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MMFF 2011 Week 1 Gross Receipt: "Segunda Mano" Overpowers "Panday 2"

MMFF 2011 Week 1 Gross Receipt: "Segunda Mano" Overpowers "Panday 2"

Wish granted for Kris Aquino.

While Vic Sotto and Ai Ai delas Alas' "Enteng ng Ina Mo" secured its position as the frontrunner in this year's MMFF, Bong Revilla's "Panday 2" lost its battle with Kris Aquino's "Segunda Mano".

A week before the opening of the 7 entries in the 37th MMFF, Kris openly expressed her desire to be placed behind her bestfriend Ai Ai's entry which the former predicted to be the unbeatable number 1.

"Aminin na natin, Vic and Ai Ai movie yan. So wish ko nalang mag-settle yung movie ko sa number 2 slot." Kris was quoted saying.

Here is the official box-office grosses of the 7 MMFF entries for 1 week (December 25, 2011- January 1, 2012) :

1. Enteng Ng Ina Mo� P183,213,717.35-M
2. Segunda Mano � P94,629,812.45-M
3. Panday 2� P86,316,624.55-M
4. My Househusband...Ikaw Na!� P42,587,787.58-M
5. Shake Rattle & Roll 13 � P41,935,473.35-M
6. Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga� P31,781,973.55-M
7. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow� P7,359,070.85-M

Source: MMFF Executive Committee and Ricky Lo via Philippine Star

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