Monday, January 18, 2010

Juliet Bahala is MYMP's Replacement to Juris Alcantara

There is life after Juris Fernandez for the local platinum selling band, MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud).

Months after the departure of Juris from the group due to "irreconcilable professional differences," founder and guitarist Chin Alcantara announced that the group will move on with new vocalist named Juliet Bahala (see photo inset).

The young Davao City native reportedly clinched the vacated spot through an audition where she bested fifteen other aspirants.

"Juliet's demo was the first one we heard and right away I knew she was the one. But our [new] manager [Tere Tinio] convinced me to wait and listen to other applicants but Juliet stood out. She fits all the criteria: distinct voice, versatile yet has her own style, and impressive technique and range," Chin proudly narrated in a recent interview.

The opportunity to sing for an established band was simply a chance Juliet could not afford to miss. Never mind if the prospect of assuming Juris's previous role is one daunting task for any newcomer.

"I have been a fan of love songs long before. When I heard that MYMP was looking for a new singer, I thought that even if my voice is different from their style, I will have a great input in this band. And I also heard from my friend who helped me audition that Chin arranges all the songs and that he is a perfectionist when it comes to music. So I know that I will be in good hands," said Juliet.

According to Chin, MYMP will release a new album this year still under Star Records where the group has still an existing contract.

Chin feels that releasing a new record is needed to immediately jumpstart the group's rebirth. He also hopes to reintroduce MYMP as a legitimate band and not a two-piece act, explaining that the term "duo" commonly used in describing the group for several years came from the music press.

"I want to maximize the talents and versatility of my new singer and instrumentalists. Expect a new sound from MYMP," mentioned Chin.

The crafty guitarist, who owns the MYMP trademark, is not bothered by the possibility of losing a huge chunk of the group's original fan base with this latest change. He said that the group has always put music first above image and individuals.

"If you study the history of MYMP, it started as an all-male rock band then it slowly evolved to pop then acoustic. The important thing is the talent, passion for music, grace and humility."

Watch MYMP introduce its new singer Juliet Bahala on ASAP XV this coming Sunday, January 24.

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