Tuesday, September 21, 2010

De Silva vs. De Silva, Fortalejo vs. Fortalejo on "Martha Cecilia's Kristine"

Things get even more complicated and exciting on "Martha Cecilia's Kristine" as members of warring clans De Silva and Fortalejo go against their own family this week.

Rafael Rosell�s character Marco will be on the bad side of his mother Julia when he volunteers to represent his girlfriend Emerald (Denise Laurel) in court, after the latter was blamed for an explosion inside the property of a family friend of the De Silvas.

Emerald, a Fortalejo, was actually set-up by Julia and Marco�s uncle Alfon.

Her sister Jewel, played by Cristine Reyes, meanwhile, will encounter a new adversary in the person of their very own grandfather, Don Leon. The Fortalejo patriarch will take in Jewel as a servant in his mansion in exchange of his efforts to get Emerald out of jail.

Like a knight-in-shining-armor, Zanjoe Marudo�s character Jaime will work as a driver of the Fortalejos to keep an eye on Jewel.

The epic TV adaptation of the country�s number one pocketbook series has been enjoying stellar ratings since its debut last August 16. Much of the credit has been given to the chemistry between its four lead stars, who now comprise two of the hottest love teams on television.

Reyes, meanwhile, refuted claims of a rivalry between her team-up with Marudo and the Rafnise (Rafael-Denise).

�Bago pa man magsimula �yung Kristine na show eh nakapag-usap na kami na hindi kami magpapa-apekto sa mga ganyang bagay. Natutuwa pa nga kami na maliban sa fans ng show, at fans ng book na Kristine eh may sari-sarili din supporters ang love teams,� said the Jewel of Romance.

The supporting cast have also been lauded for their superb performances. This week, catch the intense confrontation between Julia and Anna, portrayed by veteran actresses Carla Martinez and Angel Jacob, respectively. Anna, Jewel and Emerald�s mother, is blamed for the long and bloody rift between the families when she and Roman Fortalejo eloped.

Catch them on "Martha Cecilia's Kristine," from Monday to Friday, after �Magkaribal� on ABS-CBN.

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