Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gretchen Barretto "Ready to Take a Chance Again" Music Video from Her "Complicated" Album

After releasing her debut album Unexpected, which gave her her first Platinum Record Award, Gretchen Barretto is ready to take a chance again as she releases her second album titled "Complicated".

During her contract signing with Star Records last week, Gretchen shared with the press the inspiration behind her new album. "I often find myself in a state of being in love and out of love."

"I'd like to celebrate that my life is complicated because I know that someday it won't be. I know I have something to look forward to," she says.

She expressed her fondness for her first album, Unexpected. "The first album is always really special and the second is more special, pareho lang yan, para kang nanganganak."

According to La Greta, each track in the album is close to her heart. "Ang gaganda kasi ng lyrics. Kaya everytime I sing it, palaging may puso."

This album is composed of 14 tracks and has the carrier single "Ready to Take a Chance Again." Gretchen starred in the music video of the carrier single, which was directed by Raffy Francisco. In this sensual music video, she sits on the lap of a guy, they feed each other grapes and cherries and they drink champagne.

Click HERE to watch La Greta's "Ready to Take a Chance Again" music video

Gretchen Barretto's album Complicated is now available in record bars nationwide courtesy of Star Records.

1. This Far
2. Don't Say Goodbye
3. Special Memory
4. Tell Me
5. I'll Be There For You
6. Memories
7. Complicated
8. The Trouble with Hello is Goodbye
9. Like a Lover
10. Ready to Take a Chance Again
11. Never My Love
12. If I Could Reach You
13. Here, There and Everywhere
14. Looking Through the Eyes of Love

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