Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Double Primetime Telecast Exclusively on Velvet

Velvet, home of the biggest red carpet events, cordially invites everyone as it rolls out the red carpet once again for the exclusive double primetime telecast of the 2011 Miss Universe�, straight from Credicard Hall, Sao Paolo, Brazil on September 13, 7p.m. and 10 p.m.

Now on its 6th decade of showcasing the universe�s most regal-looking and intelligent women, this year�s Miss Universe pageant will be hosted by American TV executive Andrew Cohen and news anchor Natalie Morales.

Home to Miss Universe for four years in a row now, Velvet takes pride in setting the spotlight on our very own Binibining-Pilipinas Universe Shamcey Supsup, who�s currently making buzz in the competition and gaining lots of support from her fellow Filipinos. In an interview, Shamcey shares �Thank you for always praying for me and supporting me. It has been a roller-coaster ride and I�m getting my strength from all the Filipinos who kept on sending me messages on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you. I will be doing my best,�

If Shamcey will make it as the third Filipina to be hailed as Miss Universe, her shining moment will even be more illuminated by the intricately designed, diamond-filled crown from renowned jewelry firm Diamond Nexus Labs. The crown, arrayed with over a thousand diamond simulants, is accented by a series of gorgeous, deep red lab-created rubies to represent Miss Universe�s tireless campaign to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and education. The crown�s repeating oval pattern was inspired by the crowns of modern monarchs to reflect the regality and grace of this exquisite woman.

Different multimedia outlets say that among Shamcey�s tough contenders are candidates from Miss Netherlands, France, Nicaragua, Malaysia and Aruba.
In a Q and A challenge video uploaded on Miss U�s official Youtube page, Miss Netherlands Kelly Weekers said that women�s advantage over men is going �all the way in doing hair and makeup� Woman can also give birth to a beautiful baby.� Shamcey�s reply to the same question was �One advantage we have as women is we rely on intuition. Our intuitions are usually right. We know if you�re lying or not. So guys, don�t ever fool us.�

Witness how a Filipina shines brightly once again amid other equally beautiful and talented women representatives from over 80 countries.No one has confirmed on what evening gown will Shamcey wear at the competition, but it�s rumored to be a dashing pink evening gown, which was designed by Alfredo Barraza, a Colombian fashion designer who is the official designer Binibining Pilipinas winners� wardrobe for the past years. The venue for the 60th installment of the pageant, the 8000-seater Credicard Hall which was named after a Citigroup-owned credit card operator, is considered to be one of the largest entertainment venue in Brazil and one of the largest in Latin America.

Know more interesting facts on the 2011 Miss Universe by always tuning in to Velvet! Viewers also get the chance to win a Velvet Pamper Weekend Promo, where two girlfriends will be treated to a weekend shopping and relaxation spree. Mechanics and other information on the promo will be aired during the telecast.

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