Monday, June 15, 2009

Sandara Parks Talks About Her Inclusion to Korea's All-Female Hip-Hop Group 2NE1

Sandara Park, or simply known in Korea as Dara, says she has no regrets going back to Korea from her not so successful return to Philippine showbiz.

She said in a recent interview, "I was promoting as an entertainer in the Philippines, but I took the bold step and went on as a YG trainee. But I have no regrets about not being able to continue my entertainer career in the Philippines.

"Of course, training as a YG trainee, I have no guarantee for debut. I have no guarantee for success, but because I have dreams to be a Korean entertainer, I worked hard on it."

Dara has been an actress and a singer in the Philippines. She began to gain interest from Koreans after KBS introduced her in one of their TV programs. When she went to Korea for a visit, she was given a basic test by YG Entertainment and then joined as a trainee a month later.

She stayed in Korea and trained for 3 years before debuting as a member of 2NE1.

YG was a little doubtful at first about having Dara as a member of the all-female group. Because it seems that she has yet to get the hip hop 'feel'. But Dara worked hard to be in the group. She listened to hip hop music and soon, sang and danced to hip hop songs.

Talking about the sexy photoshoot she did in Philippine Men's magazine UNO during her stay in the Philippines that became the topic amongst Korean netizens lately, Dara explained that the idea of the photoshoot was suggested by one of talent handlers managing her then. But the photoshoot concept turned out to be different from what she first thought. It was too late to back out so there was no choice then but to do the sexy photoshoot even if she really did not want to do it.

See Dara performs with Korea's all female hip-hop group 2NE1:

Source: kbites

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