Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mo Twister Regrets Breaking-up with Rhian Ramos on Twitter

DJ Mo Twister is reportedly devastated over her recent break-up with Rhian Ramos on twitter (read related post HERE).

Mo was a no-show on his radio program and late daily showbiz talk show Juicy! Express on TV5 last Wednesday. And when he showed up yesterday, Mo looked so troubled and depressed.

Before the live airing of the show, according to the show's staff, Mo broke was seen crying saying he regrets posting messages on twitter which his followers assumed pertains to his rumored girlfriend Rhian Ramos.

The DJ-host was given the chance to clear things out between him and Rhian and what was really happened on twitter by co-host Cristy Fermin but Mo barely expressed himself knowing that he could anytime break-down in tears on national television.

"This one, I don't know...medyo na-loss lang ako for words. Alam mo, you guys know naman how much si Rhian...

"Never naman akong nag-lunch kasama kayo, di ba?" Mo started saying, adding "I don't wanna talk. I dunno what happened. Maraming mga bagay...Siguro sabihin na lang natin na si... I dunno...

"Yeah, we still talk and okay naman... May pressure..."

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