Saturday, February 6, 2010

Krista Ranillo is Prostitute in Bangkok

Krista Ranillo is a certified prostitute....but at least in the movie.

Krista effectively plays the role of a prostitute in Bangkok via the movie "Marino". She offers sexual pleasures in and for consideration of pecuniary gain.

Starring Allen Dizon, Emilio Garcia, Krista Ranillo, Marco Alcaraz, Bangs Garcia, Victor Basa, Mike Tan, Rico Barrera, Jan Nieto and Ara Mina, Marino is written and directed by Paul Sta. Ana.

Marino (Call of the Sea) - Plot:

From the high psychological and literary concept of Huling Pasada at last year�s Cinemalaya, writer-director Paul Sta. Ana ventures this time into the mainstream realm, exploring the drama behind OFW�s and their families.Marino is a film that aims to shed light on the sacrifices and triumphs brought about by overseas employment, experienced particularly by seafarers.

Benjo (Allen Dizon) is about to embark on yet another journey as a seafarer, leaving his wife (Ara Mina) and daughter behind.

Life on the ship is set. Professional kinship is developed as common aspirations and perils define life on board. Amidst the call of duty, the rudiments, difficulties and hazards of being a seaman, with his simple and noble acts of heroism are shown. Sea pirates, sunken ships, sexually transmitted diseases, foreign employment are among many issues that beset the job.

Marino is a film that focuses on the individual lives of a seafarer husband and a grieving wife, separated by physical distance, learning to cope with the situation despite the length of time apart from each other, gasping in the depths of loneliness, uncertainty and fear, surging in the waves of hope, and never letting go.

Marino (Call of the Sea) - Full Trailer:

Marino will hold its premiere night on February 16, 2009 at SM Manila Cinema. Regular showing starts on February 17 at selected movie theaters nationwide.

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