Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mark Gil to Albie Casi�o: "You're a hypocrite and pathetic animal!"

Veteran actor Mark Gil, Andi Eigenmann's father, have never seen or heard meddling publicly with her daughter's affairs especially if it concerns her career or lovelife.

But with what Andi is going through right now, the doting father couldn't help but to air his sentiments on his daughter's unexpected pregnancy.

"It doesn�t end here for Andi," Mark said. "She still has a long way to go in her career. I am confident that she will always stand strong for who she is. It�s not all that bad a situation. As a matter of fact, it�s a beautiful thing."

Asked about the �mysterious� father of Andi�s baby-to-be, Mark said the baby need not to have a father who is irresponsible and weak.

"The father will remain unknown. �Di na mahalaga �yun. Maraming tatayong ama sa apo ko, lalo na ako. I wouldn�t wish my grandchild to be around a wimpy father who is still breast-fed by his mother.

"Masakit sa kahit sinong babae na ginulpi at binuntis at tinalikuran, tapos papalabasin pa na si Andi ang maraming boyfriend. Sobra na �yun. At may DNA test pa na hinihingi. Such a hypocrite and pathetic animal!" (Ogie Diaz tweeted on June 30 that he talked with Albie's mom, Mrs. Anna Kathrina Casi�o, and she said "Walang problema kung anak ko ang nakabuntis ke Andi. Blessing yan. And we welcome DNA Test.")

Mark also took the chance to absolved Jake Ejercito in the list of possible "culprit" in Andi's pregnancy.

"Jake is a very refined kid. We like him a lot. Kawawa naman at nadadamay siya sa issue. Knight in shining armor nga siya ni Andi. He has never left Andi�s side in spite of her situation. And I�m grateful for that." he said.

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