Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GMA-7's "Are You The Next Big Star?" Audition Dates and Venues

Do you have what it takes to be the next big singing superstar? Do you have the artistry and the willpower to establish a career in music? Are you ready to take on the ultimate singing challenge and be a step closer to turning your dream into reality?

Are You The Next Big Star?, GMA-7's upcoming superstar search, is conducting a series of pre-screenings in several major cities in Luzon and Metro Manila throughout the month of April. The show is looking for talented Filipinos, who have the potential to create a name (or a comeback) in the highly competitive world of music.

Pre-screenings are open to all amateur and professional singers, male and female, 16-24 years old. For the first time in a singing competition, experienced singers/recording artists are allowed to join provided that they have no existing recording contract and no mainstream appearances in 2008.

Audition will begin at 10am on the following dates and venues:

April 2 and 3 at SM Baliwag

April 18 at SM Batangas

April 24 and 25 at SM Marikina.

Potential contestants need to bring with them an original and a photocopy of their birth certificate, a valid ID, 2 photos (1 full body and 1 close-up), and 2 audition materials (2 CDs in minus 1 format).

Head out to the nearest SM Mall and earn a once-in-a-lifetime shot at superstardom in Are You The Next Big Star? only on GMA-7.

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