Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Charisse Yacapin Voted Off "Survivor Philippines"; It's Rob Sy vs. JC Tiuseco For the Title of Pinoy Sole Survivor

From 18 castaways, Survivor Philippines is now down to its Final 2�sales officer Rob Sy and college basketball player JC Tiuseco.

This scenario transpired when Rob voted off product officer Charisse Yacapin in tonight's Tribal Council. Rob was the only one who voted tonight after winning the last Immunity Challenge, another endurance challenge where the three remaining castaways had to hold on as long as they could to a platform that slides at a given time.

Technically, it was Rob's first win in the Immunity Challenge. The first time he wore the Immunity necklace was when JC gave it to him after choosing the reward�a brand-new car�instead. Aside from two individual Immunities, Rob also won two reward challenges.

Although JC is considered as the strongest player in the game, he actually won only one individual Immunity�after giving one Immunity to Rob�and two reward challenges.

By voting off Charisse, Rob chose to sit beside JC in the final Tribal Council, where the Jury gets to ask them any question that will help them decide who gets the P3-million cash prize and the title of the first-ever Pinoy Sole Survivor.

Charisse became the 16th person to be voted off and the 8th and final member of the Jury. The other members of the Jury are Cris Cartagenas, Zita Ortiga, Kaye Alipio, Marlon Carmen, Vern Domingo, Kiko Rustia, and Jace Flores.

Rob's decision to choose JC over Charisse came as a surprise since many think that he has a better chance of winning against Charisse, especially since many of the Jury members don't like him that much. But Rob stayed true to his alliance with JC and brought him to the final Tribal Council and a shot of winning Survivor Philippines.

Charisse, who won one individual Immunity, accepted her fate wholeheartedly and even wished Rob and JC good luck.

The winner of Survivor Philippines will be announced live this Friday, December 12.

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