Sunday, July 19, 2009

Josefina Norcio Filed Charges Against Belo Clinic Due to Failed Butt Surgery

40 year-old businesswoman Josefina P. Norcio filed charges of reckless imprudence resulting in serious physical injuries against the Belo Medical Group (BMG) and Dr. Francis Decangchon (who is no longer affiliated with the BMG is an obstetric gynecologist who performed the second butt augmentation surgery on Norcio).

The complainant suffered complications from two butt augmentation procedures performed by BMG doctors in 2003 and 2005. She now can't sit, walk, or wear her lower garments properly since she is still suffering from open wounds on her buttocks, which were bulging with pus. Norcio is at the St. Luke's Medical Center undergoing treatment for infection allegedly caused by her hydrogel buttock implants.

Norcio said she consulted with Belo prior to her butt augmentation procedures, and that Belo assured her the implants were safe and permanent. "I thought [Belo] was the best in the industry, but she's not. She did not even finish her dermatology residency," Norcio said in a statement.

Norcio paid P120,000 for her first surgery, and another P180,000 when she went back to the clinic to have doctors correct the assymetry on her buttocks.

Norcio's lawyer Atty. Argee Guevarra said in a phone interview that the hydrogel material, which was implanted directly against the patient's muscles, had spread to other parts of Norcio's body nearly causing the patient's death.

Atty. Guevarra said the BMG is culpable for Norcio's injuries since they are not authorized to use hydrogel butt implants or perform surgeries on patients. He said the hydrogel material - composed of 97.5% water - was banned in the U.S., Europe and China, and is not certified by the Bureau of Food and Drugs.

"We just learned recently that the Belo group sources its hydrogel from China, which banned the product. Also, the Belo group has only 2 licensed surgeons among its 70 or 80 doctors. So really, this brings to question the existence of collorum clinics. So really, clinics like Belo's are really just beauty parlors masquerading as clinics," he said.

Photos released with consent of patient and her lawyer.

Meanwhile, BMG's Corporate Public Relations Chief Leah Salterio said in a statement that the BMG cannot comment on Norcio's condition since they have not examined her yet.

She also noted that Norcio's infection came four years after her surgery was performed, and that other "supervening events" may have occurred within that time.

"Allow us to say that Belo Medical only wishes the best for Ms. Norcio and we pray for her full and speedy recovery," Salterio said in a statement.

Source: Kristine Servando, ABS-CBNnews/Newsbreak

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