Monday, November 3, 2008

The Buzz Hosts Had Something to Say About the Dingdong-Karylle-Marian Love Triangle

Amidst the issue that real-life sweethearts Dingdong Dantes and Karylle have broken up because of Marian Rivera, the three have yet to speak to confirm what the real score is. Dingdong and Karylle continue to deny that they have decided to separate ways, with the actor even clarifying that Marian has nothing to do with the issue. News reports say that Marian and constant leading man Dingdong have developed feelings towards each other and the actress' recent breakup with her non-showbiz boyfriend has given way for the two celebrities to pursue their alleged romance.

Meanwhile, on the Points, Opinions and Violent Reactions (POV) segment of The Buzz last Sunday, November 2, the three hosts Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez all shared bits of information in an effort to solve the puzzle. Ruffa went on to say that staff members from her previous film, Desperadas, who are now also the staff of Dingdong and Marian's upcoming movie said that the two are very close on the set. "Sila (staff) ang nagkukuwento na super-sweet daw ang dalawa kahit na walang press," Ruffa revealed.

Kris on the other hand shared that her friend Popoy Caritativo, who is also Marian's manager, told her that the actress and Dingdong aren�t a couple yet. "Hindi sila ni Dingdong pa," Kris quoted Popoy. Popoy also told Kris that Marian is currently happy now, to which Ruffa interjected, "'Yung staff ng Desperadas said, si Marian daw has never been happier in her life." However Kris emphasized there�s nothing wrong with being happy but not at the cost of someone getting hurt. Kris also said that Marian has indeed broken up with her boyfriend because of a commercial deal he did not approve of.

Boy on his part said there shouldn�t be any difficulty for Karylle and Dingdong to say if the relationship has ended and it would definitely simplify their problems. Boy also added another juicy tidbit to the topic by saying he has talked to Marian's ex-boyfriend and he was told that there is no truth in rumors saying that he made Marian chose between him and the project.

The three hosts end the topic by saying that hopefully the issue between the couple and Marian be cleared up soon. Kris even added that she�ll ask Popoy if The Buzz can interview Marian to get her side on the controversy.

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