Saturday, September 3, 2011

Megan Fox Covers Amica

Megan Fox is on the cover of Amica Magazine September 2011 issue.

The �Friends with Kids� star talks about Marilyn Monroe tattoo, her navel piercing, her secret to staying fit and her stand on being called "sex bomb".

On what�s happening to her Marilyn Monroe tattoo:

I�m removing it. It is a negative character, as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life.

On her navel piercing:

Oh, this? I did it when I was 16-years-old because I was a fan of Britney Spears. The only time I tried to imitate someone else. But then I thought it was tacky and so I removed it when I turned 20.

On being dubbed as a �sex-bomb�:

What they call me sexy is not something that I can operate or shut down at will, but something that shines through as a journey, from how I talk, how I move. On the screen, I seem very sure of myself, but the real world is the place where I feel more conflict.

On if she�d be happy if she had a daughter who wanted to be an actress:

I would not be happy but wouldn�t prevent her from doing so. I just would hope [my child] had a strong character, because you have to be strong to do this job. If she was weak and too emotional, I would not advise it.

On whether there�s something about her body that she dislikes:

Of course, I have a lot of flaws. But I do not tell them � ever.

On how she stays so fit:

For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables, no bread, sugar and coffee. But I had lost too much weight. So now I eat a bit of everything. I train three times a week doing circuit training (a series of exercises with tools that improve muscle power, etc) with my trainer Harley Pasternak (the guru of the five factors Diet).

Aside from �Friends with Kids�, Megan Fox is also in the cast of �The Dictator� with Sascha Baron Cohen, the new Judd Apatow film �This is Forty� starring Leslie Mann, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd, and �Luna� with Chris Evans and Zoe Saldana.

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