Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Andres de Saya" Ends with a Musical Fiesta Tonight

GMA 7�s Andres de Saya caps the season with a musical barangay fiesta tonight.

Viewers will be thrilled to find out whether Andy, played by Cesar Montano, remains to be �under de saya� until the end or learns to stand up for his manhood at last.

In fiesta spirit, some barangay officials hope to hang banderitas on the window of Andy�s house. However, they know that his wife, Mat (Iza Calzado), can be domineering. Thus, they decide to seek her approval though Andy has already given them his.

His pride probably hurt, Andy hangs the banderitas by himself and gets electrocuted in the process. Mat then serves her husband and takes care of his needs as the accident has caused Andy to be in bad shape.

Does this mean Mat will finally be a submissive housewife? How about Mat�s grandmother, Lola Corrine (Gloria Romero)? Will she accept this kind of setup?

The cast promises a fun and musical finale with surprise presentations from Andy, Mat, Bryan (Elmo Magalona), Adonis (Pekto), Charing (Chariz Solomon), Lizzy (Julie Anne San Jose) and Jecjec (Jillian Ward). Lola Corrine and Aling Minda (Caridad Sanchez) join the celebration, too.

Andres de Saya�s final episode airs tonight after Mind Master on GMA-7.

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