Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat Predicted to Top 2008 MMFF

The first Tanging Ina movie was a certified blockbuster that broke all box-office records, installing Ai-Ai de las Alas as Box-Office Queen five years ago.

What happened to everybody�s "ina" since then?

"The concept of this Tanging Ina movie actually began taking shape five years ago," said direk Wenn. "There was a demand for a sequel. Many people were wondering and asking whatever happened to �ina� after all that she has been through, single-handedly raising a dozen kids by different men."

Ang Tanging Ina N�yong Lahat is predicted to top the 2008 Metro Filmfest and a shoo-in for awards.

Except fort Heart Evangelista, the latest addition to the Tanging Ina franchise retains the original cast including Carlo Aquino, Alwyn Uytingco (the bading member of the family), Shaina Magdayao, Serena Dalrymple, Jiro Manio, Yuki Kadaoka, and Bianca and Janelle Calma.

"So what happened to �ina� and her children after all these years?," added direk Wenn. "Some of her children have gone abroad, some are leading stable lives, all of them are successful."

Left almost alone, �ina� thinks of a way that will make her children even more proud of her. Because her children don�t need her anymore, �ina� embarks on a journey once again that leads her to, hold your breath, Malaca�ang Palace as Ina ng Bayan, proving to one and all that she can be a beloved president just as she is as a mother.

But in the long run, �ina� is faced with a dilemma: To continue being �ina� to millions of Filipinos or to simply be the �ina� of her own children?

Said Ai-Ai (who also starred in one �ina� movie in-between, Cute ng Ina Mo which was also a hit), "The movie is for every member of the family � para sa mga tatay, sa mga nanay, sa mga anak, sa mga kamag-anak, sa lahat! Doing it is even harder than doing the first one or the one in-between. What inspired me, direk Wenn and other members of the cast is the thought na lalabas ang lahat sa sinehan na may mga ngiti sa labi at tuwang-tuwa."

Opening on Dec. 25, Ang Tanging Ina N�yong Lahat also stars Eugene Domingo still as Rowena, the looney best friend of �ina.� The new members of the cast are DJ Durano, John Prats and Gloria Diaz as Pres. Hilarry.

See "Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat" movie trailer below:

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