Friday, February 26, 2010

Diva - Cast and Characters


Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez stars in her fifth primetime series on GMA-7, Diva. Here, she plays Sampaguita a.k.a. Sam, a hideous-looking woman who dreams of becoming a famous singer someday. Sam's singing prowess and good-natured personality will lead her to find a spot in the entertainment industry despite her unpleasant looks.

Regine was able to sympathize with her character "Sam" because of the discrimination that they go through. Even though Regine's character has an extraordinary talent in singing, she had to cover her face with clothes or even mascot costumes so as not to "scare away" the people.

Diva will also reunite the sweet comic tandem of Regine and Mark Anthony Fernandez. They first worked together in the romantic-comedy series Ako Si Kim Samsoon. In Diva, Mark plays Gary, Sam's cool and loyal childhood friend. A good lyricist and a good writer, Gary's goal is to find the woman who deserves his love.


TJ Trinidad. In her first TV project with the Asia's Songbird, TJ plays Martin, a rich, charming, boy-next-door kind of guy. He is a good composer and very passionate about his music. His parents want him to focus on classical music but he prefers pop and alternative music.

Rufa Mae Quinto. This sexy comedienne portrays the role of Lady, a model who becomes a singer despite her lack of talent. Sam will be her ghost singer and eventually her rival. Lady will make Sam's life miserable.

Glaiza de Castro. Young actress Glaiza follows up her kontrabida role as Eunice in Stairway To Heaven with another kontrabida role here in Diva. She plays Tiffany, Lady's personal assistant who will eventually become a singer also.

Jaya. The Queen of Soul finally gets to realize her dream of acting in a soap opera via Diva. Here, she plays Barbra, the know-it-all best friend of Sam.

Randy Santiago. This '90s matinee idol plays George, an executive producer of a recording company who will give Sam the opportunity to become a diva.

Buboy Garovillo. APO Hiking Society's Buboy Garovillo is Elvis, the loving father of Sam. A former musician turned taxi driver, Elvis will push his daughter to reach for her dream. He is even Sam's avid fan and will support his daughter in every step she makes to reach her dream.

Gloria Diaz. Former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz plays Paula, the mother of Sam. She is a former beauty queen and a frustrated singer/actress who blames her ugly daughter for losing opportunity in showbiz.

Mark Herras. This Starstruck alumna plays Smith, Sam's half-brother. This is the second soap of Mark with Regine. They first worked together in Forever in My Heart.

Ynna Asistio. She will portray the role of Vanessa, the neighbor of Sam who has a big crush on Smith.

This primetime series, which will premiere on March 1, is being directed by Dominic Zapata.

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