Monday, September 29, 2008

Piolo Pascual Reacts About "Manila" Controversy

Although screenwriters Ricky Lee and Pete Lacaba air their disappointment about the independent film "Manila" and its directors Adolf Alix Jr. and Raya Martin, Piolo Pascual is still thrilled about his first-produced film despite controversy.

Piolo has been very open in saying that Manila is "inspired" by Ishmael Bernal's 1980 movie Manila By Night and Lino Brocka's 1979 masterpiece Jaguar (slang for guwardiya or security guard).

Manila By Night was written and directed by the late Ishmael Bernal, with input from Ricky Lee and other screenwriters. Jaguar, on the other hand, is credited to both Ricky Lee and Pete Lacaba.

Piolo is still positive that the issue about his indie movie would be settled soon. "Tapos na kameng mag-shoot and nasa post-production na, I'm gonna see the rough cut tonight. I hope they'll be able to iron things out with Mr. Ricky Lee and Mr. Pete Lacaba."

When asked for his comment about it, Piolo was honest enough to say, "I'd rather not comment about it because I only found out about it yesterday. So, I haven't really discussed it with my director. I'm meeting up with him tonight, si Direk Adolf Alix Jr. But I'm praying na maayos naman."

In the end, he is still positive about Manila. "I'm also excited about the project, it's the first time I produce. I hope it turns out well."

Piolo will be portraying two roles in the movie: William, a drug addict who is trying to restore his self-worth by reestablishing his relationship with the people around him; and Philip, a bodyguard employed to look over a mayor's son, only to be disillusioned in the end after a series of unfortunate events lead him to discover the underworld.

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