Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jessica Alba Reveals Body Three Weeks after Giving Birth

Jessica Alba, who gave birth to her second baby, Haven, with husband Cash Warren on August 13, shows off her post-baby body as she made her way around L.A. this weekend with her oldest daughter, Honor.

Her secrets? The Hollywood star tweeted:

I did my first day of wrkout since I had the baby, just cardio for 40 min. -it's a start. Anyone else starting a fitness regimen? - August 31

- stationary bike and elliptical. - August 31

- cardio do interval training 4 at least 30min and circuit training with light weights, plyometrics 4 at least 30 min. - August 31

- i would keep ur diet as healthy as possible 6 days a wk and give urself 1 day to indulge. - August 31

- start with walking and throw in 3 sets of lunges 20 per leg. U could do it while strolling ur baby. - August 31

- commit to 10 min a day for a wk then add another 10 until u get up 2 40 min a day. It's easier to ease into it. - August 31

- my doc told me I could start after 2 wks. -im going light, stationary bike and elliptical. - August 31

- Wrked out w trainer 2day... My legs r still shaky. - September 2

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