Monday, March 9, 2009

JC de Vera Stays with GMA-7

It's final! JC de Vera will stay a Kapuso.

GMA Network, through its Corporate Communications, released an official statement earlier today, March 9, about JC de Vera's status as a Kapuso artist. Read below:

"Atty. Felipe Gozon together with Annette Gozon Abrogar met with Ms. Annabelle Rama regarding the issue of the contract of JC de Vera. In the meeting, Atty. Gozon explained to Ms. Rama that the option to renew JC de Vera's contract was with the Network. Ms. Rama understood and said that JC de Vera wants to stay in GMA long term and he just wants to be assured of GMA's support for his career.

"Atty. Gozon told Ms. Rama that JC de Vera had the support of the station in the past and that there has been no change in this support. Ms. Rama agreed to accept the roles that will be assigned to JC by the Network. As previously planned, JC will soon be appearing in a Sine Novela in GMA's Sine Novela timeslot.

"Atty. Gozon explained to Annabelle Rama that in the issue of casting talents, if there are any concerns from the talents themselves or their managers, they can always reason out with the Network and the Network will listen to what they have to say. The final decision, however, shall always rest with the Network. Ms. Rama agreed with Atty. Gozon's point.
"With regard to Ms. Rama's allegations againt Ms. Galvante, SVP of GMA Network, Atty. Gozon told Ms. Rama that he cannot stop Ms. Galvante if she decides to file a case against Annabelle Rama in her personal capacity. He asked Ms. Rama to try to refrain from further speaking about these issues. He also told Ms. Rama that he would similarly request Ms. Galvante to do the same.

"Atty. Gozon affirms that GMA-7 is a professional organization and that it lives up to one of its core values that its people are its best assets."

JC, who will be having his 23rd birthday celebration tonight (his actual birthday is on March 10) at Barrakz Bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, where he is also a part-owner, said he is very very happy to know that he is still a Kapuso, "Sabi ko na nga ba eh. Now I have reason to celebrate." said an overwhelmed JC.

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