Friday, September 17, 2010

A Brand New Shaina Magdayao Revelead in PHR Presents: Alyna

Shaina Magdayao is ready to reveal her true self in her very first daring role beginning this Monday, September 20, on ABS-CBN.

Growing in public eye, the former child actress is embarking on the most challenging role in her 15-year-career in Precious Hearts Romances Presents �Alyna.�

Based on the pocketbook "Dominic" by popular romance novelist Martha Cecilia, the newest afternoon drama will revolve around the life of Alyna (Shaina Magdayao), a girl who grew up deprived of love. Eventually, she falls in love with Rex (Sid Lucero) but after they get married and have a child, Rex suddenly disappears and leaves Alyna distraught.

Lonely and vulnerable, Alyna falls in love with another man, Dominic (Jason Abalos) but things will soon get complicated when Rex returns in her life. Which man will she choose�the first man who loved her or the man who helped her recover from a broken heart and promised to love her forever?

Shaina, television's Princess of Hearts, revealed that it wasn't hard for her to accept the project even if it was a sensual material.

"As long as I believe in the project, in my director and my leading men, na hindi bastos yung kalalabasan, okay lang sa �kin," says the former child star.

Shaina is joined by her leading men Sid Lucero and Jason Abalos, two of the most-awarded young actors of today.

Sid said he immediately built a rapport with Shaina even if this is only their first time to work together. He said there were no awkward moments even during their intimate scenes.

"With Shaina, it's not a problem. We talk about how we would like to attack a scene. We remind each other na �I�m supposed to like you here," he explained.

Jason, meanwhile, is excited to work again with Shaina.

"Nakaka-excite kasi yung mga naka-trabaho mo noon, makakatrabaho mo ulit,� ayon kay Jason na proud sa naabot ng kaibigan," he said.

"Para kay Shaina �to. Big step ito para sa career niya," he added.

Shaina isn�t the only one going the daring route. Kaya Abad, also known for her wholesome image, is also making a big step in her career through "Alyna" by playing a very off-beat role.

"Acting wise, mas matured na yung role ko. May twist kasi yung character na hindi ko pa nagagawa sa mga nagdaang role ko. Doon ako nae-excite," shared Kaye

What twist and turns can we expect from "Alyna?" What important roles will ABS-CBN stars Paul Jake Castillo, Beauty Gonzalez, Charee Pineda at JM de Guzman play in the life of our very beautiful protagonist?

Directed by F.M. Reyes, "Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Alyna" starts on Monday, September 20, after "Rosalka" in ABS-CBN�s Hapontastic.

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