Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keeping it to 20 in �What's Your Number?�

An interesting cocktail of a frank and lively sexual content but with a genuine romantic heart, �What�s Your Number� winds back Ally Darling (Anna Faris) to the men she�d dated after reading a magazine article on the average number of lovers women should have in their lifetime.

Ally becomes convinced she�s reached the limit of sexual partners a woman can have before she�s deemed unmarriageable (except maybe, as Dr. Fig notes, she lives in New Zealand). With celibacy as a non-starter, Ally embarks on a mission to find a mate, without adding to her number, by seeking the colorful and strange assortment of lovers from her past; she wonders, are they married, available, gay �dead?

Having been fired from her job and at the same time an ended relationship, Ally embarks on a quest to find the best �ex� of her life, by any means necessary for her chance at true love. Helping in her quest is her new neighbor Colin, played by Chris Evans. Seeking a haven from the woman he�s brought home the night before, Colin comes to Ally�s rescue when she tries to disentangle herself from her booze-riddled mistake of the night before. Ally and Colin click, and even though Ally�s romantic sights are aimed entirely in retrospect, she has found in Colin a new friend and ally. �Ally and Colin enhance each other but don�t necessarily live for each other,� says Evans. �They�ve helped each other become better versions of themselves, but they don�t need each other to exist.�

Faris and Evans nicely balance one another, with Evans displaying a sense of grounded, physical stability while Faris provides a series of fluid, deft and comical transitions that always surprise. �When Ally and Colin meet, there�s a lot of tension between them,� notes Faris. �Ally�s kind of disgusted with Colin because she sees women coming in and out of his apartment. She thinks he�s just this man-whore. Ally wants much more for her own life, so she�s really annoyed when sees somebody who�s lackadaisical in their own lifestyle � probably because she�s envious. Eventually they come to understand one another.�

Colin comes from a family of cops and detectives, so he�s good at digging up dirt,� adds Evans. �That�s why Ally enlists his help. And he�s a bit of a womanizer, and is very �alpha.� He�s a likable guy but he�s not exactly husband material. But slowly Colin realizes that Ally�s the person he�s supposed to be with, and that opens a lot more doors for him.�

Executive producer Nan Morales confirms that Ally and Colin�s first meeting is far from auspicious. �When she meets him, the audience will think, �No, Ally no!� It�s like what her friends say: �You don�t want to go out with that guy; he�s dangerous, he�s sexy, he can trick you.� But this is how Colin lives; he�s honest about it. This is a lesson Ally needs to learn; she needs to own who she is in order to go to the next level in her life.�

�What�s Your Number� opens October 5 in theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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