Monday, February 21, 2011

Kris Aquino's Birthday Issue of 'Kris Aquino Magazine' Out Now!

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino, who now hosts the popular game show The Price is Right, celebrates a milestone in her life. On turning 40 last February 14, she proves once more that a strong faith, a positive attitude, and a love for life are all the anti-aging vitamins one needs to stay on top of one�s game at any age!

From cover to cover, this K Mag issue is chock-full of great tips, trends, and talk - all in the name of celebrating life!

Kris�s friends share their wisdom on key topics for this issue: Dr. Vicki Belo on �Staying young;� Fr. Jun Sescon on �Finding strength and significance;� and fashion designer JC Buendia on �Dressing well.�

But first, find out more about �the real Kris,� straight from the people who know her best. While her life seems to be an open book, some things about the multimedia star is known only to a chosen few. For instance, who else would know that she was a mean baseball player in her high school days, but someone who has seen her from her awkward years? Or that Kris is a human fairy godmother who likes to make things happen for other people? Who else could gauge that the Queen of Talk has, indeed, grown more mature and practical, but those who have seen her go through life�s ups and downs?

The real Kris Aquino is, indeed, generous and giving as the story �Making a difference� will show. Last December, Kris Aquino traveled all the way to Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental to visit her fan, Jessie Asi�ero. The star of Dalaw, 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival�s highest grossing horror entry, was so touched by Jessie�s story on Failon Ngayon that she took it upon herself to meet the 32-year-old woman who suffers from a deformity that weakened her bones.

While Kris made her fan very happy, she also came out of the experience much more appreciative of the courage and zest for life the latter showed. This was but one of the significant experiences Kris has learned in the last year or so.

Read about her thoughts and activities in the last couple of months before her birthday in Kris�s exclusive K Journal, where she talks about �Living life to the fullest.� In this section, she details her movie-making moments, reveals that she is a foodie at heart and happily shows the �joys of eating,� among others. She also takes us through her trips to Singapore with her two boys, Josh and Bimby; and Bali, Indonesia, with her close friends Lucy Torres-Gomez, Zsazsa Padilla, and Liz Uy.

Kris opens up once more, hoping to inspire her readers to achieve a better quality of life. After all, turning 40 is but a chance to renew, rejuvenate, and even rewrite your path. Judging from her unbridled passion for love and life, Kris shows that, indeed, �40 is the new 20!�

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