Saturday, February 26, 2011

Joey de Leon is Emperor Yoje in �Pinoy Samurai� on TV5

Emperor Yoje (Joey de Leon) sets up challenges for 30 contestants every week who will vie for the title of "Pinoy Samurai".

Nothing is impossible with Pinoy players, especially if exciting prizes are at stake to become the Pinoy Samurai! Set in a real majestic castle, the show fit for a king is hosted by the royalty in comedy, Mr. Joey de Leon as Emperor Yoje.

Joining him is his loyal servant Kimonay (Rufa Mi):

And game masters Wilma Doesnt as Itimpura and Mr. Fu as Gaysha

Every week, 30 contestants will vie for the title of Pinoy Samurai. But the road leading to prestige is rather difficult as they have to pass the games with an array of obstacles including Tiny the giant sumo wrestler, Godzira the not-so-sturdy monster, Kulang the skinny Barbarian, Princess Hentay, Captains Tamagotchi, Fugo, Sogo and Sushi, the warriors and some other trap designed to put to the test the player�s skills, endurance and determination.

Pinoy Samurai aired its initial episdoe at 12:00 noon today, February 27, as part of TV5's TanghaLINGGO! Go! Go!

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