Saturday, July 23, 2011

Casey Anthony Defense Bill Worth $147,000

Casey Anthony's defense team has billed the state of Florida over $147,000 to defend the woman acquitted of murdering her daughter, Caylee.

Anthony's lawyers, led by Jose Baez, have tallied their costs at $147,018.60 so far, according to records from Florida's Justice Administrative Commission. The state has already paid $118,847.75 of that bill. They've refused to pay nearly $12,000 of the defense's cost.

Things that the state refuses to pay for include some of the costs for deposition transcripts, the use of independent contractors and some of the defense team's travel costs.

None of the money paid by the state of Florida will pay any of the defense attorneys' salaries.

Casey Anthony, who lied about having a job at Universal Studios, was ruled indigent in March 2010 and the state took on the cost of her defense.

The largest expense was more than $67,000 on independent contractors to aid their investigation.

Another $21,000 was spent on expert witnesses. The state is paying all of those costs. The defense called several witnesses to cast doubt on the state's forensic evidence concerning the car abandoned by Anthony when Caylee disappeared, Caylee's remains and the wooded area where the 2-year-old girl was found.

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