Saturday, October 11, 2008

Survivor Philippines Update: Vevherly Gador is the Sixth Person to Leave Survivor Philippines

Farmer's daughter Vevherly Gador became the sixth person to leave Survivor Philippines. In an episode last Friday night, October 10, Vevherly was voted out unanimously by her fellow Naak tribemates.

Even before the Tribal Council, Vevherly already knew that she would be the one to go home because of the "alliance" among her tribemates. She vented her disappointment with tribemate Kaye Alipio and told her that she felt betrayed.

Vevherly also suffered an injury during the last Immunity Challenge, but she refused her tribemates' offer to look at her wound.

After the Immunity Challenge, host Paolo Bediones revealed the "twist" that he announced before the challenge. The Naak tribe, who lost in the challenge, would have to leave their camp and find another one where they will build a new shelter.

Naak member Kiko Rustia was kidnapped by the Jarakay tribe as a consequence of losing the last Reward Challenge. He was also not allowed to participate in the Immunity Challenge and help his tribemates.

Before going back to his tribe, Kiko thanked the Jarakay tribe and settled his differences with Jace Flores and Marlon Carmen whom he had issues before. He returned to the Naak tribe just in time for the Tribal Council. But he was not able to vote and he cannot be voted off.

During the Tribal Council, Paolo announced another "twist." At that point, the Jarakay tribe joined the Tribal Council to observe Naak's Tribal Council.

Paolo asked the Naak tribemates who among the Jarakay members are the strongest and the one they want to be chained with.

Vevherly received all the votes from her tribemates while she voted Rob.

In her exit interview, Vevherly asked the remaining Naak tribemates not to bring their game to the real world.

Vevherly has now joined other Survivor Philippines castoff: Chev Macias, Emerson Di�o, Gigit Sulit, and Patani Da�o. Ni�a Ortiz was forced to leave the game before the last Immunity Challenge because of her fractured toe.

Source: Entertainment Portal

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