Friday, May 6, 2011

Kuya Kim Atienza Celebrates Mother�s Day with The Wild in �Matanglawin�

There�s certainly no other person who can love the same way as a mother, but does the same apply when it comes to the fierce and the wild?

This Mother�s Day, Kim Atienza pays tribute to the dedicated mothers of the animal kingdom and shows you how similar they are to humans in another exciting episode of �Matanglawin� this Sunday, May 8.

Just like humans, animals seem to show compassion and also have mother�s instincts so when Legadema the leopard and Kamunyak the lioness found a baby baboon and a baby gazelle, they took them in as their own young.

Aside from this touching animal story, Kuya Kim will also introduces you to Dr. Geoffrey Carullo who acts as a mother to Scarlet, a dog crippled on all four of its legs.

And can a baby have more than one mother? Get to know babies who are taken cared of by whole communities!

Celebrate Mother�s Day with the animal kingdom in the special episode of �Matanglawin� this Sunday, May 8, 9:30 AM, on ABS-CBN.

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