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GLEE Season 2 'Blame It On The Alcohol' Recap

When there�s a surge in the amount of students showing up to school drunk, Figgins asks the Glee club for help in his Alcohol Awareness Day plans. He wants to shed some light on the dangers of drinking. Well, his plan isn�t working just yet. The kids are participating in some Alcohol Awareness but only to the degree that they are aware they aren�t drinking enough. Rachel�s song writing has hit a snag (she sucks at it) so Finn and Puck make her realize she hasn�t lived enough yet. Bring on the drunk partying! It�s the answer to everything!

Rachel�s party sucks and she�s wearing what looks like a nightgown Goldilocks would wear in the 1800's. Everyone wants to leave after about 30 seconds so Puck convinces her to break into her dad�s liquor cabinet. Cue the drunk glee kids! Minus Finn. (I think it�s cute Cory wasn�t shown drinking.) Finn is the designated driver laughing at the stereotypical drunks his friends have become. Santana is emotional, some are angry, some are laughing hysterically, Blaine is having some sort of seizure in the corner and everyone is wearing each other�s glasses. Oh and Brittany is showing off her boobs. Drunk Blaine is amazing. When Finn criticizes Rachel for being a sloppy, clingy drunk, she suggests spin the bottle.

And this is where things get interesting. Rachel�s spin lands on Blaine and they go at it for a few magical seconds. It�s amazing how sparks seem to fly when someone is drunk. They enjoy their sparks and sing a duet (and the best song and performance of the night) of Don�t You Want Me. It is now stuck in my head. The kids are extremely hungover for school and Artie�s solution is to drink some more. While drunkenly wheeling himself into lockers and singing Blame It On The Alcohol.

The song isn�t appropriate for Schue who needs the kids to raise awareness. They�re not interested because they can smell the hypocrisy on him. Beiste takes Schue to a cowboy bar where he gets so drunk that he spends his night drunk dialing. He shows up to school with quite the hangover himself. And he�s about to really regret it. His intended drunk dialee was Emma. Who he called? Sue. Who snatches up this perfect opportunity to expose Will as an alcoholic and plays his drunk voicemail over the loudspeaker. So embarrassing. I can�t look. You know what else I can�t look at? The kids singing Tik Tok. It�s the perfect example of everything that�s wrong with youth. Or is that just Ke$ha? Complete with a handful of them puking all over the stage.

Rachel, still drinking, decides to ask Blaine out. To Kurt�s surprise and shock, Blaine says yes. He wonders out loud about who he is and what his sexuality could become. He�s still young and he�s never had a boyfriend so he sees nothing wrong with being confused and wanting to explore. He is very well spoken and I�m so pleased with this scene. Kurt is PISSED. And for all the wrong reasons. He goes off on Blaine about not being able to look up to the confident gay man he befriended anymore and Blaine lets him have it. It�s beautiful.

Let�s face it. Kurt is only mad because he wants Blaine all for himself. And sure Rachel probably shouldn�t have asked Blaine out when she knew her friend liked him but it was a two way street and Blaine is free to do whatever he wants. Kurt takes out the rest of his rage on Rachel. Says some mean things, implies she�s a hag with a lifetime of failed relationships ahead of her and tells her she has zero chemistry with Blaine. Oh, the irony. After her date with Blaine, Rachel decides to kiss Blaine while sober to see if the spark is still there. The kiss confirms for Blaine that he is 100 percent gay and Rachel is thrilled she now has the perfect inspiration for her song lyrics.

Funniest Quotes of the Night:

Rachel: My dads� are on the Rosie O�Donell cruise.

Kurt: If you don�t let it stiffen properly, you may just as well be making pancakes.

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