Monday, August 25, 2008

Michael V. on the Cover of Reader's Digest September 2008 Issue

Filipino comedian Beethoven del Valle Bunagan, popularly known as Michael V, still can't believe that he was on the front cover of Reader's Digest 5th Annual Humor Special, becoming the second Filipino to grace the cover of the well published international magazine (the first was Former Philippine President Cory Aquino).

The comedian said he was so surprised because he thought the magazine would only write a feature story about his life.

Ang alam ko lang may feature. �Di ko alam na mag co-cover pala."

Michael V said that the recognition made him feel good.

Asked what might have prompted Reader's Digest to choose him for its next month's cover, he quipped: �Ang pinagbasehan nila siguro yung Asian TV awards. Kasi nanalo na ako ng 3 beses sa Asian TV awards as comedy actor."

The report said the magazine�s feature on him was no-laughing matter as it delved into Michael V�s life seriously.

He said the magazine wanted to know how he got his distinguished sense of humor.

Tinanong nila �yung history ko as a person hindi lang talaga as komedyante, hindi as a professional. Inalam nila kung bakit nagkaroon ng gano'ng klaseng humor ang isang Michael V."

Michael V., in the accompanying article in Reader�s Digest, on why his real name is Beethoven del Valle Bunagan:

My father named me after the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, not because we shared the same birth date � mine�s December 17, 1969; his December 16, 199 years earlier � but because my father saw a copy of Beethoven�s record in his boss�s office and didn�t know that Beethoven was a surname. My stage name is derived from two performers I admire: Michael Jackson and Filipino singer Gary V.�

On his easy transformation from one character to another, Michael V said:

Some people wonder how I can get into the different characters� heads so easily. The make-up and costumes help a lot. Once I see myself in front of the mirror, I can easily transform into the person I need to be. Having said that, there�s always a bold line that separates the real me from the characters that I play so when people ask me if I�m scared that I won�t be able to get back to the real me, I just laugh. I mean, I don�t go around in ladies� dresses when I�m with my kids at a mall.�

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