Monday, September 29, 2008

Kris Aquino Reveals How She Consumed Her Endorsement Fees

If you happen to read my previous article or probably bought a copy of Yes! Magazine October issue, you for sure are aware by now that Kris Aquino topped their list of Top 20 Celebrity Endorsers for 2008. And maybe, like me, is curious how she spent some, if not all, of her talent fees from her endorsements?

Kris, on her text messages to Jo-Ann Maglipon, Yes! Editor-in-Chief, mentioned where the big portion of her talent fees from her endorsements actually go.

"The bulk of my advertising this year went to Baby James's educational fund (pre-paid lump sum from Grade 1 to 4th year college), his wealth-managed trust fund which we'll receive after college graduation and Josh's wealth-managed fund as well," said Kris.

"Josh will always need special care," Kris continued, "so I promised my mom [former President Corazon Aquino] to make sure that he'll always be ok financially. He is always her top worry."

The former Philippine president was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year and Kris told Ms. Maglipon that she also helps in the medical expenses.

"I take care of some of my mom's medical expenses because it makes me feel good but she's forever wanting to pay me back," she said.

Although Kris did not mention exactly where the money came from, she said that, "James has fulfilled his promise to his family to build a bigger home in their province.

"Thank you for this recognition," she told Ms. Maglipon.

Kris emerged on top of the YES! list because she is "without a doubt the queen of product endorsements, with 21 products to her name."

According to YES!, Kris is a favorite of advertisers because "she is very easy to work with, and is very professional, arriving for a shoot prepared, with her lines memorized."

But Kris's best asset is that "she connects well with consumers, whatever bracket of society they belong to."

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