Friday, June 26, 2009

ABS-CBN's "Lobo" Named Best Telenovela in the 30th BANFF World Television Festival

ABS-CBN fantaserye "Lobo" starring Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual was named Best Telenovela in the 30th BANFF World Television Festival which was held in Toronto, Canada.

Here are the full list of winners in the 2009 Banff World TELEVISION FESTIVAL CATEGORY:

Animation Programs � In partnership with Starz Animation Toronto
I Met The Walrus
Entrant: Bravo!
Country: Canada

Arts & Performing Arts Documentaries - In partnership with The Banff Centre
The Curse of the Mona Lisa
Entrant: Channel 4
Country: UK

Children�s Programs
Habib: The meaning of life/The ghost in the basement
Entrant: SVT- Sveriges Television
Country: Sweden

Comedy Programs � In partnership with William F. White International
Beautiful People
Entrant: BBC
Country: UK

Continuing Series & Serial Programs - In partnership with the Shaftesbury
Lost: The Constant
Entrant: ABC Studios
Country: USA

Environmental Programs � In partnership with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Frontline: Heat
Entrant: PBS International
Country: USA

History & Biography Programs - In partnership with Rogers Communications Inc.
Paris 1919
Entrant: National Film Board of Canada
Country: Canada

Investigative & Current Affairs Programs � In partnership with Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co.
Oil for Fraud
Entrant: Maha Productions
Country: France

Lifestyle & Information Programs � In partnership with INSINC
Family Restaurant: The Quons (Be Bold)
Entrant: Anaid Productions Inc.
For: Food Network Canada
Country: Canada

Made for TV Movies - In partnership with Sony of Canada Ltd.
Skirt Day
Entrant: ARTE France
Country: France

Mini-Series - In partnership with Deluxe Vancouver | Toronto
John Adams
Entrant: Home Box Office (HBO)
Country: USA

Music or Variety Programs � In partnership with Shure Incorporated
Peter Kay�s Britain�s Got the Pop Factor
Entrant: Channel 4
Country: UK

Political Documentaries � In partnership with DGC - BC
Dispatches � Warlords Next Door?
Entrant: Channel 4
Country: UK

Popular Science & Technology Programs - In Partnership with SAIT Polytechnic
Inuit Odyssey
Entrant: Clearwater Media
For: CBC Television and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
Country: Canada

Reality Format Programs - In partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada
Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts
Entrant: BBC
Country: UK

Social & Humanitarian Programs - In partnership with Searchlight Recruitment Inc.
The Qur�an
Entrant: Juniper Communications Ltd.
For: Channel 4
Country: UK

Sports Documentaries � In partnership with PBS International
Thriller in Manila
Entrant: Channel 4
Country: UK

Sports Entertainment Programs
CBC�s Hockey Day in Canada
Entrant: CBC Television
Country: Canada

Telenovela Programs � In partnership with Quebec Film & Television Council

The Wolf (Lobo)
Entrant: ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation
Country: Philippines

Wildlife & Natural History Programs - In partnership with PBS International
Titus: The Gorilla King
Entrant: Tigress Productions
For: BBC and WNET
Country: UK

Youth Programs
Entrant: Channel 4
Country: UK


Immersive Entertainment - In partnership with TELUS

BITWORLD - Rescue Toya!
Entrant: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Country: Japan

Original Online Programs - In partnership with Government of Alberta & Alberta Film
Gaza-Sderot: life in spite of everything
Entrant: Bo Travail in association with Alma Films, Trabelsi Productions, Ramattan Studio,
Country: France

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