Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho's Rumored Girlfriend

Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho's love interest in SBS popular action-romance drama "City Hunter" have developed a romantic interest in each other and is said to be in real-serious relationship for more than a month.

Lee Min Ho�s agency StarHaus Entertainment told local media Dispatch, "They started to have good feelings toward each other through �City Hunter.� It seems like they�re at a stage of getting to know each other right now, but I�m not sure how much those feelings developed so far."

Park Min Young�s agency King Kong Entertainment also said, "It is true the two have good, mutual feelings for each other. I think she�s (Park Min Young) trying to get to know the human-side of Lee Min Ho, not the actor Lee Min Ho. But you always have to be careful with these relationships, and the agency doesn�t know everything about the celebrity�s private life."

Someone close to the two was also quoted saying: "Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young tried to avoid making their relationship public. So they tried to be careful whenever they met. But their personalities wouldn�t allow for a secret date at home. When they met at a public space, like a restaurant or bar, they would always bring a mutual friend."

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