Friday, July 15, 2011

EuroMillions Jackpot Winner Claims �161M Prize

Colin Weir and his wife Chris Weir - the EuroMillions ticket-holder from Britain who won Europe's biggest-ever jackpot of �161 million (US$258.4 million) - has finally claimed their prize, UK National Lottery operator Camelot has confirmed.

The jackpot numbers were 17, 19, 38, 42 and 45, and the Lucky Stars were 9 and 10.

It has not been disclosed where the ticket was bought or whether it was purchased online.

According to The Sunday Times Rich List 2011, Weir immediately became the 430th richest person in the country, ahead of Beatles legend Ringo Starr (�150m), but still just short of the Beckhams' league (�165m).

The exact amount claimed by the Weir's is �161,653,000 (US$261,188,571) while two other UK-based lottery players scooped �1.7m after matching five numbers and one Lucky Star.

Meanwhile, a man who won �26.1m in a family syndicate in January 2010, has urged the Euromillions winner to stay anonymous.

George Sturt, 77, who split the money four ways with his three children, said he had had hundreds of begging letters since he went public and regrets doing so now.

He told Sky News Online: "I've had so many begging letters. It was upsetting. One man even sent his bank account number for me to put money into.

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