Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhian Ramos - Mo Twister Break-up on Twitter

Rhian Ramos reportedly broke-up with DJ Mo Twister on twitter last Tuesday night.

The exchange of tweets among the two celebrities became sensational among their thousands of followers last night. It started when Rhian Ramos (@whianwamos) allegedly tweeted and then erased the following:

Exactly 1yr of being together, we have broken up. Thank you for loving me. It had amazing moments and I�m sorry..

The message is purportedly for rumored boyfriend DJ Mo Twister.

DJ Mo replied in wonder: �Really? Twitter� seemingly dumbfounded that Rhian Ramos just broke with him via Twitter.

DJ Mo then tweeted again: �You told me its your job to be single and desired, but what about the hearts you break along the way?� and then followed by �i can drown in tears all day or work & pretend im not the shell of the person ive been all week�.�.

After a few minutes, Rhian Ramos tweeted: �what the heck is everyone saying that i tweeted?� as if she�s not the author of the previous message that was posted on her Twitter account. She then followed it with an accusation: �well thank you for breaking into my twitter. nice job. i hope you get all the sympathy you hoped for.�

DJ Mo answered back: �@whianwamos wow! are you implying now its me who did it? what else do you want to throw at me today? im just reacting to your tweet and now job is whats the link? i wasnt the one who did everything for the job.�

Rhian Ramos then addressed her tweet to everyone, saying: �and to the rest of you, mind your business, i�ve been harassed enough for today, thank you. as if would really publicize my personal life? as if i�m the one that is known to want to be a part of every scandal? thanks.�

Rhian Ramos denied that she tweeted the �break-up tweet� after one of her followers asked if it�s true: �and anong �break-up tweet- break-up tweet� ang sinasabi niyo. didn�t he say i wasn�t his girlfriend.�

Mo Twister then tweeted the following: �there are a few people i wont fight here on twitter & one of them is you. i think ive been thrashed and lied enough to today. im done here & i wont argue w/ you. i hope your thailand trip last holy week went well.

Yesterday, Rhian tweeted about abuse: �when abuse goes on for a year it makes you realize that you�re willing to sacrifice and become the collateral damage to get yourself back

In Mo Twister�s statement yesterday, on the other hand, he denied that he broke up with Rhian via Twitter:

for those asking and writing, i DID NOT breakup w/ Rhian via Twitter. This is absolutely the LAST THING i would have ever wanted us to encounter. Many of you dont know me personally or you may have an idea of what i may be like from what you hear, but this is a tragedy to me and one of the darkest moments of my life. I love Rhian dearly, much more than any of you will ever be aware of. She was the closest person to me and losing that is the WORST thing that can happen to anybody. So all these headlines saying that I broke up with her here are wrong. We are going through something that I am very sadden about, devastated. I would give anything to have my friend back.�

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