Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Finale Episode Recap: Evil is Going On

Before the break, we last left True Blood with Eric handcuffing himself to Russell. Outside in the daylight, they await the true death. Sookie wakes up and freaks out at the idea of Eric sacrificing himself and rushes out to save him with her fairy powers. She brings him inside and feeds him her blood. She really shouldn�t be just handing that stuff out in this situation. The best thing about this scene is the surprise appearance from Godric. He is just so cute I practically squee everytime I hear his accent. Godric urges Eric to seek forgiveness instead of hatred but Eric wants nothing of it. Eric tells Sookie to save Russell too so he can make him suffer a little longer. And boy does Sookie oblige. While all the vamps are napping, Sookie takes the time to put what�s left of Talbot down the garbage disposal. She looked like she enjoyed that.

It�s the next morning for Sam and Tara and Tara should know better than to act at peace. Sam surprises her with a breakfast of pancakes and the news that he�s a shapeshifter. I totally forgot she didn�t know about that. Tara isn�t a happy camper because supernatural things have messed up her life enough as it is. But then again, so have her fair share of humans. Let us remember her mother. She hacks off her hair and seems to go off to start a new life. I wonder where she�ll end up?

Sam is having his own problems. Everyone at Merlotte�s is scared he�ll freak out on them at any moment and his brother stole his safe containing all his money. Yikes. Sam grabs a gun and goes off to look for Tommy. He finds him and chases him through the woods where Tommy lets him have it for giving up on him so easily. All Sam wants is his money back but Tommy wants to know how he�s supposed to survive without it. Sam tells him to get a job, Tommy tells him he can�t read, and Sam raises his gun. Gasp. Tommy walks away sure that Sam won�t shoot. Gasp. Sam shoots. GASP!!

Hoyt shows up to work and sees his mama and Summer sitting in a circle with a therapist, ready to give him a vampire intervention. That woman sure is persistent. He tells them all off because nothing will get in the way of his love with Jessica. He puts down a deposit on a house and surprises her. He proposes to her and Jessica immediately starts remodeling the house in her head. Will their happiness be short lived? What was with the creepy baby doll foreshadowing? And will Hoyt�s mama use the shotgun she bought? Does it have wood bullets??

Lafayette isn�t having the same kind of luck in his life or his relationship. He�s still seeing creepy voodoo visions everywhere. Blood everywhere and Rene showing up at the bar. Not fun for him. Is it his background? It can�t just be from the V can it? Jesus shows up to calm him down and lets slip he�s a witch. Hmm. Well, that could come in handy I suppose. Jason�s storyline isn�t nearly as interesting. He goes with Crystal to tip off her meth dealing family and isn�t prepared when her crazy vamped up brother shows up. He shoots his dad in the head and leaves with Crystal who tells Jason he�s now in charge of the compound. Tough job.

Eric continues to ignore the adorable little phantom giving him advice and puts Russell in a large pit of concrete bound by silver. Eric�s logic is that he will have plenty of time to sit and suffer in his grief. But..couldn�t someone easily dig him out? Perhaps that�s leaving the door open for the actor to return and direct the weather. Bill turns up his douche meter and tricks Eric and tosses him in too. Oh no! He then calls up to have Pam killed as well. Oh no again! His next victim is the Queen as he tries to rid anyone who knows Sookie�s secret from the world.

Sookie is obviously upset at what Bill has done but really, she�s better off. Think how peaceful life would be. Sitting on your porch not wondering when a vampire will show up for your blood. However, Pam saves herself and Eric and Eric shows up just in time to ruin Bill�s master plan. He reveals Bill�s secret to Sookie; that the Queen sent him for her all along and Bill tricked her into drinking his blood. Sookie is devastated that her love meant nothing and goes to live with Claudine and the rest of the Fairies. Bye Sookie! Bill is feeling a bit testy and challenges the Queen with some Matrix style moves.

What did you guys think of the finale? What do you think will happen next season?

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