrempre naman.

Sharon: Yes, for that matter, even si Marian who's very beautiful. Walang ano diyan sa mga bata, we're all employees sa station so we follow. Pero nagulat lang ako, parang bakit halatang-halata naman, sabi mo nga Tita, Wednesday?

Annabelle: Sinadya at saka hindi pinag-iisipan. (Tawanan ulit.)

Sharon: Kasi sabihin natin isinasabay sa opening day ng For The First Time, na pagka kumita naman �to...

KC: World peace, world peace!

Sharon: Kaya ba kayo nagpuntang Mars?

KC: Oo, good vibes dun, e!

Sharon: Pero, Tita, parang after this movie naman, since they're going to do a movie sa kabila [GMA Films]... I'm sure aalagaan din nila at gugustuhin din nilang mag-hit ito dahil makakatulong din naman sa susunod na project. So, hindi ko talaga alam kung sino ang nagpasimuno.

Annabelle: At saka hindi naman tayo nag-ano, e. Ibig sabihin, si Richard, hindi naman talaga siya gumawa sa sarili niya lang desisyon. Hiniram siya, pinahiram naman siya. Nag-meeting-meeting for one month. Akala ko, okay na. Pero ngayon, naiiba na ang hangin na naman kaya...

Sharon: Alamin muna natin, Tita, kung sino kaya [ang pasimuno]. Kasi I'm sure marami din namang nagmamahal kay Richard doon [GMA-7]. Hindi naman puwedeng ganun lang.

Annabelle: Siyempre naman.

Sharon: Pero �eto ang gusto kong ipaalam sa inyo. Dito ngayon sa ABS-CBN at sa Star Cinema, marami ang nagmamahal na kay Richard.

Annabelle: Siyempre, siyempre...

Sharon: So kahit saan ka, anak [Richard], may supporters ka.

Annabelle: Naramdaman ko talaga at nakikita ko talaga ang support ng Star Cinema sa kanya kaya natutuwa talaga ako at nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng bumubuo ng Star Cinema... Si Roxy [Liquigan], si Malou Santos, lahat sila, talagang masisipag din pala sila, nakikita ako.

Sharon: And sana, Tita, hindi ito ang huli. Di ba, Richard? Sana this is not the last time.

Richard: Sana, sana...

Sharon: Marami pa namang kumbinasyon puwede or other men na kasama mo. �Eto lang, Tita, dito sa ABS-CBN, ang proud na proud ako dahil parang tatay ko na ang namamahala sa Star Magic [Johnny Manahan], ganyan, pagka-Kapamilya, kunyari si Lloydie [John Lloyd] muna, susunod si PJ, si Piolo [Pascual] muna, nagbibigayan. Hindi nila pinagtatapat o pinag-aaway ang mga alaga nila.

Annabelle: Nagulat nga ako, e, dun sa kabila pinag-aaway nila yung dalawang artista! Ano yun?

Sharon: Dahil siyempre bilang mga ina, Tita, sabi ko nga sa inyo sa text ko, di ba, Tita? Parang bilang nanay, parang times ten yung sama ng loob pagka nadedehado yung anak ko. E, dyusko naman, unang pelikula ng batang �to, hindi na natutulog, suportahan naman natin!

Annabelle: Kaya nakikiusap ako sa lahat ng fans ni Richard, fans ng mga Gutierrez, yung lahat ng nanood ng Monster Mom ko, suportahan n'yo naman ang pelikula ni KC at Richard.

Sharon: Oo naman, at higit pa do'n, di ba?

Annabelle: Mga fans ni Shawie at ni Gabby, manood naman kayo!

Sharon: Tita, kanino ka ba talaga? Sino pa ba ang gusto mo?

Annabelle: Parang nakakalimutan mo, idol ko kayong daalwa ni Gabby, �no?

Annabelle: Idol ko rin nung kaming dalawa!

KC: Kaya nga ako nandito, Tita, e!

Sharon: Napakaganda mo, at least may nagawang tama tayo...

Sharon: Tita, kapag may nakakarating po sa inyong negatibo na intriga, balita tungkol po kay Richard, paano po kayo mag-react? Hindi lamang bilang ina kundi bilang manager? Kasi napakahigpit ng labanan ngayon...

Annabelle: Ngayon nga, Shawie, ayokong magsalita dahil pinipigilan ko ang aking high blood pressure ko, �no? Talagang on the warpath ako ngayon, Shawie...

Sharon: �Pag anak talaga.

Annabelle: Oo, kaya ayoko nang magsalita. Kasi 'pag ako nagsalita, sumisikat, e. Kaya ayoko nang magsalita. Lahat ng inaaway ko, sumisikat.

Sharon: Ako, matiisin ako sa lahat. Pero...

Annabelle: Ayoko nang magpagamit, �Day, �no, ayokong magpapagamit! Kaya ayoko nang mag-react sa lahat ng nangyayari. Kaya ako nagdadasal araw-araw sa Sto. Ni�o na lahat ng gustong bumagsak kay Richard, huwag mag-succeed! Sana sila ang bumagsak, at sila na ang magpakamatay, sila na ang magka-karma! (Sabay tawa niya)

Annabelle: Ako naman, Sharon, �pag anak ko na ang involved, talagang nagwawala ako. Parang lahat ng sungay ko lumalabas, e.

Sharon: Paano kayo magwala, Tita?

Annabelle: Ibang klase... Sumusugod, nagmumura, at saka hindi ko tinitigilan talaga. Ngayon text, text nang text, walang tigil talaga �yan. �Tapos kapag hindi sumasagot, tatawag ako sa telepono, nagmumura pa ako. Ganyan ako, e.

Annabelle: Ako naman magtatanong sa �yo, Shawie, ha. Ano ang pakiramdam mo na pumasok ngayon si KC sa showbiz na alam mo naman ang pinagdaanan ng ibang artista ngayon, di ba?

Sharon: Kaya nga po, Tita, hinintay ko na mag-graduate muna siya. �Tsaka talagang I think tama yung desisyon namin na papag-aralin siya sa labas ng bansa. Kasi, katulad mo [Richard] ng nasa States ka, naka-experience siya nung...dito yung may yaya, may bodyguard, kumpleto. Parang kayo, di ba? Pero pagdating dun [Paris], walang problema sa amin yung adjustment, na walang period na parang, �Kawawa ako!' Wala, we just go ahead and we just do what we had to do. Tuwang-uwa ako nakita na ganun siya. So, naglaba, namalantsa, siya naglilinis. Pagdating ko, �Wow, ang ayos-ayos ng little house niya!'

Annabelle: Ano ang kinakatakutan mo para kay KC, lalo na sa showbiz na siya? Mabuntis?

Sharon: Si Kace... Tita, sa totoo lang pagdating ng araw, baka ako pa mamilit diyan, �Anak, pengeng apo!' (Laughs)

Annabelle: Kay Richard na lang. �day! Kay Richard na lang!

KC: Tita, walang ganyanan, Tita! I resign!

Annabelle: Okay na okay sa akin, Shawie. Ang ganda ng apo natin, �day!

Sharon: Ay, oo... Baka sana kambal. Kung sakali kambal, tig-isa naman tayo.

Annabelle: Kambal talaga �yan, �day!

Sharon: Kamukha nila nung maliit pa sila!

Annabelle: Ano'ng mga leksiyon ang mga natutunan mo nung araw na itinuro mo kay KC ngayon?

Sharon: (To KC) Ikaw, anak, ano ang mga itinuro ko sa �yo?

KC: Tita, yung huwag magpakatanga!

Annabelle: Tama yun, tama yun.

Sharon: Hindi laging puso. �Tapos ngayon, ano siya, parang she makes more effort now na iparamdam sa akin na love na love niya ako. Pero ano siya, kahit yung age niyang �yan, ganyan na kung magtrabaho. Pero after work, yung tipong ako gusto ko nang matulog o uwian siya. Pero she's single, she has no children, no boyfriend so...

Annabelle: Bagay nga talaga silang dalawa ni Richard, kasi si Chard hardworking. Mabait na anak, masunurin, at hindi tsismoso ha!

Sharon: Ay, hindi talaga!

Annabelle: �Pag may girlfriend, hindi ko talaga alam kung sino. (To Richard) Kayo na ba ni KC, anak? Kayo na ba ni KC?

Richard: Panoorin n'yo yung pelikula namin ha?

Annabelle: Hindi palakuwento. Ako, hindi ko talaga alam kung sino girlfriend niya. Tinatanong ko, �Girlfriend mo ba si KC, Chard?' Wala siyang narinig. Ayaw niyang mag-yes or no.

Sharon: (To KC) Anak, boyfriend mo ba si Richard?

KC just smiled back to Sharon.

Sharon: Wala rin, hindi tayo nag-succeed.

Annabelle, again, brought up her sentiments with GMA-7

Annabelle: Ano ang reaksiyon mo sa GMA, Shawie?

Sharon: Sa ano po, yung nangyari? To be fair and honest, masama ang loob ko, nagalit ako nung unang dinig. But I always know the truth is somewhere in the middle, e. I learned that from Kiko [Pangilinan, her husband], e. So parang, siguro meron talagang nag-isip na manadya kaya yung masakit.

Annabelle: Hindi naman tayo natakot. Ang akin lang, kung ang mga kasabay natin ay mga James Bond, okay, patawarin na sila, di ba? Katulad ng Monster Mom ko, Dark...ano ba yung mga pelikulang yun...Mamma Mia...

Sharon: Yung Mamma Mia tinalo ng My Monster Mom!

Annabelle: Hindi ako nagagalit. Pero ngayon kasi, parang imposible namang Wednesday, Araneta, Wednesday? �Tapos ano ba yun, the same date, e, tapos na yung birthday nung dalawa [Dingdong and Marian]. Bakit hindi na lang sa 12, 13, 14, 15, 16? Bakit kailangang 27?

Sharon: Ako rin. Seriously, na-affect ako nun. Kasi feeling ko, �Ha, akala ko support each other.' Also ano �yan, e, ang next project nila dun din. �Tsaka anak ko ito.

Annabelle: �Tsaka ang next movie nila, dun din naman sa kanila din, sa GMA.

Sharon: Lahat, tulungan lang dapat.

Annabelle: Magtulungan na lang, di ba?

Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion Live! on ASAP '08

Richard Gutierrez, for the first time, promoted his "For The First Time" movie opposite his reel and real (?) sweetheart KC Concepcion, live on ASAP '08.

This is Richard's (who is known to be a pure blooded Kapuso) first live Kapamilya TV appearance. A quarter of ASAP 08's Sunday program was dedicated to the promotion of their Star Cinema movie which will open in more than 100 theaters nationwide on August 27.

See video clips below:

Richard Serenades by ASAP '08 Ladies:

KC Serenades by ASAP '08 Boys:

KC and Gabby Concepcion Duet:

Richard and KC 'Kilig' Number:

Richard and KC Promote Their Movie:

For The First Time International Screenings:

GMA Films' I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust And Love You) Teaser Trailer, Promo Pictures, and OST

GMA Films will treat its viewers to a sidesplitting comedy that tackles the lives of Filipinos working onboard cruise ships via their third quarter movie offering I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust and Love You).

The movie stars Jolina Magdangal, Dennis Trillo, Eugene Domingo, Mark Herras and Rufa Mae Quinto.

Jolina Magdangal plays the role of Des Pinlac, a hopeless romantic who works as a chambermaid at the ship. The wannabe bride is looking for her perfect groom and all the signs indicate that Paolo Guzman (played by Dennis Trillo) is The One.

Dennis Trillo is paired with an Italian actress named Andrea de Lugo (back to camera). She is signed up with Viva Records and is scheduled to come to the Philippines to promote her album here.

The lounge singer of the Costa Magica named Stella Sembrano is portrayed by Rufa Mae Quinto. She is also looking for love but it has contantly eluded her.

Rhian Ramos portrays Phoebe Villaroso, a rebellious brat who does what she wants. She falls in love with the plain-looking cabin crew member Nathan Reyes played byMark Herras.

Eugene Domingo portrays the role of Lovely Mercado, a senior housekeeper.

The cast visited 3 continents (Asia, Europe, and Africa), 5 countries, and 13 cities to shoot I.T.A.L.Y.

The movie is directed by Mark Reyes and showing in theaters on September 17, 2008.

I.T.A.L.Y. Teaser Trailer:

I.T.A.L.Y. Official Movie Soundtrack Feat. Jolina Magdangal's "The Will of the Wind":