Friday, October 24, 2008

Naughty Side of the Stars

Halloween is a good excuse for mischief and pranks. In the spirit of the haunting season, stars share the naughtiest things they ever did. Happy Treat or Tricking! May we all get bewitched. Don�t brew what I wouldn�t brew.

GABBY CONCEPCION: �When I was 10, my brother and I hid under the bed. Since it was dark, we lighted a candle. The bed was so low so it caught fire. We almost burned our ancestral home!

SAM MILBY: �During summer break in high school, my best friend and I would always sneak out of the house. Curfew was 12 midnight for those under 18. I was 16 then. We would climb the top of the school building, jump trains, ride my dirt bike and go-carts till 3 a.m. We got caught!

OGIE ALCASID: �As a kid, I used to climb our water tank tower and look inside our neighbor�s house. As an adult, I went to a beach in Barcelona, Spain, and had a great view of topless women.�

MARIEL RODRIGUEZ: �I put Dulcolax on the drink of a guy classmate in high school. I could have died laughing as I saw it take effect on him.�

DIETHER OCAMPO: �In grade school, I switched the male/female signs of the comfort room. All I remember was an enduring scream that made me run as fast as I can escaping the scene.�

RICKY DAVAO: �I went home from a shoot�bloody, bruised and with prosthetic makeup on. I stayed in my car until my kids came to greet me. They laughed nervously while the maids watched in horror.�

LOTLOT DE LEON: �When I was 6, I filled up a gigantic pail with shampoo till bumula. Then I added powder. I told my mom I was cooking. Nagmukhang flour �yung powder and the shampoo, parang kumukulo! Naloka ang mommy ko!

CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA: �I placed so much Tabasco sauce in a sandwich which I gave to my brother. I told him it was catsup.�

MIRIAM QUIAMBAO: �When I was 16 and just received my student driver�s permit, I was excited to drive my dad�s car. So when he was in the shower, I took the car for a spin without his knowledge. I came back with a fender bender!

YASMIEN KURDI: �I threw huge stones on the Ferrari and Jaguar of my classmates because they were rude to my mom. Nakipagsuntukan ako sa Egyptian schoolmates ko in Kuwait because they were discriminating Pinoys.�

NYOY VOLANTE: �Mahilig ako manggulat ng tao. One time I didn�t know the one I tried to scare had a heart ailment. Good thing nothing serious happened to him. Ang ending, ako ang natakot!

TINTIN BERSOLA: �When I had tantrums as a kid, I would lock myself up in the bathroom and turn the shower on till it flooded. My mom got shocked because hanggang sa sala namin baha!

JEREMY FAVIA (�Katoque� chef): �When I was 4, I pushed my kuya off the double-deck bed. He hit the floor head first. He was rushed to the hospital and had 11 stitches on his head.�

BARON GEISLER: �In Grade 5, I threw a magic bomb inside the ladies room to catch the attention of my crush who was inside. I didn�t know my teacher was also there. She had me suspended.�

CRISTINE REYES: �When I was 6, my brother asked me to light his cigarette on the gas stove. Grabe! Nasunog buong kitchen namin. Walang natirang gamit!

By Dolly Anne Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer

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