Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yilmaz Bektas Fights with Ruffa Gutierrez for Full Custody of their Children

Estranged husband and wife Yilmaz Bektas and Ruffa Gutierrez are up for legal battle with regards to full custody of their children Lorin and Venice Bektas.

Ruffa Gutierrez Tweeted on July 13 that she was facing the �biggest battle� of her life. �Just received a shocking phone call. The storm I was anticipating is coming SOON.�

GMA-7 newscast Saksi also reported that Ruffa followed this up with another tweet saying she would fight for her children until the end, but the said tweet disappeared a few hours after it was posted.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz, reportedly sent an e-mail to GMA-7 News defending his side. In the e-mail, he complained about not having the freedom to see his children and asked, �How does the court make a decree in favor of Ruffa without giving me the right to defend myself and gave the guardianship right of my children to her?

He also said he�s always provided financial assistance and even offered $2 million just to be with his children for a week. �She requested some time and, after talking to her father and mother, she did not accept this proposal,� Yilmaz allegedly accused Ruffa.

Ruffa reacted to Yilmaz's statements on her showbiz talk show Paparazzi last July 17. During the show, she revealed that she got a long email from Yilmaz. "I was just really devastated. And gusto ni Yilmaz sa kanya 'yong custody ng dalawang bata."

Ruffa adds that according to the court's decision, she has "full custody" of the children while Yilmaz has "visitation rights" in the Philippines. She says she's all right with him taking the children anywhere, as long as it's not in Istanbul, having lost trust in him in the four years since they've separated.

"Ngayon, if the kids wanna go to Istanbul, kapag malalaki na sila, they can go ahead and do whatever they want kasi adult na sila," she said, adding "But right now, I have a responsibility to protect them."

As for Yilmaz's alleged $2 million offer, Ruffa only had this to say: "Ngayon napatunayan na hindi ako mukhang pera dahil hindi ko tinanggap 'yong offer niya. Para sa akin, no amount of money can be given to me. Kailangang nasa maayos tayo. I work. I make my own living. If he wants to visit the kids, he can come here."

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