Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Top 10 Viral Videos has once again compiled the Top 10 Viral Videos of 2008. Some will make you laugh, some will warm your heart. Check it out! A must-see!

Top 10 Viral Videos of 2008

1. Where The Hell Is Matt? (2008)
Matt Harding is a 32-year-old videogame designer who quit his job in 2003 to travel around Asia. Along the way, he recorded and posted a short video of himself doing an elbow-intensive jig in Hanoi. That clip got passed from one person to the next and eventually got the attention of Stride Gum, which decided to sponsor two more of his trips. In his latest video, Harding visits 42 countries over 14 months and invites the locals to join in the fun. That includes everyone from some Huli Wigmen in Papua New Guinea to a group of school kids in the Solomon Islands. The sheer silliness and joy of Harding's adventures will keep you smiling long after you've watched them � and give you a serious case of wanderlust.

2. Western Spaghetti

3. Christian the Lion

4. Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popcorn)

5. Obama�s Loss Traced To Nonvoter (click link to see video)

6. Super Mario Rescues The Princess

7. How To Pretend You Give A Sh*t About The Election (click link to see video)

8. Star Wars according to a 3-year-old

9. Spoofs of T.I.�s Whatever You Like music video (click link to see video)

MadTv No Frills Airlines (click link to see video)

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