Tuesday, May 6, 2008

BATMAN: The Dark Knight - New Trailer

A new trailer for The Dark Knight was released this past weekend, giving us a slightly bigger look into what is coming on July 18th.

While we�ve seen a lot of Heath Ledger�s Joker, the latest trailer gave us a little more on Aaron Eckhart�s Harvey Dent, who ultimately becomes Two-Face.

�I can tell you that, basically, when you look at Two-Face, you should get sick to your stomach,� Eckhart told the LA Times of his Two-Face appearance. Being the guy under all that, well, that was a lot of fun for me. It�s like you would feel if you met someone whose face had pretty much been ripped off or burned off with acid. I can�t talk about it beyond that because I don�t want to give away too much of the plans by Chris [Nolan].�

To me, this film is about how Batman feels about justice, how he takes care of the city, how he feels about the Joker when he meets him and sees what he is capable of doing. How he feels when Harvey Two-Face takes matters into his own hands. It�s not simple, and it gets ugly. I think people will be surprised.�

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