Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Patrick Meneses Gay Issue, "I am very secured sa aking kasarian. Lalake ako talaga!" - Patrick Meneses; Aiko Melendez Denies Accusation

Bulakan, Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses, Aiko Melendez' ex-boyfriend, guested yesterday on TV5's Paparazzi. The guesting, which is supposed to be the time and venue for Mayor Meneses to finally open-up and discuss reasons why he and Aiko broke-up, turned out to be a shocking revelation when host Cristy Fermin questioned the Mayor's true sexuality brought about by the evidences (a copy of twitter messages trail between Aiko and a gay friend) she presented on the show.

Mayor Meneses has been the subject of several blind items about a certain Mayor who once linked to an actress-politician. The actress-politician, according to the blind item, decided to end their three years relationship when she found out that her politician boyfriend is a member of the third-sex federation.

The personalities involved in that blind item, as disclosed by Cristy, are ex-lovers Mayor Meneses and actress Aiko, also a former Councilor of Quezon City. What's more interesting is the revelation of Cristy about the "alleged" culprit or source of the said blind items. Check below interview of Mayor Patrick Meneses on Paparazzi to know the whole story:

Meanwhile, on her official twitter account (), Aiko said she is in shock, disappointed and hurt but opted not to comment any further on the accusations for now. But promise to fight and clear her name from these accusations.

At around 11 p.m. last night, Aiko tweeted the following messages: "I will issue a statement in the coming days and will definitely clear my name. Issue here is not invasion of privacy. Iam still in pain now and shocked with the turn of events. Remember I kept my silence. Wala po kayong narinig na sinabi ko. Will prove something on this matter. And i will be vindicated on this. That I guarantee...

"I'd like to take this chance to thank all my followers for your msg of Support:) iam deeply touched sa mga msgs nyo:) again, I hope you understand that for now that's the only thing that I can share.. When in time that iam ready will show evidences and proofs that would somehow put an end to all this.."

Followed by this message: "it is never my nature to resort to this kind of issues just to be talked about. When I'm at fault will admit it. But when I know that I did nothing will fight this till the end with dignity."

The big question now is: How come Cristy got hold of those, according to her are, "evidences" that could prove Aiko and a certain gay friend were really the sources of "Mayor Meneses is gay" blind items?

Video credit: teeveefive on YouTube

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