Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grazilda's Runaway Success Continues on GMA Telebabad

GMA Network's Grazilda never ceases to magnetize the hearts of the televiewers as she continues her adventures in finding true love in the arms of her real-life Prince Charming.

Grazilda, portrayed by Glaiza de Castro, has remained as one of the favorite primetime soaps on the Telebabad block. The original drama series, which has been receiving rave reviews from viewers and consistently posting high TV ratings, provides a unique blend of charm, entertainment and innovative magic for audiences of all ages.

The twists and conflicts in the life of Grazilda heat up as she finds herself staying in the same house with the man she abhors, Eric played by Geoff Eigenmann. His real identity will be revealed to everyone, that he actually came from a well-off family but was disowned by his grandfather.

Fernando confesses to Veronne his dark past. Grazilda�s heart breaks after she sees in her dreams her homeless mother Matilda and sister Anatalia wandering in the middle of the snowstorm in Fantasia. She wants to return to Fernando�s house to get the magical snow globe and rescue them.

Meanwhile, the adorable Fairy Godmother, given life by Jolina Magdangal, softens her heart toward Grazilda and uses her wand to put magic in her necklace.

How will this magical necklace change the life of Grazilda? Will romance spark between Grazilda and Eric? Can Grazilda find the snow globe and save Matilda and Anatalia?

Grazilda airs weeknights right after Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown on GMA Telebabad.

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