Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GLEE Season 2 Audition Episode Recap

Fresh off a loss at Regionals, it's no surprise that the Glee kids are still getting slushied on the regular. When news hits of a budget cut, Will encourages the kids to promote the club and encourage new members to audition. Easier said Mr. Schu because those sign up sheets are pretty empty. To up their popularity, the group performs a tribute to the best state ever for the school. They get up and perform Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Alicia Keys and as a New Yorker, I was jamming guilt free. This had the potential to be really awful but I actually thought it was really great. Artie�s rapping is divine and Mr. Schu needs to take note. Kurt was looking suspiciously straight for awhile with those dance moves.

Out of the entire school, two people tapped their toes and actually paid attention. The first is the new transfer student; Sunshine Corazon. Yes. That�s actually her name. Played by Charice, she�s a new student with a voice to rival Rachel�s. They have a duel in the bathroom singing Telephone by Lady Gaga and Rachel is not happy to learn how well Sunshine can perform. Suddenly regretting asking her to join Glee club, Rachel sends her to a crack house instead.

Speaking of Asians, Other Asian had two lines this week! We learn that while Rachel and Finn were heating up over the summer, Artie and Tina were fizzling out. As much as I love Artie, he just wasn�t a good boyfriend to Tina who willingly jumped at the chance to enjoy Mike Chang�s abs. FYI Tina, Artie pushes that wheelchair a lot and probably looks lovely under all the sweater vests. Artie wants to win Tina back by joining the football team. Not really sure how that would work but the new coach doesn�t want to be bothered. Beiste as she likes to be called cuts Finn from the team and makes life hell for Sue, who teams up with Will to get her fired.

Finn walks in on another new kid at school singing in the locker room showers. Major episode one flashbacks of Finn. I�m underwhelmed of him at this point. Finn brings Sam to the rest of the guys in the club and they jam to Billionaire by Bruno Mars. More Artie rapping! This is my second favorite performance of the night. I just love the energy. The Cheerios have been majorly revamped as Quinn is appointed head cheerleader once again, Finn tries out since he�s no longer on the football team, and Santana is ousted for getting a boob job and disgusting Sue with her new funbags. Santana and Quinn have a catfight in the hall and I kind of laughed when Santana called Quinn a slut. Pot? Kettle?

The other asians of the club rescue Sunshine from the crackhouse and allow her to audition properly. She does a stellar performance of Listen from Dreamgirls and even I can�t deny her voice. In the end, it doesn�t matter and Glee club remains as it is. Sam chooses not to show up to audition and instead takes the role of quarterback away from Finn and Sunshine defects. Not out of the country but to Vocal Adrenaline, who have a new coach played by Cheyenne Jackson. I totally forgot he was slated to guest star.

I thought this was a great premiere. I loved how the beginning of the episode was a nod to all the haters. I admit Charice has an amazing voice but as an actress I can�t say much. I actually found the whole Telephone scene in the bathroom kind of embarrassing. Also, I need Artina back in my life. And if it hasn�t been written already, I hereby make a public plea to Ryan Murphy to have Artie try and win Tina back by singing Billy Joel�s For The Longest Time. Make it happen!

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