Friday, September 26, 2008

Survivor Philippines Update: Castaways Voted Out Emerson Dino

It was an emotional Tribal Council for the Naak tribe as they faced host Paolo Bediones in the second elimination of Survivor Philippines. In the end, they decided to vote out sewing machine technician Emerson Dino.

Emerson became the target of his tribemates after his behavior during the first immunity challenge and his conflict with farmer's daughter Vevherly Gador. But it was not easy for the rest of the Naak tribe to send him packing.

Basketball player JC Tiuseco cried upon realizing that Survivor Philippines is more than just a game and it became so hard to eat one of their own. Although they've been together in the island for only six days, they already managed to develop close ties with each other.

In the end, they had no choice but to say goodbye to one of them. Emerson became the second castaway to be voted out after receiving five of the eight votes.

In his exit interview, Emerson defended his actions. He said that the people should not judge him on what he did during his short stint in Survivor Philippines because it's different when you're actually playing the game.

Next week, the remaining 16 castaways will engage in another set of challenges to determine who will be voted off next.

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