Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston - Brian Bouma Secret Relationship, Now Public!

Brian Bouma, 40-year-old film crew worker outed his secret relationship with actress Jennifer Aniston.

According to Bouma, he met the actress on the Canadian set of her 2008 movie 'Love Happens'and claims she made the first move in instigating their romance, even inviting him to spend 10 days in Beverly Hills with her in Los Angeles - including accompanying her to best friend Courteney Cox's Oscars party - and later asking him to visit her when she shot comedy film 'Marley and Me'.

Brian told Star magazine:

As a lighting technician, you learn not to approach the talent, but she approached me."

"I was only on set for seven hours. But the old quote says it best, 'She had me at hello.'

"I had a crush on her. It was impossible not to. Jennifer knocked my socks off.

"All that's written about her being lonely is just ridiculous. I didn't spend time with Jen because she was famous or successful. I've been down that road before. It usually means trouble with a capital T. It was because of the conversation that first time we spoke. She's genuine, sincere and charismatic."

Brian also revealed that Jennifer prefers "bad boys" and made him feel like a "school boy" during their time together.

It was an overwhelming experience. I guess she just wasn't that into me. She did tell me that I was too 'Mr. Pure'.

"She kind of made me feel and act like a young school boy."

- Photo credit: Radaronline

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