Monday, November 24, 2008

Tina Sherman Nude Pictures Leaked the Internet

Tina Sherman's nude photos leaked the internet.

Who is Tina Sherman anyway? She's just an ordinary non-celebrity woman who's private photos intended for her husband Phillip Sherman leaked in the internet.

So here is the sad story..

Philip Sherman left his cellphone in McDonald's food chain. He called the McDonald staff about it and the staff assured him his phone is in safe hands and they will keep it secure for him until he personally gets it. For Philip Sherman who knows the hidden gold in his phone must felt better having been given the assurance.

But things went out of control. Phillip Sherman's wife Tina Sherman received some text messages and phone calls all lewd about her nude photos and it didn't end there....the Tina Sherman photos were posted in a website, and so people from different walks of life, different races were able to see it.

Ouch! That was truly an embarassment.

So where did the assurance from McDonald go? To their burgers?!

So anyway, Philip Sherman and Tina Sherman didn't laugh about what happened. Both didn't want that kind of publicity. Do you want to be popular in that way? Huh?

What could be the ending of this story? Lawsuit. So, Tina Sherman and her husband Phillip Sherman are now suing McDonald�s for $3 million claiming emotional distress and hardship.

And pals, are you so curious about the photo-- here is one of them...the rest? Gone!

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