Monday, July 25, 2011

SONA of Benigno Aquino III vs People�s SONA on �Patrol ng Pilipino�

While the President and his team are preparing for his annual �State of the Nation Address� (SONA), the members of militant groups, the veterans of countless rallies, are also getting ready to deliver what they think is the real state of the nation, the �People�s SONA,� as they call it.

With placards, effigies, jingles and speeches in tow, they come to convey the endless grievances of the Filipino people to the current administration.

Join ABS-CBN correspondent Jeck Batallones as he joins these groups from their preparation to their demonstration during the President�s SONA this Tuesday (July 26) in �Patrol ng Pilipino.�

Listen to what they are fighting for and decide if the nation�s previous leaders and current Filipino president have done no good to and for the people in Jeck�s report.

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN correspondent Chiara Zambrano will tackle the ongoing tension between the Philippines and China because of the Spratly Islands. Does the Philippines� really have a fight against China in claiming these islands, which are said to be rich in natural resources?

Find out the stories behind the news on �Patrol ng Pilipino,� this Tuesday, July 26, after �Bandila� on ABS-CBN.

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